Tuesday, September 30, 2014

France: "I’m not talking about the Jews here. I’m talking about Jews in general"

Later, near the grocery, a tall teenager pedaled his bicycle toward two journalists and shouted at them to leave, saying the media had lied about Sarcelles. The youth, Diakité Ismael, 19, the French-born son of Senegalese immigrants, soon calmed down and, like others, argued that there was no animosity in Sarcelles between local Muslims and Jews.

“Look,” he said, as a bearded Jewish man in a dark suit and skullcap walked by, “there’s one.”

But when asked about Gaza, Mr. Ismael became agitated, rambling and warning that the world was hurtling toward a catastrophe. He said he had seen video of an Israeli bomb hitting a funeral in Gaza. “Somehow, some Jews control politics, information, business and finance,” he said. “I’m not talking about the Jews here. I’m talking about Jews in general.” 

“Jews, in general,” he added, “only let you see what they want you to see.”

More: New York Times

Ukraine: Firebomb thrown at synagogue on Rosh Hashana

Kiev’s oldest synagogue was the target of a firebomb that burst into flames outside the building. 
The firebombing at the Great Choral Synagogue on September 24, the eve of Rosh Hashanah, did not cause damage, according to the news website evreiskiy.kiev.ua, which belongs to the Jewish Kiev watchdog on anti-Semitism. 
Police suspect that an arsonist targeting the actual building hurled the firebomb — a glass bottle filled with a flammable substance.

More: Times of Israel

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Turkey: Turkish Airlines urged not to distribute daily over anti-Semitic bias

The Human Rights Association (IHD) has called on Turkish Airlines (THY) to exclude the pro-government daily Yeni Akit, which is highly favored by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, from the range of free newspapers offered on the company's passenger flights, because of the daily's anti-Semitic comments, Turkish media reported on Wednesday.

More: Today's Zaman

UK: Soccer club deletes Rosh Hashan tweet after anti-Semitic replies

Liverpool FC, the prestigious English Premier League soccer team with a worldwide following of supporters that numbers in the millions, deleted a tweet wishing its Jewish fans a happy new year on Thursday after the salutation elicited a torrent of anti-Semitic posts from other Twitter users.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shana Tova!

I wish all my readers a Shana Tova - a happy, joyous and peaceful new year.

I will return to blogging next week.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Belgium: Jewish children insulted during football games

via Philosémitisme Blog (via Brussels Nieuws):

Interviewed by tvbrussel Roger De Lathouwer indicated that in his youth there were a few antisemitic incidents mostly due to the Far right, but in recent years there has been a marked increase in antisemitic acts.  His children play football for a Jewish club (Maccabi) and several times at the end of the matches both spectators and players hurled antisemitic insults.  Some of the incidents were so serious that he was asked to lodge a complaint with the police.

Charlotte Gutman is also aware of many cases of antisemitism.  She told that a few years ago she was at the cinema in Brussels with friend watching "Inglourious Basterds".  During the viewing a man with a strong arabic accent shouted that he was fed up with hearing all the time about the Jews, their victimization and their stories.

Roger De Lathouwer is not planning to leave Belgium but he understands why the younger generation is considering leaving Belgium as they are less willing to put up with growing antisemitism.

UK: "You are a f****** Jewish **** and a f****** Yid"

“A 53-year-old woman was walking along the pavement when a man, described as white between 30 and 40-years-old, drove past in a grey Vauxhall Astra car and aimed abuse at her. Words used are alleged to be: “You are a f****** Jewish **** and a f****** Yid.”
More: Jewish News, h/t CFCA

Israel: "Death to the Jews" etched into picnic table


At Ofer forest, next to the Carmel, somebody etched "death to the Jews" and a swastika in to a picnic table.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

France: Society seemingly apathetic to anti-Semitism, says chief rabbi

France's government has reacted strongly to a rising tide of anti-Semitic acts this year but French society seems indifferent to the threat they present, the country's newly elected chief rabbi said on Tuesday. 
Haim Korsia, who was elected in June, recalled the huge crowds that demonstrated in Paris in 1990 after a Jewish cemetery was desecrated in the southeastern town of Carpentras.
This summer, he told journalists, there was no similar reaction from civil society following attacks on synagogues and protests against Israel's offensive in Gaza, during which some marchers shouted "death to Jews" and "Jews out".

More: Jerusalem Post

UK: Jews upset at Hipster Hitler comic book

A ‘jokey’ comic strip book called Hipster Hitler which turns the murderous Nazi dictator into a trendy geek has sparked outrage among the Jewish community. 
The widely available book shows the former German Chancellor wearing black-rimmed glasses, eating cashew nuts, playing Pac-Man and riding a bike with a basket on the handlebars. 
A group of Jewish activists has pledged to shred all the copies of the comic strip, which it says is ‘anti-Semitic’ and ‘sick’.
More: Daily Mail

Ukraine: "Uman pilgrims may bring Ebola"

A Ukrainian health official warned that Jewish pilgrims converging in Uman may bring with them the Ebola virus and other epidemics. 
Larissa Kachanova, who heads the local branch of the Ukrainian government’s Sanitary and Epidemiological Management Center, issued the warning Thursday ahead of the arrival of approximately 30,000 Jews expected to spend Rosh Hashana in the central city, near the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, the 18th-century founder of the Breslov Hasidic movement, 
Pilgrims will come from “the United States, New Mexico and Bolivia, where they have Lassa fever; Nigeria, where there is dengue fever; Mexico and India,” Kachanova said, according to a report by the Ukrainian UNN news agency.

More: JTA

Friday, September 19, 2014

Italy: Author of anti-Israel letter in the Lancet promote David Duke antisemitic video

Via NGO Monitor:
Two of the main authors of An Open Letter for the People of Gaza (July 23, 2014), which appeared in The Lancet medical journal in July 2014, promoted a video made by American white supremacist David Duke. The two are Drs. Paola Manduca and Swee Ang Chai. (The other authors are Drs. Mads Gilbert, Iain Chalmers and Derek Summerfield.) The Lancet is a UK-based medical journal. Richard Horton has served as Editor in Chief since 1995. 
On August 14, 2014, Dr. Paola Manduca forwarded an email from Dr. Swee Ang with the subject line “CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix” to the Italian Google group Sempre Contro la Guerra. The email contains a link to a Duke video of the same title. 

Serbia: Football fans hold antisemitic banner

UEFA are set to launch a formal investigation into the anti-Semitic banner that marred Tottenham's goalless draw against Partizan Belgrade.  
The banner displayed among the Serbian supporters during the Europa League tie which finished 0-0 read: ‘Only Jews and Pussies’ — an allusion to the TV comedy Only Fools and Horses. 
Delegates from European football’s governing body were made aware of the banner before half-time, yet no effort was made to take it down.
More: Daily Mail

Europe: 40% of Jews hide their identity

About forty percent of European Jews hide their identity, the Rabbinical Center of Europe and the European Jewish Association claimed on Monday. 
The organizations, both of which are run by Menachem Margolin, a Chabad rabbi from Brussels, stated that they had gathered their data from over 800 rabbis and RCE members across the continent but did not provide any detailed explanation of how they arrived at the 40% figure or of the study’s methodology.

More: Jerusalem Post

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Italy: Flyers against Festival of Jewish Culture


Antisemitic flyers posted around Milan as the International Festival of Jewish Culture kicks off.  The flyers, signed by the NSAB (National Social Workers' Movement), denounce the festival and accuses Jews of loansharking, conquest and hate.

UK: Man screams he's going to kill Jewish schoolchildren, police say he's just being anti-social

Rosa Doherty writes in the Jewish Chronicle (h/t Philosémitisme Blog)

When I boarded a packed 102 bus in Golders Green on Tuesday evening, the last thing I expected was to be confronted with a racist free to spout antisemitic abuse with no one prepared to stop him. 
On the top deck of my bus, which was full of Jewish school children, sat a grey-haired man screaming “get the Jews off the bus, all they do is f*** us”
I took my seat and looked around stunned at what I was hearing, desperate to catch the eyes of other outraged passengers. 
But all I saw was heads tilted, eyes down or firmly faced forward, as the man continued to shout: “I hate the Jews, burn them, I’m going to burn this bus.”

Rosa called the police.
When he pulled over at the next stop I gave him my phone and insisted he speak to the operator. 
“He’s just shouting things. It’s no problem. He is just nuts”, he told her. 
Even more disturbing was the emergency operator’s response. 
She told me: “If the driver doesn’t stop the bus we can’t send police to you. He said the man was just shouting abuse, which is only anti-social behaviour.”

Italy: New anti-Semitism hotline

A hotline to report anti-Semitic incidents has been launched in Italy. 
Renzo Gattegna, president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, announced the creation of the anti-Semitism Antenna in a statement published Tuesday on his umbrella group’s information website. 
The hotline is an experimental project by the group and the Milan-based Center for Contemporary Jewish Documentation Foundation, or CDEC, Italy’s main anti-Semitism monitoring institution. 
Victims of and witnesses to anti-Semitic acts can report the incidents to CDEC’s anti-Semitism monitor section by calling a Milan phone number – 0233103840 – or filling out a form on the CDEC website.

More: Times of Israel

UK: Jewish woman attacked by man screaming "we have to kill all the Jews as they kill Palestinians"

Shortly after 8:00 a.m., a vehicle stopped at the entrance of the Belz school and the driver asked one of the students for directions.  
He asked the boy to accompany him, but the boy refused and ran away. In the afternoon, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman was attacked. 
The suspect choked her while screaming: “We have to kill all the Jews as they kill Palestinians.” Police increased the number of patrols in the neighborhood.

More: YJNews, h/t CFCA

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Russia: Russian politician 'outs' Poroshenko as a Jew

Via IzRus:

Konstantin Zatulin is a politician leading the Russian national camp and the director of the Russian Institute for CIS Countries.  He recently spoke at an election meeting in Sevastopol, where he said that Ukraine is ruled by two Jews.

Ihor Kolomoyskyi, a Jewish oligarch, and the current President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko.

Poroshenko does not identify as a Jew, but Zatulin said that Poroshenko is of Jewish descent, and is the son of  the Jewish Alexey Valtsman.   Zatulin therefore insists on referring to him as Poroshenko-Valtsman.

'Outing' Jews is a favorite pastime of Russian antisemites.

Germany: Town hit by neo-Nazi and antisemitic graffiti

Antisemitic graffiti by neo-Nazis in Lübbenau (eastern  Germany).   The vandals also defaced election posters and called to vote for the neo-Nazi NPD party.

Previously, neo-Nazis targeted the offices of the 'Lausitzer Rundschau' newspaper in nearby Spremberg.

More: Lausitzer Rundschau, h/t JFDA

UK: Scottish politician compares Islamic State terrorism to the policies of Israel

Days before Scotland votes in a referendum on independence from Great Britain, the Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond appeared to equate Islamic State terrorism and Israel’s military campaign this summer against Hamas and other terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip. 
Speaking on BBC’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, the separatist leader responded to a question about the beheading at the weekend of British aid worker David Haines by Islamic State, describing the murder as an act “of unspeakable barbarism” and later stressing, “The Muslim community of Scotland isn’t responsible in any shape or form for atrocities or extremism in Iraq or elsewhere.” 
“So there’s community relations to be thought about,” interjected the host. 
“It’s very, very important,” Salmond continued. “I mean, just like a few weeks ago, the Jewish community of Scotland wasn’t responsible for the policies of the State of Israel.

More: Times of Israel

Poland: Judge hopes to acquit author of anti-Jewish book

"How I Fell In Love with Adolf Hitler"
Proceedings in the trial of Roman Z. began in Wroclaw on Wednesday. He is a recognized thug, known for his unruly behavior in soccer stadiums. However, this time he is facing charges not for disturbing the peace, but for writing a book called “How I Fell in Love with Adolf Hitler.” 
Yet despite the fact that this work is replete with anti-Semitic expressions and disparaging comments about homosexuals, blacks and anyone who is not a pure Polish Catholic, and despite the fact that the prosecution is charging him with dissemination of fascist propaganda and hatred of foreigners, the presiding judge, according to the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, noted at the outset that he will try to acquit him. The judge, according to the newspaper, will try to base his decision on the testimony of a linguistic expert who read the text and did not reach an unequivocal conclusion. 
The book is published online. The back cover shows Z. in Nazi uniform, along with his credo: “I am a declared anti-Semite, at least from the moment I met my Jewish acquaintances. I support race theories ever since I crossed my country’s borders. Before that I didn’t.” 
In chapters labeled “Poland is not lost as long as there are no blacks and Arabs here,” and “The Jew, an enemy of Poles,” Z. freely expresses his xenophobia. The issue of Jews constantly recurs. He claims that the ‘Jewish problem’ exists but is concealed by the government. He exonerates the farmers of Jedwabne who burned their Jewish neighbors and stole their possessions during the war, and questions the contention that 6 million Jews were killed in Auschwitz.

More: Haaretz, h/t CFCA

Belgium: Visitors to Holocaust memorial attacked

On Sunday, stones and bottles were thrown at people visiting a memorial dedicated to the Jews in Belgium who were killed in the Holocaust. The memorial, which is located nearby the Anderlecht synagogue, was open to the public in the framework of the European Day of Jewish Culture.

More: European Jewish Press, h/t Philosémitisme Blog

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Turkey: Columnist calls to tax Jews to pay for rebuilding Gaza

A Turkish pundit writing for Yeni Akit, a major publication aligned with President Erdogan, called for the country’s Jews to be taxed to pay for reconstructing buildings damaged in Gaza during Israel’s recent Operation Protective Edge. 
Faruk Köse said that the “Gaza Fund Contribution Tax” should apply to Turkish Jews as well as foreign Jews doing business in Turkey and any Turkish nationals with commercial ties to the Jewish state.
More: Algemeiner

Germany: Berlin park vandalized with "Juden Raus" graffiti

Berlin - Monument to Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn (Komponistendenkmal) in Berlin’s Tiergarten was vandalized with antisemitic graffiti, Berlin police reports on Monday.

Belgium: Arson against Brussels synagogue

A fire, which appears to be criminal, broke out early Tuesday morning at a synagogue in Brussels.  
According to Belgian daily La Dernière Heure, one or more people  managed to enter the building and set several fires on the fourth floor of the building. Three people, a woman and two children were present at that time in the synagogue, were slightly intoxicated by the fire which was quickly extinguished by Brussels firefighters Brussels. The three are the family of the synagogue’s caretaker who was absent that day. 
The synagogue is located in Anderlecht, an area in the south west of Brussels mainly populated by Muslims. The commune, located near the south train station,was once home of a large Jewish community. 
More: European  Jewish Press

Spain: Catalan political party implies competition is controlled by Jews

Via Israel a Catalunya:

The official twitter account of the PPC (Catalan branch of the Spanish People's Party) in  El Masnou posted the image above.  The People's Party is a conservative, Christian-Democrat party.

The image shows Pablo Iglesias Turrión, a Spanish politician for the left-wing Podemos party at the Western  Wall.  A caricature of a Jew next to him, and the text "every servant comes to honor their master".

UK: Security guard bars kids from entering shop

Sports Direct has apologised after two schoolboys were barred from a store by a security guard who allegedly told them: ‘No Jews, no Jews’. 
The sports retailer removed the worker from its outlet in Borehamwood in Hertfordshire after he reportedly told the Year 7 students they could not enter. 
Both youngsters attend Yavneh College, a Jewish secondary school in the town, and were wearing their school uniform at the time.

More: Daily Mail

Monday, September 15, 2014

Belgium: Arab gets on tram, says Jews rule Belgium and should all be killed

Via Philosémitisme Blog  (More: La Capitale)

Michel Luyckx, a non-Jewish psychologist, says that a few days ago he was on a tram in Jette (Brussels) when an Arab in his forties got on.  The Arab started venting loudly about the fact that Muslims were being killed in Iraq.  He said that Belgium wasn't doing anything about it because it was governed by Jews, and that they must all be killed.  He then threatened it will end with a terror attack in Brussels.

Luyckx says none of the passengers responded.

When the Arab noticed Luyckx looking at him, he called him a 'dirty Jew' and offered to explain things to him off the tram.  Luyckx got off, but the threatening passenger disappeared.

Luyckx reported the event to the police, but felt he was not taken seriously and so turned to the LBCA, the local antisemitism watchdog group.

France: Media, authorities denied antisemitism as cause for Ilan Halimi's murder

Youssouf Fofana’s obsessive anti-Jewish hatred was as genuine as it was unexplainable. His parents, his brother, who appeared as witnesses, seemed as flabbergasted by it as anyone else. His view on the subject, though, had been summarized as early as 2006 by Sorour Arbabzadeh in her interview with the police: “He told us that the Jews are kings, that they eat the money of the state, whereas him, being black and all, is a slave to the state.” It was a stereotype that had begun to be popularized a few years earlier, in the wake of the Second Intifada and the Sept. 11 attacks, by the French comedian Dieudonné (who in 2013 would initiate an unsuccessful petition to free Fofana from jail).

The more passive anti-Semitism of the rest of the gang was no less clear. The crazy amount of money asked for Ilan’s release—450,000 Euros—was based on the assumption that “Jews stick together” and that if the family didn’t have that kind of money, the community at large did. Among the gang, the notion that Jews were an all-powerful enemy was so grounded that after Ilan’s death, one of Fofana’s lieutenants confided he had tried to hide not so much from the police than from “the Mossad” who, in his view, would undoubtedly send a commando to Bagneux to take revenge. In Jérôme Ribeiro’s room, police had also found anti-Semitic leaflets and Nazi-oriented posters.

Still, ever since the story broke, although part of the media fascination with the story was driven by the theme of a rising new anti-Semitism, editorialists and authorities alike had done their best to deny its very existence. The cops from day 1 had insisted in the strictly “villainous” nature of the crime and suggested that speculation about the gang’s anti-Semitic motivation was absurd. “There isn’t a single element to allow one to attach this murder to an anti-Semitic purpose or an anti-Semitic act,” said the investigative magistrate in the days following Ilan’s death. In the same vein, the minister of interior of the time, the future president Nicolas Sarkozy, came up with a new (and, given its lack of meaning, rather untranslatable) notion: “anti-Semitism by amalgam.”

More: Tablet Magazine

Switzerland: Muslim youth celebrate burning of "Jewish church"

Via LDJ:

The church in Lignon (Geneva) was burned down by arson.

Several Muslim youth published their jubilation at seeing the church going up in flames.  One started cursing the church "this shitty church, a church of whores, a church of Jews".

Portugal: "Death to the Jews" on homes of Anusim Jews

Via Philosémitisme Blog:

Antisemitic vandalism against the homes of the Anusim Jews of Belmonte, a community of Jews who were forcibly converted but kept Jewish traditions for hundreds of years.

The slogans include: "El Hitler" (in Portuguese 'El' is used for royalty), and "Death to the Jews".

UK: Antisemitic leaflet found in box of Israeli fruit

Police have confirmed they are investigating a “hate incident” after a leaflet containing anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish text was discovered at a supermarket in the west of the county.

The matter was reported to police by the Community Security Trust, a British charity organisation which was formed in 1994 to ensure the safety and security of the Jewish community in the UK.

A police spokesman said the hate incident was reported to them after a leaflet was found in a box of fruit from Israel in a supermarket in west Norfolk.

More: EDP24, h/t CFCA

Sunday, September 14, 2014

France: Hair salon with Jewish name targeted with antisemitic graffiti

A hair salon in Bourgoin-Jallieu (southern France) was targeted with antisemitic graffiti.

The salon chain, with the Jewish sounding name of Jean-Louis David, is often targeted with anti-Israel boycott threats.

More: Facebook, h/t BNVCA

Germany: Newspaper offices vandalized with antisemitic graffiti

The offices of the 'Lausitzer Rundschau' newspaper in Spremberg (eastern Germany) were vandalized with antisemitic graffiti.  Among the slogans: 'Jews', 'kill them!' (in English) and "we'll get you all'.

The town is considered a neo-Nazi stronghold.  The paper has been the target of attack several times.

Previously, election posters of the CDU were spray-painted with a star of david and the slogan "Judas association".

More: Zeit Online

France: Anti-Semitic incidents almost double 2014

The number of anti-Semitic incidents in France almost doubled over the first seven months of this year, compared to the same period in 2013, the main French Jewish group said on Thursday. Acts of violence reported to the authorities went up 126 per cent.

A total of 529 anti-Semitic actions or threats were registered up to the end of July, compared to 276 for the same period last year, the Council of Jewish Institutions in France (Crif) said, basing itself on figures provided by the interior ministry.

More: RFI

Germany: Cemetery desecrated with Nazi symbols

The Jewish cemetery in Düsseldorf was desecrated with Nazi symbols

More: RP Online

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hungary: Holocaust Memorial monument vandalized

Budapest – Anonymous perpetrators vandalized the holocaust memorial site, known as the “Shoes on the Danube Bank”, and stole some of the shoes. 

Italy: Plaque commemorating Jewish Brigade desecrated

In Pesaro (northern Italy), a swastika was sprayed on a plaque commemorating the Jewish Brigade.   Seventy years ago the Jewish Brigade helped liberate Pesaro from the Nazis

More: CorriereAdriatico

UK: Cardiff city official says Hamas is only firing 'toy rockets'

Remarks by a leading city official in Cardiff, Wales, dismissing Hamas attacks as “toy rockets” have spurred calls for his resignation or dismissal. 
The Israeli honorary consul for Wales and the opposition leader of the Cardiff City Council have demanded that Ali Ahmed, the deputy lord mayor of the Wales capital and a councilman, step down over remarks he made at an Aug. 30 “No NATO” rally held in Newport, Wales, according to a report by WalesOnline. 
In his remarks, which were posted online, Ahmed declared, “The Palestinians — they complain they’re throwing rockets. They’re toy rockets!”
More: JTA

Switzerland: Mayor’s nude selfie scandal mutates into anti-Jewish conspiracy theories

Muller and Hamas spokesman Mushir al-Masri in Bern

Geri Muller, the pro-Hamas mayor of the Swiss town of Baden, is embroiled in a sex scandal that has resulted in fresh conspiracy theories against his Jewish opponents.  

Les Temps called Geri-gate the work of a “political cabal.” Muller says he was given death threats and claimed he had to escape to the Alps. Yves Kugelmann, editor of the Jewish weekly Tachles said the Mayor’s sex scandal “mutated at once into a platform for conspiracy theories against Jews

More: Jewish Business News

Greece: Golden Dawn compares Islamic State to "Jewish Caliphate"

Via Judehatet:

The website of the New York branch of the right-wing political party Golden Dawn published an article titled "Why Does ISIS Only Fight Israel’s Enemies? And Why Do They Have So Much In Common?"

In the article the party claims that Islamic State serves as a proxy for the Mossad, and compares them to the "Jewish Caliphate" of Israel.

To give one representative quote: "The highly illegal and inhumane tactic of purposely murdering the women and children in Syria and Iraq by ISIS to drive them out of their home is no different than Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Gaza."

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

France: Brigitte Bardot calls to ban Jewish ritual slaughter

Brigitte Bardot published an open letter in several leading French newspapers calling for a ban on shechitah, or Jewish ritual slaughter. 
The one-time French actress terms the practice “ritual sacrifice” in the letter that appeared Monday in newspapers such as Le Parisien, Le Figaro and Le Monde. The letter also calls for a ban on halal Muslim ritual slaughter as well as on horse meat.

More: Jerusalem Post

Sweden: Politician sees nothing wrong with David Duke clip blaming Jews for all wrongs in society

Swedish antisemitism watchdog Judehatet point out that this is not the first time Jadarian links to antisemitic conspiracy theories.

In the clip she posted, and with Jadarian sees no problem, Duke accuses Jews of being responsible for killing Palestinians, abortion, divorce, crime, sexually transmitted diseases, drugs, 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the porn industry.

Jadarian points out that the world is upset about Muslims killing
Christians (and hints that nothing is done about the Jewish threat to Christians)
A Swedish politician who posted a video by a former Ku Klux Klan leader on her Facebook page has defended her actions, saying she is not racist. 
Dayana Jadarian posted the video to her social media account, along with the message: 'What he says is facts (sic) and everyone knows it but many want to suppress it.'  

In the video, David Duke, a well-known white supremacist and anti-Semite, speaks about how Jews control the American media. 

However, she has now deleted that message and claims she was unaware that Duke was a former Klan Grand Wizard when she posted the clip, entitled 'The Insanity of Christian Zionism'.  
And she later added: 'It turned out that Duke was branded by some media as a racist. I had no information about that. Now, in the actual clip, there was nothing that was racist.

More: Daily Mail

Hungary: "F**k the Talmud, f**k the menorah"


A message in a Budapest playground: "F**k the Talmud, f**k the menorah, we spit in the stinky faces of the Jews".

France: "I'd love to grab those little Jewish girls by their pigtails before killing them"

Via France24:
Nemmouche made more headlines recently following reports that two former hostages, Nicolas Hénin and Didier François, had identified Nemmouche as one of their captors when they were being held by jihadists in Syria. 
François told Europe 1 radio on Monday: “Throughout our detention there was an anti-Semitic obsession [from Nemmouche], he wanted to replicate or outdo Merah, who was a sort of model for him.” 
The former hostage also said that Nemmouche described himself as “a young criminal who had been transformed into an ethnic cleanser”

Via Philosémitisme Blog and Libération:

Nemmouche further told François that "Mohamed Merah was the greatest Frenchman France has ever produced" and that he "would love to grab those little Jewish girls by their pigtails before killing them".  This is exactly what Merah did, as he chased little Jewish kids around the school playground and shot them to death.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

UK: "Disproportionate obsession with Israel in Scottish public life"

According to the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC), around a dozen antisemitic incidents were recorded in the first week of August - almost as many as in the whole of 2013 - including graffiti on synagogues and threatening messages. 
The organisation said a "disproportionate obsession with Israel in Scottish public life" had led to Jews no longer feeling safe wearing kippot or Star of David jewellery. 
It added: "A number of people have said they no longer feel welcome in Scotland and are actively considering moving to Israel."
More: Jewish  Chronicle

Slovakia: Catholic priest blames Jews for Holocaust

A Catholic priest in Slovakia sparked outrage by blaming the Jews for the hatred against them during the Holocaust and warned the Roma are following suit. 
Emil Floris leveled the accusation last month during a ceremony in Cadca, located 120 miles northeast of the capital Bratislava, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising against Nazi Germany and the collaborationist government. 
“From all over Europe, they took the Jews to concentration camps. And do you know why? Because there was hatred toward them, but those who are hated often do it to themselves,” Floriš said, according to the news website zpravy.e15.cz.

More: JTA, Video at CFCA

Germany: Leftist politician hit with antisemitic graffiti

Hoyerswerda - A few days ago the local politican Ralph Büchner (Die Linke, "The Left") came back to his home in Hoyerswerda just to find "Jew" spray painted in red letters across the front door of the building his lives in.

Israel: Woman attacked by Arab driver shouting "I will kill Jews today"

A young woman driver says she was attacked on the road by an Arab in a Tel Aviv suburb.  The woman says the Arab driver threw stones at her and shouted "Allah Akbar, I will kill Jews today".

More: Walla

Monday, September 8, 2014

UK: Antisemitic incidents reach record level in July 2014

Via CST:
Antisemitic reactions to this summer’s conflict between Israel and Hamas resulted in record levels of antisemitic hate incidents in the UK, according to new figures released by CST today. 
CST recorded 302 antisemitic incidents in July 2014, a rise of over 400% from the 59 incidents recorded in July 2013 and only slightly fewer than the 304 antisemitic incidents recorded in the entire first six months of 2014. A further 111 reports were received by CST during July but were not deemed to be antisemitic and are not included in this total. CST has recorded antisemitic incidents in the UK since 1984.

Norway: Swastika carved into theater door

A swastika was carved into the glass doors of the Trøndelag Theater the day after the premiere of a Jewish puppet theater performance.  The performance tells the story of Moritz Rabinowitz, a Jewish-Norwegian businessman was killed in a Nazi conectraction camp.  It is part of an ongoing Jewish cultural festival.

More: Adressa

Sunday, September 7, 2014

UK: Football manager tells opposing fans "Hitler is going to deal with you"

A football manager accused of making an antisemitic remark during a match against a team with Jewish roots has left his club. 
Enfield Town boss George Borg was alleged to have told supporters of Wingate and Finchley: "You may be winning, but Hitler is going to deal with you."
More: Jewish Chronicle

Europe demands Israel hand over Golan Heights to Syria immediately

Otherwise, I can't understand why now, of all times, the European Commission decided to boycott all Israeli milk and poultry products coming from the Golan Heights.

The Golan Heights was conquered by Israel during the Six Day War (1967) and later annexed.  The Syrian Golan is currently experiencing heavy warfare between Assad's forces and joint rebel forces.

France: Dieudonné says 'Rothschild Mafia' led uproar over journalist's beheading

Via France24:
A controversial French comedian is under investigation for condoning terrorism after comparing the murder of US journalist James Foley by Islamist militants to the beheadings of the French Revolution, saying they symbolise “progress". 
In the video, titled "Foley That Was", Dieudonné noted that the 2011 killing of ex-Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and that of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, who was hanged in 2006, never aroused the same indignation as Foley's death. 
"The Rothschild Mafia says no, that's OK – but James Foley, that's too much," Dieudonné says, an apparent but unexplained reference to the prominent Jewish banking family.

Turkey: Shop bans entrance "Jew dogs"

Via Algemeiner:
A shop in downtown Istanbul, Turkey, posted a sign on its window front announcing that “Jew dogs” are banned from entering, local Jewish newspaper Salom reported. 
The discriminatory banner, which was spotted on Thursday, says, “The Jew dogs cannot come in here” and features an image of an Israeli tank. 
The store, located in Tahtakale, an area where many Jewish businesses are situated, sells mobile phone accessories.

Netherlands: Jew attacked during interview about antisemitism

Fabrice Schomberg, a Jewish resident of the Hague, was attacked while being interviewed about previous antisemitic incidents.

He tells his story here:
Yesterday the EO 3onderzoekt program on NED3 filmed me walking from my home in Schilderswijk, Den Haag to the Haagse Markt to buy groceries for the Kiddush, the evening Shabbat meal. 
It has been a while since I have been walking around with a kippah in the neighbourhood, since in the past I have been pestered a few times and I am no longer as religious as I was so I don’t wear it in the street anymore. However the television crew interviewed a few people that said that there is no problem in the neighbourhood and I said that I can get harassed if I walk with a Kippah, so to prove my point, the television crew wanted me to walk with my kipa on to the Market, so I did, a few seconds after walking out of the hofje of which I live in we hear kankerjood (cancer Jew) [ed: f**king Jew] from a group of youngsters, it seems they followed us to another square on the way to the market and shouted more things like this and one guy drove his scooter on the pavement and tried to run me down and kick me, I had to move away from him and it was filmed by the television crew, so when I came back I called the police, they came over and today I'll be filing a complaint.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Italy: "The owner of the world" poster

a Star of David is depicted above a snake twisted into the shape of the American dollar sign containing a swastika and an iron cross under the heading "The owner of the World". 

War ends, antisemitism drops

Over the past few days I haven't blogged much.  The reason being is that there isn't much to blog.  Jews aren't being attacked, nobody is calling to "kill the Jews" on the streets and in the mosques.

Anti-Zionistst claim that there's no connection between antisemitism and anti-Zionism.  They say that criticism of Israel is not antisemitism.

They are right that criticism of Israel is not antisemitism. But what has been going on over the past month was not 'criticism of Israel'.

This week there were big rallies against antisemitism in Sweden and in the UK.  In both these countries, politicians spoke harshly against antisemitism, and that's a good thing.  But those politicians should look carefully at how they handled themselves.  Did they demand Israel stop fighting against a terrorist force that was shooting rockets at unarmed civilians?  Did they say that Hamas rockets are not a threat, because Israelis are able to protect themselves?  Did they demand Hamas disarm?

Did they pose the same demands to Israel as they do to any other country in the same situation?