Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ireland: Man holding the Koran ‘threatened to cut off the heads of Jews’ in Cork

From The Irish Sun:
A man carrying the Koran threatened to cut off the heads of jews, a court was told yesterday. 
Smael Heirouche was arrested by gardai after two French nationals made complaints that he described the terrorist attacks in France as excellent and that he experienced great joy over them. 
The 39-year-old was living with the men in a rented property at James Street, in Cork city. 
Detective Garda Geraldine Daly said the complainants said everything was fine until last Monday November 14 when his behaviour became erratic. 
She told Cork District Court: “He was quoting the Koran. They did not have the same belief. He did not take kindly to this. He made reference to recent terrorist attacks in France. He said it was excellent and it gave him great joy”. 
He also called them Zionists and allegedly said: “Zionists should have their throats cut.”
She told the court that one of the French men said he believed the defendant was going to kill him because he rubbed his hand against his throat while wearing long black robes and carrying the Koran. (...)
When questioned by gardai he said he was making the threat in the name of islamic extremism and allegedly told gardai when questioned that if he had a sword he would cut the heads off jews. 
Gardai opposed bail and he was remanded in custody. The court was told he said he was born in Amsterdam and he had flights booked to London and Marrakech.
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