Monday, October 31, 2016

Germany: Guesthouse turns away Israelis: 'Our apartments are not for them'

From The Jerusalem Post (Benjamin Weinthal):

A group of Israeli tourists looking for board while planning a trip to Germany next summer were shocked after a guesthouse in the southwestern region of Baden-Württemberg last week urged them to cancel their reservation due to their nationality. 

While planning a vacation for next August, the four Israeli families reserved lodging at the Mattenhof guesthouse in the Black Forest town of Zell am Harmersbach, explained one of the party's members, Igor Tsehansky.
However, shortly after confirming the reservation, the administrators of the guesthouse contacted the Israelis with a slew of messages and notified them that they should cancel the booking. 

Tsehansky said that he and his friends received the German-language notice less than week after making the arrangements.

"We don't Want have Guests from Israel, because our apartments are Not for them [sic]. Please cancel the Booking," read a Google translated message that Tsehansky posted to Facebook. 
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Germany: Art exhibit show swastika turning into a Jewish star

Via Tapfer im Nirgendwo:

Exhibition at the ART.FAIR in Cologne shows a swastika, which turns into a blue and white Star of David, when viewed from a different angle.  (video clip here)

UK: The Independent blurs victim and perpetrator in pro-Palestinian violence

Via UK Media Watch:
Though most news outlets we surveyed covered the story fairly, the Independent again demonstrated its characteristic anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian bias by blurring victim and perpetrator in both their headline and lead sentence.

Here’s the headline of the Oct. 29th article by Rachael Pells.:

Now, here’s the opening sentence:
Police were called to an event at University College London after violent clashes between pro-Palestinian protesters and members of a pro-Israeli group.
Though the strap line and quotes provided in the body of the article provide some clarifying information about the incident, the headline and opening sentence falsely suggest to readers that both parties were to blame. 
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Netherlands: Victim of kosher restaurant attack says system did not look into antisemitic motives

Via Facebook:
Five months ago I got stabbed in my back by an unknown man at a kosher restaurant in Amsterdam. On Friday it was decided that the man will serve 1 year in a mental hospital, of his choice, and I will get 1500 EUR in compenstations.

It strikes me that the police, prosecutor and judges did not see the severity of the attack. I could have died, if the knife would have hit me only slightly differently. It was also shocking that the system had no interest in looking into the anti-semitic suspicion of the attack. It is still unclarified why the attacker entered two kosher restaurants on the same evening.
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France:Kuwaiti student convicted of hate crime over anti-Semitic Facebook post

From The Times of Israel:
French court convicted a university student from Kuwait of incitement to hatred following her anti-Semitic rants in social media.  
The High Court of Paris convicted Amira Jumaa, 21, on Wednesday, Le Monde Juif reported. The report did not say whether she was sentenced.  
 Last year, Junaa lost her internship at the French Consulate in New York and was suspended from the Sciences Po University in Paris for writing a racist Facebook post about Jews. She has since been readmitted pending an internal probe.  
“You don’t belong anywhere in this world — that’s why you guys are scums and rats and discriminated against wherever you are. Do not blame it on the poor Palestinians,” she wrote.  
In response to being accused of racism, Jumaa wrote: “First of all you dispersed rat, I am not an immigrant from France. I am from Kuwait so my country can buy you and your parents and put you in ovens.”
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Serbia: Belgrade Jews Oppose WWII Leader’s Rehabilitation

Via Balkan Insight (h/t Watch: Antisemitism in Europe):
A member of the Jewish Community of Belgrade, which represents the city’s Jews, told BIRN on Monday that the organisation would call witnesses to testify at the ongoing rehabilitation hearings about Nedic’s active participation in the Holocaust.

“Rehabilitation would represent a devaluation of indisputable historical facts, and an insult to all the victims and survivors of the survivors. Serbia would also suffer moral and political damage,” said Haris Dojc, a member of the Jewish Community of Belgrade and coordinator of historical research for heirless Jewish property.
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UK: Garage refuses to sell to Israeli because 'Israel doesn't exist'

Via Heat Street (h/t CFCA):
When Israel resident Jack de Lowe wanted to buy a wing mirror for his Ford Focus earlier this month, he finally tracked down the part to a garage in Oldham, northern England.

Although thousands of miles from where he lives, he was interested in buying a used mirror, not a new one, and Ford Parts Oldham seemed the most cost-effective option.

He was expecting to pay about £40 for the mirror but he was instead quoted the vastly inflated figure of £1,025.
 When he emailed the firm again to query the amount, he received the following response (all spelling errors contained in it are deliberately reproduced below):
“As we do not recognise the state of israel we do not ship to such non exitent  ountries hwoever delivery to palestin can be arranged at a sensible price.”

The message wasn’t signed.

Heat Street rang Ford Parts Oldham for confirmation that it had really sent the message:

The manager and owner of the business, Mursal Israr, admitted he had sent it personally.

He said he was justified in doing so because it is his right not to do business with an individual if he doesn’t want to.

He said: “I sent the email myself…We don’t recognise the illegal occupation of Israel. We don’t believe in the illegal occupation of what is going on there and there’s innocent Muslims and people are getting killed there on a daily basis so we don’t wish to do any business with the state of Israel whatsoever because we don’t recognise the state of Israel.”

When it was pointed out that Mr de Lowe is an individual rather than a representative of the state of Israel, Mr Israr said: “It doesn’t matter, he shouldn’t live there, then…There is no state of Israel, let’s begin with that. We don’t discriminate against people whatsoever but we don’t do business with Israel because we don’t recognise it.”

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Germany: Former Nazi Capital Still Hostile Toward Jews, Muslims And Roma People, Study Finds

Nearly a century after Adolph Hitler began making speeches at beer halls across southern Germany's largest city, intolerance remains rampant in the German state of Bavaria, according to a Ludwig-Maximilian University study released Sunday.

Of 1,700 people surveyed in Bavaria, which is home to the cities of Munich and Nuremberg, 56 percent expressed mild to strong hostility toward Muslims, more than one third felt the same way about the unemployed, Sinti and Roma people and more than one in five harbored feelings of antisemitism.

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UK: Pro-Palestinians protest existence of Israel outside of pro-Israel event

Protestor: "Israel, in general the people, everyone there, needs to get over themselves, and realize that we're in the 21st century, we do not need no Jewish majority state."

Those Jews and their insistence on self-determination.  Denying Israel's right to exist is not 'criticism of Israel'.  It's antisemitism.

Via Times of Israel:
Police officers were called on Thursday to an on-campus Israel event at University College London after pro-Palestinian demonstrators were seen trapping attendees in the room where the talk was being held and preventing others from going in.

Israel advocate Hen Mazzig was to speak at the event hosted by the Friends of Israel at UCL in London and CAMERA on Campus, but the protests led by the Friends of Palestine Society began just as he began talking.

In a series of videos from the event, the protesters can be seen banging on the windows and the door to the hall, shouting “Free, free Palestine,” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”
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Ukraine: Holocaust memorial desecrated in Kremenchug

Via Everyday Antisemitism:
A moment dedicated to the memory of thousands of Jews who were murdered by the Nazis in Kremenchug, Ukraine, has been desecrated.
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UK: Far-left and far-right much more likely to say no Jews should be allowed to live in Britain

Via Michael Colborne:
The vast majority (94%) of respondents said that either many, some or a few Jews should be allowed to come live in Britain, with only 6% saying no Jews should be allowed at all.

But…regardless of how you slice up the left/right scale, British people who identify as furthest to the left or right seem a lot less keen on Jews than those in the relative middle on the spectrum.

Keep in mind that only 5.2% of respondents in total placed themselves on the far left of the scale – 12.6% of 5.6% of people isn’t exactly a ton of people. Still, after double-checking, there’s definitely a statistically significant difference between those on the far left versus left, middle left/right and right (not the far right, obviously).

UK: Barrister disbarred over anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi tweets

Via the Independent:
A barrister has had his right to practice law revoked after a complaint that he posted a series of “seriously offensive” tweets about Jews, Muslims and black people.

Ian Millard was expelled from the bar by a disciplinary tribunal after posting messages on his Twitter account in November 2014.

In the tweets, he expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, while making it clear in his biography that he was a barrister. The tribunal found this had brought the profession into disrepute.

In one tweet Mr Millard described the then Justice Secretary Michael Gove as a “pro-Zionist, pro-Jew expenses cheat”, according to tribunal documents.

Another tweet featured an image of a Nazi swastika alongside the German phrase “Juden sind hier unerwunscht”, which means “Jews not wanted here”.

He also wrote: “National Socialist Germany 1933-1945. Its flaws were few, its achievements many. Don't believe Jewish-Zionist lies.”
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Thursday, October 27, 2016

France: Anti-semitic political website has over 8 million monthly visits

Grégory Chelli, aka Ulcan
Photo: Inglourious Basterds

Grégory Chelli, who operates under the pseudonym Ulcan, is a French-Israeli pro-Israel militant and hacktivist. Earlier this week,  Chelli hacked into the website 'Egalité et Réconciliation' run by veteran anti-semitic and conspiracy-theorist writer Alain Soral.

In June a French court fined Soral for saying that Hitler should have should have finished killing the Jews of Europe.

Chelli explained to Le Monde that he had extracted personal details of thousands of Soral's fans - some have already been disclosed - and undertook to contact their employers if Soral did not close his blog.  By supporting him they were complicit in spreading anti-semitic propaganda.

According to sociologist Antoine Bévort, 'Egalité et Réconciliation' is the political blog in France with the highest traffic topping a staggering 8.1 million monthly visits.

Quoting these figures, Grégory Chelli told Le Monde that "the most viewed French political website is operated by an extremist. I demand its closure".

The amazing success of Soral's blog - who is a friend of comedian Dieudonné - shows how widespread and attractive anti-Jewish discourse remains in France.  Equally worrying is the fact that anti-semitic propaganda keeps being 'exported' to other French-speaking countries in Europe and beyond.

Germany: Jewish cemetery in Strasburg vandalized

Via Neubrandenburg Police:

A tombstone was pushed down at the Jewish cemetery in Strasburg.

UK: Antisemitic graffiti near Jewish shops

Swastikas and the German “Fick euch” (Fuck you) was found on a fence near Jewish-owned shops and is believed to be fresh. The graffiti is thought to have appeared between 18:00 and midnight on Thursday night.
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UK: Speakers at Pro-Palestinian event in House of Lords blame Zionists for Holocaust

The whole post is worth reading, if you can stomach the hatred.

Via David Collier:
Yesterday there was an event at the House of Lords, put together by the Palestine Return Council (PRC). The evening was hosted by Jenny Tonge.


At a certain point in the evening, four ultra-orthodox Jews from the Neturei Karta showed up. As relevant to Judaism as some esoteric Christian sect is to Christianity, yet these same handful are at the front of every anti-Israeli action in the UK. When one came to talk, it is difficult to overstate the bile that came from his mouth.

First, he compared Israel to ISIS. “Isis is a perversion of Islam just as Zionism is a perversion of Judaism.” Then he continued:
One of the main Zionists in America, Rabbi Stephen Wise,  a reform, a heretic, so called Rabbi,  he spoke in the New York Times in 1905, there are six million, note the number, bleeding and suffering reasons to justify Zionism.

I cannot stress strongly enough the implication of the instruction to ‘note the number’. This is from a holocaust denial script. The suggestion used on neo-Nazi sites is that this quote is evidence that the Jews had already decided on the six million figure 40 years before the holocaust. Therefore, the holocaust is a hoax.  You can read an example here (NOT SAFE FOR WORK). Why else mention it?  If you Google Rabbi Stephen Wise and six million, almost every site on the page is one to avoid.

Not done with regurgitating the holocaust hoax argument, the man then continued:

 “And thirty years later, he made the boycott on Germany, the economic boycott on Germany which antagonised Hitler, over the edge, to then want to systematically kill Jews wherever he could find them. As opposed to ‘Judenrein’, to make Germany free of Jews, a Jew free land. Which is enough, but that is noted by one of our Rabbis, that is what pushed him over the edge. His personal secretary Ribbentrop was in Nuremberg trials, he said to Rabbi Wise(?), this is what, he became a madman after this boycott, Judea declares war on Germany. In Manhattan they had 100, 000 people marching in the economic boycott in 1935, it was the same heretic rabbi who caused that.”

This places the blame of the holocaust squarely onto the Zionists.  Unlike Livingstone, this isn’t even an accusation of a life-saving deal, this is saying that the Zionist actions caused Hitler to go mad and kill Jews.  Good Jews, bad Zionists.  If you want to read more of this type of thought, you can find it on neo-Nazi sites such as Rense or Stormfront.  The one other place where such thought is entertained is on the Satmar website.

Another comment from the audience:

 “Chaim Weizmann did a confidence trick back in 1917/1918. He made the British establishment think that world Jewry had power that it just didn’t have. The trouble is, 100 years on, I am not talking about world Jewry, I am talking about ‘that segment’ which we call the ‘Zionist movement’ has that power, and it has it over our own parliament”.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

German mayor’s Israel boycott anti-Semitic

From The Jerusalem Post (Benjamin Weinthal):

Mayor Albrecht Schröter
Leading German NGOs on Tuesday accused Social Democratic Mayor Albrecht Schröter, from the city of Jena in the state of Thuringia, of advocating a boycott of Israeli products that is so aggressive it recalls the Nazi-era campaign “Don’t buy from Jews” and contributes to the delegitimization of the Jewish state.
In an email to The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday, Kevin Zdiara, deputy representative of the German- Israeli friendship society in Erfurt, Thuringia’s capital city, wrote, “The campaign makes no distinctions; de facto, all Israeli products are to be boycotted, which does not contribute to peace. It also strongly recalls the Nazi slogan ‘Don’t buy from Jews.’” Zdiara added that “Schröter has been known for years for his attitude toward Israel. The mayor has participated in pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the West Bank and with a lecture at a pro-Hamas conference in Bad Boll. Schröter is an example of the classic Christian peace activist who only accuses Israel but closes his eyes to Palestinian crimes.”
Klaus Faber and Daniel Kilpert, two representatives of the  Coordinating Council of German Non-governmental Organizations against Anti-Semitism, told the Post on Tuesday in a statement that the mayor’s conduct “crosses the line into anti-Semitism and delegitimizes the state of Israel. Why does Mr. Schröter see no occasion to call for a boycott against products from the anti-Semitic Islamic Republic of Iran, or from North Sudan, which has engaged in many massacres?” Klaus Faber, a prominent member of the Social Democratic Party, served as a high level minister in the department for education, science, research, culture and religious communities in the East German state of Saxony-Anhalt.
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Germany: Teachers union apologizes for Israel boycott activity

From The Jerusalem Post (Benjamin Weinthal): 

Despite the apology mixed messages continue from some of the union leaders.

 The president of Germany’s teachers’ union, Marlis Tepe, apologized in a letter to her Israeli counterpart Yossi Wassermann for a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions initiative against the Jewish state that was spearheaded by German teachers in the northwest city of Oldenburg.
“I want to inform you, that GEW [Education and Science Workers’ Union] is being publicly confronted with allegations of supporting the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions campaign against Israel,” wrote Tepe in a late September letter obtained by The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday. She added, ”I would like to apologize for the irritation and uncertainty caused by this  incident which is also disturbing for GEW members and damages the reputation of our union.”
The letter from the president of the nearly 281,000 member Education and Science Workers’ Union to Wassermann, the secretary-general of Histadrut Hamorim (teachers’ union), was a clear rebuke of the anti-Israel leadership of the local GEW in Oldenburg.
“As president of the GEW I would like to expressly emphasize that our union does not support any kind of BDS or anti-Israeli initiatives. On the contrary: For many years we have been supporting the cooperation between Israel and Germany, particularly youth exchanges, and we are committed to Holocaust education,” wrote Tepe.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

France: "Internal alyah", alyah to Israel and elsewhere

(...) there are two kinds of aliyah, Baccouche says. In addition to the well publicized departures to Israel, there is also movement within the country. Parts of Paris remain appealing, such as Neuilly sur Seine. It has experienced an “internal aliyah,” mostly of wealthier Jews who can afford the higher priced real estate. The 17th Arrondisement, home to a future Jewish community center, is experiencing a rise in the number of Jewish residents and, subsequently, kosher restaurants, Amsellem says.
Still, a number of areas that were once considered havens for Jews have since become “trenches of hatred,” Baccouche says. Besides Pantin, these include suburbs north of Paris, Seine-Saint-Denis, Stains and Sarcelles (where anti-Semitic riots occurred in July 2014), as well as Lyon and areas near Marseilles.
“A lot of Jews live there, very concentrated. There are a lot of conflicts,” says Baccouche, who resides in the 16th Arrondisement near the Eiffel Tower.
Terror contributes to the most visible changes in Parisian neighborhoods after the 2015 massacres at Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher. For visitors, armed sentries at synagogues and other public institutions are a sad landmark of Jewish presence. 
“The atmosphere socially and culturally is not good in general in all of France because there is a diminishing in the culture,” Baccouche says. 
The Great Synagogue of Paris, La Victoire, is relatively quiet, but it, too, is experiencing a slow attrition. The family of synagogue president Jacques Canet once owned a majority stake in Izod Lacoste and Yves Saint Laurent. 
Involved in the synagogue’s leadership in various capacities for more than 20 years, his adult children live abroad; his son in New York and his daughter in Switzerland. His son is a former president of the Union of French Jewish students who decided to move overseas when he witnessed the deterioration of ties between French Jewish university students and their Muslim counterparts.

Netherlands: Supermarket displays spells out "death to the Jews'

Via Documenting Anti-Semitism:

Somebody set up boxes of chocolates in a supermarket aisle to spell out "Death to the Jews".

Germany: Neo-Nazi cell 'spied on Berlin synagogue to plot attack'

Via The Local:
Statements from a police officer in 2000 reveal that the NSU terrorist group may also have been active in Berlin, and appeared to be scouting out a major synagogue to attack.

A lawyer told the court in an ongoing case against the last surviving member of a murderous neo-Nazi cell that a police officer saw its members scouting out Rykestrasse Synagogue in Berlin, Germany’s largest synagogue, according to Tagesspiegel.

The prosecutor, Yavuz Narin, was relying on a report that the officer made to the Berlin Office of Criminal Investigations.

In 2000, the police officer was guarding the synagogue when he saw the now deceased National Socialist Underground (NSU) member Uwe Mundlos at a cafe nearby, along with Beate Zschäpe, who is currently on trial for the ten murders committed by her three-person cell.

The two were joined by another man and a woman with two children, according to Narin. And the group was together looking at a city map. Later the police officer saw Zschäpe and Mundlos again by the synagogue.

Narin explained that it appeared Zschäpe and Mundlos were scoping out the synagogue for a possible attack.
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Russia: College Questionnaire Asks Students If Jews Are Responsible for the ‘National Crisis’

Via Moscow Times:
Students at the small Moscow State Education College were recently handed a questionnaire with six simple, increasingly bizarre questions. The first question simply asked individuals to identify themselves as a grade schooler, a college student, or a teacher. The next question was a bit more personal: “What’s your ethnicity?” And then: “How do you feel about persons of other ethnicities?”

Things started to go off the rails a bit with the fourth question: “How do you feel about the Jews who live in Moscow?” The final two questions were even stranger: “How willing are you to talk to them [Moscow’s Jews]?” and most shockingly “Are Jews involved in the nation’s current crisis?”

When news of these questions leaked to the public, those expecting to find a vicious anti-Semite behind the quiz were soon surprised to discover that the teacher responsible is Jewish herself. According to college administrators, she designed the questionnaire as part of her class curriculum in ecological studies, where one of the research focuses is ethnography. The teacher decided to put her own ethnicity at the center of a classroom exercise, distributing the questions to a room of 16-year-olds. 

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Ukraine: Facebook censors Jews over criticism of Holocaust collaborators

Via JNS:
A prominent Jewish figure in Kiev found his Facebook account suspended after a post detailing Ukrainian collaboration in the Holocaust was flagged as violating the social networking site’s terms of service.

Eduard Dolinsky, director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, an advocacy group, told he found himself locked out of his account Oct. 20 after posting an old video of a Soviet trial of two members of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), who participated in the murder of Jewish civilians during World War II.

Dolinsky is an outspoken critic of the Ukrainian government’s alleged support for revisionist history. This wasn’t the first time he was censored by Facebook after expressing his views online. Over the past several weeks, two other posts critical of Ukraine’s past politics have also been removed by the social media site.

I believe that this is an orchestrated attack of Holocaust deniers here in Ukraine, the post was absolutely correct,” Dolinsky said. He was careful to avoid foul language or any other objectionable content, which would have resulted in a prompt takedown, he added.
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UK: Is It Just Me or Was That Anti-Semitic? A British Jew’s Constant Question

Alona Ferber @ The Forward:
A few months ago, here in London, I was at a party talking to a man who worked in artificial intelligence. We were discussing what a robot-filled future might look like, but when he found out I was Jewish we got onto the subject of Jews.

The AI researcher admired Judaism because it was the truest religion, he said, and Jews really know how to look after their own. “Do you think,” he asked me, “That Israel could become the most powerful country in the world?” With its eight million inhabitants, the Jewish state was too small and not important enough, I said. “I do,” he replied, smiling slightly as if he were in on some sort of secret. “Where there is a will and a plan…”

One of the charges leveled against British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in a recent parliamentary report on anti-Semitism is that he “does not fully appreciate the distinct nature” of contemporary prejudice against Jews. Anti-Semitism in the post-World War II era, the report explains, is a slippery thing: “Unlike other forms of racism, anti-Semitic abuse often paints the victim as a malign and controlling force rather than as an inferior object of derision, making it perfectly possible for an ‘anti-racist campaigner’ to express anti-Semitic views.”

I moved back to London in January, after 10 years living in Mexico and Israel. Before my return to the United Kingdom, I steeled myself for “those conversations” about Israel, for arguments and moral disapproval, or for meeting uncritical advocates for whom the Jewish state can do no wrong. But those first months were punctuated by something that had never before been my experience of the country I think of as home. I didn’t really want to be thinking it, and I certainly didn’t want to say it out loud. Perhaps I was as confused as Corbyn. Was it actually, really, anti-Semitism?


For me as a Jew, this has all seemed personal, and I have felt caught between the news agenda and a number of uncomfortable personal interactions. There was an occasion when a man behind the counter of a café found out that my husband and I are Israeli, and seemed to immediately jump to the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” just like the AI researcher. “Do you know who else is a Jew? The guy who owns all the media, you know, what’s his name, the Australian.” He was referring, of course, to Rupert Murdoch, who happens not to be Jewish. I told him as much, but he insisted we stand there as he Googled the answer on his phone.

The reasons these encounters caused me discomfort were subtle. They weren’t like reports about Labour removing Hebrew from Corbyn’s Passover message lest it sound too “Zionist,” party members tweeting about Hitler and big-nosed Jews, or Jewish Labour MPs receiving vile abuse online. Like a woman sensing that a man’s eyes have lingered a little too long on her body, I wasn’t sure whether I was just being paranoid or difficult, or whether I had a point. Perhaps the AI researcher was just interested in Jews and I had mistaken curiosity for prejudice. Perhaps Rupert Murdoch happened to be the first name that popped into the mind of the man at the cafe.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Spain: In Melilla the shrinking Jewish community fears the radicalization of its Muslim neighbors.

From Israel Hayom:
In the small autonomous Spanish city of Melilla, in northern Morocco, the shrinking Jewish community fears the radicalization of its Muslim neighbors. 
The city is becoming a magnet for Islamic State group operatives on their way to Europe. (...) 
In addition to the issues of education and livelihood, the Jewish community of Melilla shares a problem with many other Jewish communities around the world. Cohen speaks openly and boldly about anti-Semitism.  
"Lately, there has been a new phenomenon in which parents are afraid to send their children to the mixed high school, and we are seeing more and more children who are home-schooled after elementary school because of how they are treated as Jews," he says. David: "There is serious violence in the schools. They yell 'Heil Hitler' in class and they hit the Jewish kids just because they're Jewish. This was true in my day too, only it has become more violent and aggressive. "  
When David Cohen visits Israel, he wears a kippah, but in Melilla, he wears a hat instead.
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Sunday, October 23, 2016

France: Right-wing candidate says Clinton’s ‘submission to Zionists’ a danger for Europe

From the JTA:

French Jews demanded the country’s Republican Party take disciplinary action against a primary candidate who said Hillary Clinton endangers Europe because she is controlled by Zionists.
The president of CRIF, the umbrella group of French Jewish communities, made the demand in a statement Thursday about Jean Fréderic Poisson, a National Assembly lawmaker whose Christian Democratic Party is a right-wing outlier of the Republicans’ center-right coalition in the 2017 presidential election.
In an article published Wednesday by the Nice Matin newspaper, Poisson was quoted as saying about Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate in the United States, that her “closeness to the super funders of Wall Street and her submission to Zionist lobbies are dangerous for Europe and for France.”
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Jean-Frédéric Poisson is not the only French politician to complain about a dangerous Jewish/Zionist lobby/power:

Former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas, under Mitterrand, accused current P.M. Manuel Valls, whose wife is Jewish, of being under "under Jewish influence".  

The late French President François Mitterrand complained about “the powerful and noxious influence of the Jewish lobby in France".

Général de Gaulle stated in a press conference (1967): "Some people even feared that the Jews, until then scattered about, but who were still what they had always been, that is an elite people, sure of themselves and domineering, would, once assembled again on the land of their ancient greatness, turn into a burning and conquering ambition".  De Gaulle also implied that the Jews were responsible for "the malevolences they arose in certain countries".  He said that twenty years after the Holocaust. 

Italy: Man screams at kippah-wearing Jew that Hitler should have exterminated all Jews

Via JTA:
An Italian passenger was arrested after yelling anti-Semitic slurs and making the Nazi salute to a kippah-wearing Brazilian Jewish man at an airport in Rio de Janeiro.

Fabrizio Trinchero was released after paying a $600 bail following his arrest Wednesday. He owns a food kiosk at a Rio beach, the G1 news service reported.

During the incident at Antonio Carlos Jobim Airport, which reportedly was witnessed by airport staff and several passengers, Trinchero accosted Leo Rabinovitsch, 20, who was accompanying his mother at the check-in counter to board an Alitalia flight to Rome and then Tel Aviv. Seeing Rabinovitsch’s kippah, Trinchero screamed that Hitler should have exterminated all the Jews.

“Such offensive and sudden aggression was totally unexpected,” Rabinovitsch told JTA. “He was fueled by much hatred. He said he didn’t like either Jews or Muslims, and that Jews owned the World Bank.”

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Friday, October 21, 2016

France/Switzerland: Society of St Pius X, a Roman Catholic sect accused of anti-Semitism

When Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke died in Rome in October 2013 his funeral caused a riot. 

The former SS captain had been extradited from Germany, convicted and jailed for the massacre of hundreds of Italian civilians in 1944.

Shortly before his own death, aged 100, Priebke affirmed his belief that the Holocaust — the Nazis’ extermination of six million Jews — was a hoax.

Priebke was a monster. But he was also a baptised Roman Catholic and his family wanted a burial service in a church. The Vatican refused: holy premises were to be off-limits for a ‘manifest sinner’.  Then, to widespread outrage that led to that riot, an already controversial breakaway Roman Catholic sect stepped in to give this unrepentant Nazi his dying wish.

The Society of St Pius X (SSPX) is no stranger to accusations of anti-Semitism.
Its current leader, a Swiss bishop named Bernard Fellay, has recently described Jews as ‘the enemies of the Church’; one of its former bishops was, like Priebke, a Holocaust-denier. 

Another war criminal who was wanted for murdering Jews was eventually tracked down decades afterwards — to his refuge in a Society of St Pius X monastery [French Nazi collaborator and war criminal Paul Touvier]. [...]

To many — such as the Anti-Defamation League, which fights prejudice against Jews — the SSPX is an exemplar of modern-day anti-Semitism.

Yet the organisation is also a UK-registered charity.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Germany: 'Critical edition' of Mein Kampf justifies Hitler's antisemitism by quoting Bible, Talmud

Jeremy Adler @ The Times Literary supplement (with thanks to Sam Schulman):
Their typographer, in an essay included in the new edition, has the perversity to claim that his design follows the classic layout of the Talmud, and what he condescendingly refers to as the “Jewish” Bible. The editors seem to be unaware of the insult to Judaism that this involves. There could hardly be anything more inappropriate as an editorial strategy than to adopt the arrangement of the Bible for the layout of Mein Kampf, and thereby to misappropriate the methods of the Rabbis for a book which led to the Holocaust.

While these are largely editorial technicalities, the treatment of Judaism is quite another matter. In some places, contrary to their hermeneutically incoherent precept to “quarantine” the original (“umzingeln”), the editors, however unwittingly, cross the line that divides explication from endorsement. For example, when treating the book’s assertion that the Jews are seeking world domination, a calumny derived from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (1903), the editorial note simply repeats this well-known libel, and has the temerity to adduce the Bible and Talmud as evidence. Thus the team, speaking collectively with the Director of the Institute, maintains that the Jews aim to control the world. This is to treat one of the most egregious examples of anti-Semitic defamation as if it were a matter of proven fact. That such a book should be number one on the Spiegel bestseller list for some weeks (and not just number two, as your reviewer has it) is little short of scandalous. This baneful publication should be withdrawn forthwith. 

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UK: Senior Labour activist claims Israel has “inflicted” and “exploited” the Holocaust

Via Campaign Against Antisemitism:
Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Vice Chair of the Chingford branch of the Chingford and Woodford Green Constituency Labour Party, and the founder of Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods, has taken to the airwaves to say that Israel has “inflicted” the Holocaust on other people and “they use and exploit” the Holocaust for political ends.

She said: “When it comes to the Holocaust, of course, there must never be any minimisation of that horror. It’s inflicted on other people in the sense that apologists for Israel use the suffering of Jews to excuse the suffering of Palestinians. I hear it all the time: ‘Oh, they’ve suffered so much, let them get on with it.’ I’m not saying that Israel is committing a Holocaust. I’m saying they use and exploit the fact of the Holocaust to justify what are, in some cases, crimes against humanity…So the mass slaughter of Jews in Europe should never be inflicted on others. That’s my view and that includes Palestinians. But for that, I’m called a self-hating Jew.”

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UK: Student leaders reject “partisan” anti-Semitism report

Via Electronic Intifada:
Hundreds of officers and activists in the UK’s National Union of Students are defending their president, Malia Bouattia.

In an open letter, the student leaders condemn an influential parliamentary committee’s “selective and partisan” report on anti-Semitism in the UK, which was published on Sunday.

The NUS itself has also criticized the report’s politicized approach to anti-Semitism.

The student leaders say that the Home Affairs Select Committee’s report is an attempt “to delegitimize NUS and discredit Malia Bouattia as its president.”

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European Parliament bungles shipment of Nazi artifacts on loan from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum

This beggars belief...  Why does the 'vanity' Europe Museum needs the headphones?   Is it because the EU boasts that it safeguards European citizens from war, nazism and other calamities?  And then ships the headphones mistakenly to an art collecter in the Netherlands... 

From Politico:
Nuremberg trial (1946)
The European Parliament mistakenly shipped rare artifacts from the post-World War II Nuremberg trials — on loan from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum — to the doorstep of a private art collector in the Netherlands.

Four sets of headphones used for translation by Nazi defendants in the 1945-1946 trials were intended for display in the House of European History, a museum the Parliament is preparing to open in Brussels after long delays. But according to Parliament officials the items were briefly misplaced last month when they were mistakenly sent to the art collector, who was expecting to receive a shipment of his own materials from the museum.

The headsets have since been recovered by the Parliament and will be part of the new museum’s permanent display, though a date for its opening has been put off indefinitely over construction and security concerns.

The bungle happened after the collector, who declined to be identified because of concerns about his reputation in the art world, demanded the return of 25 protective folders he had sent along with 6,500 posters he sold to the Parliament. The posters, part of a collection depicting European solidarity and integration, will be exhibited in the House of European History.

After a year of demands from the collector to return the folders, worth €5,000, the Parliament agreed to send them via an art handling service that has been storing items purchased and loaned from various museums around the globe for the museum.

But instead of sending the folders, the service accidentally shipped a wooden crate marked with the label “Holocaust Museum” to the dealer’s studio in an Amsterdam suburb. The collector’s business partner opened the container to find four headsets used by Nazis Alfred Rosenberg, Baldur von Schirach, Albert Speer and Walther Funk, when they were on trial for war crimes in Nuremberg. The box also included ration cards, whistles, letters, ID tags and other artifacts from concentration camps.

The items were on loan to the European Parliament from the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. The private art collector said he immediately called the Holocaust Museum’s curator about the mix-up.

“It’s a devastating article,” the dealer said of the headsets. “Through these phones, the horrors had been going through the brain of those perpetrators. It doesn’t get more tangible than this. They are priceless.”

The art collector said the mixup reflected the Parliament’s mismanagement of the museum project. [...]

Some critics have called the museum a “vanity project,” and have accused the Parliament of being ill-equipped to manage a museum. Others are fearful that the exhibits will tell a revisionist and pro-EU story of European history.

Europeans ignoring antisemitism at their peril, says EU human rights commissioner

As usual, the warning is couched in vague terms and fails to pinpoint who the perpetrators are.

From the Jerusalem Post (Benjamin Weinthal):

Two victims of the massacre at the
Jewish museum in Brussels perpetrated
by Mehdi Nemmouche (2014)
The Council of Europe’s commissioner for human rights Nils Muižnieks delivered an urgent call on Tuesday for the EU to fight antisemitism seriously and remember the Holocaust with a view toward informing the present.

“Europeans ignore the evidence of rising antisemitic hate speech, violence and Holocaust denial at their peril. The hate that begins with Jews never ends with Jews. Antisemitism is a threat to our European continent built on freedom and the rule of law," said Muižnieks on the council’s website.  [...]

Contemporary antisemitism also revolves around the Holocaust, with some blaming the Holocaust on Jews or suggesting that Jews focus on this tragedy to gain advantage," said Muižnieks.

In response to Muižnieks’s remarks, Dr. Richard Landes, the Jerusalem-based chair of the Council of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, told The Jerusalem Post, “The statement does not even address the fact that all the deadly cases of anti-semitism in Europe today come from Muslims – a sign of timidity which does not bode well for opposing the phenomenon. Indeed, one might argue that real, exterminationist antisemitism like that of the Nazis is primarily found in the European Muslim community (and among Muslims around the world), while milder forms of Jew-hatred revive at an alarming rate among others (including ‘progressive’ Jews).”

Landes, an expert on European antisemitism, added, “In Europe, it’s as if the elites quaff the wine and beer of their distaste for Jews (especially for free Jews like Israelis), while holding an open bar for the Muslims to drink all the hard alcohol of real Jew-hatred they want. It’s hard to imagine a more self-destructive indulgence in an ancient and poisonous addiction.”
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Antwerp (1980) and Toulouse (2012) shootings by Muslims against Jews

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Germany: Restaurant employee says he doesn't serve Jews

Via Berliner Morgenpost:

Two antisemitic incidents against Israeli tourists in Berlin.

1. Two security guards for the S-Bahn were checking an Israeli tourist on Tuesday morning. When they saw his ID, they made antisemitic comments to him.  The security guards were described as 'Mediterranean'.

2. An Israeli tourist ordered coffee at a fast-food restaurant in the Mitte borough.  A restaurant employee refused to take his order saying "I don't serve Jews" (In English).  The employee finished his shift before police arrived.

Germany: The influx of Middle Eastern refugees from anti-Israel countries and anti-Semitic cultures

[...] The question has arisen today as to whether Germans now over-identify with the Holocaust, causing them to see Jews only as spectral victims, instead of fellow Germans living among them. It’s been suggested that there has been an over-saturation of Holocaust education, and that it might be time to stop the ever-present discussion.

Then again, it may not at all be time to stop.

“Germans & Jews” was completed before the current influx of more than a million Middle Eastern refugees into Germany. One cannot wonder what a future sequel to this film might be like, taking into account that a significant percentage of Germany’s foreign-born population now comes from anti-Israel countries and anti-Semitic cultures.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

France: Paris regional council vows to strip funding from BDS promoters

Via Jerusalem Post:
A regional council in France that includes Paris passed a precedent-setting amendment that excludes funding from promoters of boycotts against Israel.

The council of the Ile-de-France region, where right-wing parties have a majority, adopted the amendment Thursday, the Le Monde Juif website reported the following day.

The report said the council’s president, Valérie Pécresse of the UMP party of former President Nicolas Sarkozy, led the vote in keeping with her campaign promises to pursue vigorous measures against the BDS movement – an acronym for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

“In accordance with the law, I will not tolerate any form of boycotts against Israel in the Ile-de-France region,” she said while campaigning for the top executive political position of the region, which is home to most of France’s 500,000 Jews.

Robert Ejnes, deputy president of the CRIF umbrella group of French Jewish communities, in a Twitter post congratulated the council for its amendment, whose final text was not yet published. Ariel Goldmann, another CRIF vice president, wrote on Twitter about the measure: “Thank you and bravo.”

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UK: MPs report says Jeremy Corbyn has helped create 'safe space' for anti-Semites in Britain

Via Telegraph:
Jeremy Corbyn has helped create a “safe space” for anti-Semites in Britain, a cross-party parliamentary report says in a damning indictment of his leadership.

In conclusions endorsed by Labour and Tory MPs, it is claimed Mr Corbyn does not fully understand the nature of modern-day racism against Jews.

Baroness Chakrabarti, who took a peerage offered by Mr Corbyn weeks after overseeing an inquiry into Labour anti-Semitism, is also singled out for severe criticism.
Corbyn disappointed by unfounded anti-semitic allegations Play! 01:21

Her decision to join the House of Lords “completely undermines” attempts to hold the party to account and her recommendations are “ultimately compromised”, the report says. She is criticised for “absolving the Labour leader of any responsibility” and suggesting allegations should only be investigated if they occurred in the last two years.

The report concludes that repeated failures to tackle claims will increase fears that parts of the Labour movement are “institutionally anti-Semitic”.

The findings were made by Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee, which has carried out a six-month investigation into anti-Semitism, in Labour and elsewhere.

Last night, however, Mr Corbyn hit back, accusing committee members of “politicising anti-Semitism” and “using it as a weapon” to attack Labour. He said MPs had taken evidence from “too narrow a pool of opinion” and claimed the report “violates natural justice” by criticising individuals without giving them a “right to be heard”. 

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UK: Liberal Democrats party leader welcomes back antisemitic ex-MP

Via Jerusalem Post:
Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has welcomed back former MP David Ward into the party, saying it is "appropriate" for him to serve as a local counselor following his suspension for antisemitic remarks.

Farron told the Commons Home Affairs Committee's antisemitism inquiry that the former representative of Bradford East, who was suspended in 2013 after he called into question the continued existence of the State of Israel, had "served his time."

In the offending tweet, Ward wrote “Am I wrong or are am I right? At long last the #Zionists are losing the battle - how long can the #apartheid State of #Israel last?”

Ward has a long history of inflammatory comments, and they seem to be solely directed against Jews and/or Israel.
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France: Le Pen vows to ban 'all religious symbols,' including Jewish skull caps

Via i24 News:
The leader of the far-right French party National Front, Marine Le Pen, said on Sunday she would ban "all religious symbols” including Jewish skull caps, if elected president, seeing it as a "sacrifice" necessary to fight against radical Islam.

"I will prohibit overt signs in the public space," Le Pen said in an interview Sunday with France’s BFMTV station. She said she would extend a 2004 law banning religious symbols in schools to all public spaces.

"I know it's a sacrifice, but I think the situation is too serious these days (...) I think every French person, including our Jewish compatriots, can understand that if we ask them for a sacrifice in order to help fight against the advance of this Islamic extremism (...) they will make the effort, they will understand, I am absolutely convinced because it will be in the best interests of the nation," she explained.

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Belgium: Portuguese man threatens to kill Jews

This story has not been picked up by the Portuguese media!

The Belgian daily DH reported that the Belgian League against Antisemitism received two emails from Marco da Torre, a Portuguese national, threatening to kill Jews.

Both emails were ill-written in French and read:  "I demand that you stop bothering me, if you persist I'll start killing Jews and will write your name with their blood, you son of a bitch".  The other stated: "From now on every time a Jew is killed it's because of animals like you [...] A world without Jews will be a clean and happy world".

Joël Rubinfeld, head of the LBCA indicated that the judicial authorities have been informed of the threats.

E-mails from the same address were sent to several members of the Jewish community.

Joël Rubinfeld first thought that the menaces were issue by someone with a mental disorder.  But Marco da Torre was contacted by phone and he stands by what he wrote.  He also said that the LBCA represents the Jewish community of Belgium. The threats are deliberate and carefully thought out.

Marco da Torre claims to have been swindled out of one million euros by a Belgian-Israeli. He added that he wants to cut him and those of his race in small pieces.  

Da Torre also accused the alleged swindler of having fled to Israel to avoid prosecution where he lives under a false identity and that he keeps taunting him by email.

What are we to make of this?   Marco da Torre says that he has a problem with a Jew and as result he blames the entire Jewish community. 

Joël Rubinfeld considers that he is the archetypal anti-Semite and that he could act on his threats.  The same situation has happened a few times in the past two years in several European countries, with individuals having stabbed Jews because they felt they had a grudge against "all Jews".

Da Torre's Facebook account also contains anti-Semitic material:

Italy: Israel/Jew-bashing Dario Fo, Nobel-winning playwright, died aged 90

Italian playwright and main ideologue of the Five Star Movement, the anti-establishment party led by Beppe Grillo, Dario Fo died on October 13.

Giulio Meotti wrote about Fo's anti-Israel/Jewish obsession @ Gatestone Institute (March 26, 2016):
Dario Fo
[...] An Italian writer, Dario Fo, a laureate of the Nobel Prize for Literature, just gave an interview to the newspaper, La Repubblica. Fo, talking about the Jewish patriarch, Moses, said: "Moses was killing women and children because they worshiped idols." Mr. Fo went on blaming "the Jews' brutality against those who follow other religions, as it happens today." Excuse me? Is it the Jews who are burning people alive, drowning them in cages, slitting throats or crucifying anyone for following a different religion?
Mr. Fo's comparison is as wrong as it is ghastly. It is not the Jews who suicide-bomb Palestinian buses, cafes, wedding halls and discotheques. It is not the Jews who now try to mow down Palestinians with cars or stab them in the street. It is the reverse -- and has been for years.

The daily newspaper La Stampa charged Dario Fo with "recycling anti-Semitic stereotypes." Fo is not new at this. In the 1970s, in one of his theatrical operas, "Resistance: Italian and Palestinian people speak," the future Nobel Prize laureate compared Nazism to Zionism and the Palestinian fedayeen terrorists to the anti-Fascist partisans.

A few days after the 9/11 attacks, Fo also said that,
"the great speculators wallow in an economy that every year kills tens of millions of people with poverty -- so what is 20,000 dead in New York? Regardless of who carried out the massacre, this violence is the legitimate daughter of the culture of violence, hunger and inhumane exploitation."
Who gave this famous writer the right to defame, earlier, not only Israel's name but also 9/11's victims?
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Friday, October 14, 2016

Europe: 600,000 Jews have left Europe in last 25 years

From the European Parliament:

First Vice-President
of the European Parliament,Antonio Tajani.
The current situation in Europe of Anti-Semitism and future prospects for Europe’s Jewish communities were debated at a conference hosted by EP President Martin Schulz and First Vice-President Antonio Tajani on Tuesday.

“When we see that every fifth Jew in Europe has experienced verbal or physical violence, when these aggressions are getting more and more numerous, and when we see that the Jewish population in Europe has decreased from almost four million in 1945 to barely more than one million today, then we know that it is high time not only to make a clear political statement, but to take effective action as soon as possible. Europe has to be a better home for its Jewish citizens”, said the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz in his closing remarks.

“Some of us still have not understood that what makes us European is not our blood or religion but our strong adherence to our most fundamental values of tolerance, respect and liberty”, he added.

Opening the conference, Mr Tajani (EPP, IT), who is responsible for inter-religious dialogue for the Parliament, said “According to the Jewish Agency, almost ten thousand Jews moved to Israel in 2015, including eight thousand from France alone. This was double the 2014 figure. This, sadly, is the result of a persistent climate of hatred towards Jews: their numbers fell substantially from two million in Europe in 1991 to one million four hundred thousand in 2010. Yet Europe without Jews would no longer be Europe."
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How serious is the European Parliament (and Mr Schulz in particular) about tackling anti-Semitism?
- The European Parliament rewards hate
- Anything the PA does, no matter how murderous, never elicits anything but the mildest form of vague condemnation, if any, from the EU

Israel and ISIS, the genesis of a new antisemitic motif

Manfred Gerstenfeld, Leah Hagelberg @ Jerusalem Post:
In Europe one of those who spread the hate message early was non-practicing Dutch Muslim Yasmina Haifi, an employee of the Dutch counter-terrorism agency NCTV. Haifi had been a candidate for the Labor Party in the 2012 parliamentary elections, although of very low rank. In August 2014, she tweeted, “IS has nothing to do with Islam... it is a plan of Zionists who want to blacken Islam.” Haifi thus attempted not only to whiten the Islamic character of the world’s most extreme Islamist movement, but in addition, to spread a conspiracy theory about Jews. A Facebook site supporting her went up that has 11,000 likes and is active to this day.

In the same month Mohammad Shabbir, aide to MP Naz Shah of Labour, tweeted the question: “Is IS serving a purpose to create a pretext for Israel to invade Syria and Iraq? Has quest for greater Israel started?” Another member of the Labour Party to make such assertions was Salim Mulla, former mayor of Blackburn. As is so often the case among Muslim anti-Semites around the world, in addition to attacking Israel he also incited against Jews, writing, “Zionist Jews are a disgrace to humanity.” Beinazir Lasharie, a Labour councilor in Kensington posted a Facebook message saying: “Many people know about who was behind 9/11 and also who is behind IS. I’ve nothing against Jews... just sharing it!” On the extreme Right of the political spectrum, David Duke, former imperial wizard of the Ku Klux Klan whose anti-Semitic slurs frequently involve conspiracy theories, wrote an article titled “Horrors of IS created by Zionist Supremacy.” It lists a “series of planned deliberate actions, all initiated by Zio-Supremacist fanatics who seek to spread disunity infighting and turmoil among all non-Jews, and particularly those neighboring their international headquarters of Israel.”

Allegations are not only being spread across the political spectrum, but also across the world. A top aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Alexander Prokhanov, claimed in 2014 that the Mossad was training ISIS to undermine Russian interests in the Middle East. A Polish nationalist website called Justice4Poland posted a widely-circulated article by Makia Freeman that opens with the sentence: “IS is a US-Israeli creation, a fact as clear as the sky is blue.” This same article has been posted on left-wing and free-press sites such as GlobalResearch and that of Paul Craig Roberts, former associate editor of The Wall Street Journal and author of The Neoconservative Threat to World Order.

This is a preliminary selection of the charges made by those connecting Israel with ISIS and represent only some of the antisemitic smears linking the two. Others include that Israel is the main buyer of ISIS oil, that ISIS’s rise is due to Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and that the tactics of Israel and ISIS are the same. As time passes on more will develop.

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Poland: Right-wing organizations claim 1946 pogrom was committed by Communist officials

Via Times of Israel:
Representatives of right-wing organizations have applied to the Institute of National Remembrance to resume investigation of the a 1946 pogrom, saying its cause was not anti-Semitism.

In the application submitted this week, they claim the murders in the Kielce pogrom, which killed 42 Polish Jews, were committed by Communist officials and not city police and residents.

According to the groups, most of the victims died from shots fired by military weapons, which they say means that the responsibility for the massacre should not be borne by the residents of Kielce.

Six representatives of right-wing and nationalist organizations in Kielce signed the application. They are Małgorzata Soltysiak, Wojciech Zapala, Michal Sadko, Karolina Lebiedowicz, Karol Michalski and Filip Bator.

“Those who signed this application are well known for years as deniers of the pogrom,” Bogdan Bialek, president of the Jan Karski Association in Kielce, told JTA.

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France: National front politician claims Holocaust museum is "too politicized"

Via JTA:
Christophe Boudot, the leader of a regional branch of the National Front, apologized last week for saying state subsidies should be stripped from a Holocaust memorial museum, which he argued was “too politicized” and seeking “repentance” that he said France did not need to offer.


Boudot’s Twitter apology was over his criticism of the “Maison d’Izieu Memorial for Jewish Children Murdered in the Holocaust,” a museum set up with government funding in 1994 some 300 miles southeast of Paris in the Rhône-Alpes region.

Boudot told the French television station TLM in an interview that his party “always voted against such subsidies because they aim to create a form of repentance, always the same one.” While saying he supported commemoration at large, Boudot said the museum “is too politicized, a little too much.” He later acknowledged that he has never visited the site.
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