Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hungary: "I don’t know what this Jewish thing is. It’s different."

Via BuzzFeed:
A graduate from Dublin’s Trinity College, Gyongyosi is a member of parliament for the radical right-wing party Jobbik. He also serves as the party’s deputy parliamentary leader and is vice chairman of parliament’s committee on foreign affairs.


The Jobbik MP has in the past called on the government to draw up a list of Jews.

Asked to explain this position, the MP tells BuzzFeed News that it is a matter of transparency and national security. He likens the discussion to the double citizenship and Turkish identity debate in “politically correct” Germany, or to Congress in the US asking representatives and senators to disclose personal information and conflicts of interest.

“We don’t know what being Jewish is,” he says. “Is it a religion? A culture? A social background? Sometimes it’s a genetic heritage. I don’t know what this Jewish thing is. It’s different. It’s not like Hungarian or Italian.

“Here, we have lots of Hungarian Jews. That is not a problem. But if a Zionist Jew lives in Hungary, the question arises for me whether they are loyal towards Hungary or Israel.”
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