Saturday, February 28, 2015

UK: Antisemite George Galloway suing people for calling him an antisemite

Via The Independent:
George Galloway has ordered lawyers to issue Twitter users who alleged he was an anti-Semite with letters demanding £5,000 and threatening legal action.

The Bradford West MP has reportedly singled out up to a dozen people, including some who had only re-tweeted other posts and a charity worker with just 75 followers.

Sweden: School justifies Holocaust-denying narrative

Obviously, Sweden feels it's necessary to teach immigrants about the Holocaust.  But it can't deal with them when they deny it.  

Via The Local Sweden (h/t onelpeleg):
A substitute teacher has been told off for challenging a Holocaust denier during a Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) class in southern Sweden.

The teacher claimed one of the students questioned the Holocaust after watching a news segment about the persecution of Jews in an SFI class at adult education centre Kärnan in Helsingborg, newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad has reported.

But the student said he was misunderstood and claims the teacher yelled at him.

The school co-ordinator later criticized the teacher over the incident – which prompted the student to leave the classroom – according to a recorded meeting about the incident quoted by Helsingborgs Dagblad.

“The student talked to me and he said he felt misunderstood and insulted and painted as a Holocaust denier and Nazi,” the co-ordinator is quoted as saying on the recording.

“What he said was to deny the Holocaust,” replied the teacher.

“Yes, but he felt unfairly treated after he had been accused of that.”

“He wasn’t accused. I only told him it is not okay to say that the Jews just lie.”
The co-ordinator went on to later add: “You should remember that what we think of as history is the history we've been taught. When we have students who have read other history books there's no point setting facts against each other.” 

France: AFP reports that Jewish State not responsible for floods

So, AFP finally concluded that Israel couldn't have possibly flooded Gaza.  Better than nothing, I suppose.  Hopefully, next time they'll think twice before posting obvious conspiracy theories against Jews.

Their article is really careful in trying to avoid talking about the elephant in the room: Palestinian antisemitism, the Palestinian belief in conspiracy theories involving Israel and Jews:

Once again this winter, following days of very heavy rainfall across the region, the banks of a riverbed running through central Gaza were breached, flooding dozens of Palestinian homes. 
For the residents, there was no doubt: Israel was responsible after deliberately opening "a dam" to flood the enclave.

But an examination of the facts on the Israeli side tells another story, shattering a long-held Palestinian myth.

I doubt the myth is shattered and I'm sure that next year we'll once again hear about Israel flooding poor Gaza.   Those accusations might not make it to the world press, after this year's fiasco, but they will make the rounds among antisemites and anti-Zionists who believe that Jews are evil.

Note also that this article, even while whitewashing Palestinian antisemitism, specifies yet once against the Israel is "the Jewish State".  
That Israel, the invisible enemy on the other side of the fence, would flood Gaza in a bid to make life even worse is therefore accepted as fact -- as is the alleged existence of one or more dams upstream controlled by the Jewish state.
This is the same media, I'll remind you, that complains when ordinary citizens 'conflate' Jew and Israel.  The same media that washes its hands of antisemitism when it reports that Israel (AKA 'The Jewish State') is responsible for the murder of innocent children, and forgets to report about Palestinian antisemitic incitement aimed at children and Palestinian glorification of terrorism aimed at children.

Day 96: Counting the Days till EU Condemns PA Incitement to Kill Jews

Following the murders in Jerusalem enabled by the constant Palestinian incitement to kill Jews, this blog will wait until one European country will step forward and condemn the PA for its incitement.

It is not enough to ask the PA to stop inciting.

It is not enough to condemn the terror attacks caused by such incitement.

European leaders must make it clear to the PA that incitement to kill Jews is unacceptable. That such incitement will mean no support for Palestinian aspirations for statehood.

Until then, European leaders are encouraging Palestinians to kill Jews.

Friday, February 27, 2015

US Senate to call for European nations to appoint anti-Semitism envoys

Nazi swastikas and anti-Semitic slogans,
Jewish cemetery of Brumath near Strasbourg

Nobody disputes the fact that Antisemitism is growing in Europe.  Sadly other than nice words the same hostile attitude towards Jews and Israel prevails and is being encouraged in some quarters.  European Jewish leaders are too weak and divided.


The US Senate will likely soon call on European leaders to appoint national anti-Semitism czars to monitor and combat hate against their countries’ Jewish minorities.  That call is included in a bipartisan resolution introduced on Wednesday, which is being co-sponsored by 53 senators.

“Seventy years after the liberation of Auschwitz, we are witnessing an alarming rise in anti-Semitic sentiment in Europe that must be condemned and addressed. Anti-Semitic attacks and incidents in Europe and around the world are a challenge not only to international stability and security, but to our shared morality as human beings,” said Sen. Robert Menendez (D-New Jersey), the resolution’s author.

“This resolution firmly recommits the United States and its European allies to combat anti-Semitism with even greater resolve, vowing to never again allow the atrocities of the past to be repeated,” he continued.

Citing an Anti-Defamation League poll indicating that nearly a quarter of Western Europeans harbor anti-Semitic attitudes, the resolution called on senior American officials to encourage further European action to combat hate, including the designation of “senior-level special envoys to monitor, prevent, and combat anti-Semitism regionally and domestically.” More.

Europe: Islamic State recruiting among anti-Zionists to target Jews (and conquer Europe)

They intend to conquer all of Europe, of course, but they will start  with the 'financial elite'.

Via PJ Media:
An ISIS e-book on how to accomplish their caliphate goal of sacking Rome stresses enlisting “the Islamic State’s secret weapon = secret white converts” to take on Italy.

Much of the book, “Black Flags from Rome,” is dedicated to laying out a case for why Muslims in Europe should rise up and assist ISIS from within, citing justifications for discontent from modern-day anti-immigration protests back to post-Ottoman creation of Muslim “ghettos.”


The book doesn’t include a publish date, but it discusses the “shocking secret” revealed by the Kouachi brothers’ January attacks in France and subsequent busting up of a terror cell in Belgium: “There were small armies of the Islamic State within every country of Europe by late 2014, and the intelligence agencies didn’t even know about it!”

It states that European Muslims can ally with “a growing population of left-winged activists (people who are against; human/animal abuses, Zionism, and Austerity measures etc)” who “look up to the Muslims as a force who are strong enough to fight against the injustices of the world” in countering a growing divide between Muslims and “right-wing neo-Nazis.” It specifically cites people who are “sometimes” allied with Anonymous or anarchy groups — even though, angered by the assault on Charlie Hebdo, Anonymous is currently carrying out a hacking operation to take down ISIS accounts.

“If you have ever been at a pro-Palestine / anti-Israel protest, you will see many activists who are not even Muslims who are supportive of what Muslims are calling for (the fall of Zionism). It is most likely here that connections between Muslims and Left-wing activists will be made, and a portion from them will realise that protests are not effective, and that armed combat is the alternative,” the book states. “So they will start to work together in small cells of groups to fight and sabotage against the ‘financial elite’.”

The book predicts such “recruits” sympathetic to their cause “will give intelligence, share weapons and do undercover work for the Muslims to pave the way for the conquest of Rome.”

France: FN candidate blames Jews for his musical career failure

Via European Jewish Congress:
A candidate from France’s far-Right Front National party has attacked Jews for apparently being responsible for the failure of his musical career.
Xavier Sainty, who is running for the FN in the central Allier region in upcoming municipal elections, blasted Jews for preventing his success as a crooner in a video posted on his Twitter account.

“Even in show business I’m blocked all round, Sainty said, claiming that a “Jewish producer” told him the following:  “Since you’re not a Jew, you’ll never have the right to be on TV or radio and you’ll be barred because we’ve got the money and everything belongs to us, you will never get there.

“That’s how we’ve been treated for decades, we the ‘goys’,” Sainty added.

UK: Man arrested after making Nazi salute and calling to "kill all the Jews"

London - A man walking around in front of the Hendon Central Tube (train station), making a Nazi salute, as well as yelling antisemitic slurs directed at Jews – including calling on passersby to “kill all the Fucking Jews" was just arrested, thanks to volunteers of Shomrim London.

UK: ‘Anglo-Saxon charity’ supporters caught in racist rants

Of course, the article attracted Jew-haters in the comments. RT did not remove antisemitic comments.

Via RT (h/t Free Initiative):
Supporters of a charity which aims to support English culture have been exposed giving Nazi salutes and making racist comments in an undercover investigation.

The Steadfast Trust, set up in 2004, claims to be the only charity representing the Anglo-Saxon community in England and supports “education, legal rights and welfare” for the English community.

The charity has been accused of supporting far-right political views and was de-registered by the Charity Commission in the UK following an investigation.

Supporters have now been shown proudly revealing their membership of far-right and racist groups including the National Front (NF), British National Party (BNP) and even the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

Others were caught voicing racist tirades and chanting “victory to the Aryan race” in undercover footage obtained by a reporter on ITV1’s Exposure program.

Italy: "Jews should be burned at the stake"


Antisemitic graffit at Grassina cultural center: Swastikas, "Jews should be burned at the stake".

The center's managers decided to leave the vandalism up for a few days, to allow people to see them and judge for themselves.

Day 95: Counting the Days till EU Condemns PA Incitement to Kill Jews

Following the murders in Jerusalem enabled by the constant Palestinian incitement to kill Jews, this blog will wait until one European country will step forward and condemn the PA for its incitement.

It is not enough to ask the PA to stop inciting.

It is not enough to condemn the terror attacks caused by such incitement.

European leaders must make it clear to the PA that incitement to kill Jews is unacceptable. That such incitement will mean no support for Palestinian aspirations for statehood.

Until then, European leaders are encouraging Palestinians to kill Jews.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Netherlands: Doctor refused to treat Jews, because he's a Feyenoord fan

Rival team Ajax (Amsterdam) is associated with Jews.  

Esquire magazine reports about some revelations in an a new book "De Thuiswedstrijd" by Feyenoord Rotterdam hooligan Yoeri Kievits.

Kievits writes of an interview he had with a doctor named Rogier, a Feyenoord fan who so hated rival Ajax that he never helped a Jew.

If a Jewish patient came in, he somehow avoided helping him, or passed the patient to a colleague.  He also boycotted anything related to Amsterdam.

During a game between FC Utrecht and Ajax, Rogier had a shift in the emergency room.  A Jewish patient was brought in who had been bitten by a police-dog.  He had a huge, deep gash down his leg.  Such a wound must be closed up so it won't fester.  According to Rogier, he deliberately did not d so, out of principle that he would not help Jews.  In fact, he thought it was funny.  He copied the address from the patient's social-security card and in the evening he and his friends went there to smash the windows.

Germany: Jewish leader warns against wearing kippa in Muslim neighborhoods

Via Jerusalem Post:
The President of Germany's Central Council of Jews advised against wearing a kippa in neighborhoods with a high proportion of Muslims on Thursday.

Speaking in an interview with local radio, Josef Schuster said that observant Jews should consider covering their heads with less conspicuous headgear that would not so clearly identify them as Jews in potentially dangerous neighborhoods.

Schuster said that the potential for anti-Semitic attacks in the country had risen. He said that he could not have imagined that it would be necessary to give such advice five years ago.

While people should not succumb to fear, and security at Jewish institutions in the country is sufficient, precautions should still be taken in some neighborhoods, he added.

Bill Nye blames European Jews for antisemitism against them

Note that Nye makes fun of Jews who want to go to Israel - "They grew up in German or France".  But then expects those same Jews to wait another century till their neighbors 'get to know them"

So Europe is their 'home' when they want to move elsewhere, but it's not their 'home' yet when they want to live there.

Transcript via NewsBusters.
REINER: But this undercurrent of anti-Semitism has always been there. Just like racism, it's always there and then it just bubbles up to the surface every once in a while. And it's horrible now.

MAHER: Yeah, I mean, Netanyahu is asking European Jews to come to Israel and ...

NYE (wryly): Come home to Israel -- that's what he said, right? 

MAHER: Well, I mean, he is the ...

NYE (interrupting again): But you never, the people have never been there. They live, grew up in whatever, in Germany or France.

MAHER: It's a shame that they should have to move, uh ...

NYE: Well, they probably won't either, 'cause it's not their home, you know.

REINER: But you can understand it. There were German Jews that lived in Germany during the Second World War and that was their home. And, you know, at a certain point, you know, if your live is in danger, you want to go to someplace where you're going to be protected.

NYE: So, what do you do about it? I think you get to know your neighbors. And it's gonna take, what, does it take a century, something like that?

Clip can be viewed here.

UK: Channel 4 persists with its pathological antipathy toward the State of Israel

Archbishop Cranmer, a Christian blog, writes:

If you didn’t see Channel 4′s over-hyped docu-drama Ukip: The First 100 Days, don’t bother dashing for C4 On Demand. It is a tedious effort, dramatic dullsville, full of factual economic errors and replete with political clichés of how Prime Minister Farage would set himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God, and then the End will come. [...]

But there was one scene which really cannot pass without comment. As the policies pursued by a Ukip government lead to protests, riots and social breakdown, the narrator turns our attention to a group of “Far-Right demonstrators”, while the above image is being broadcast to represent said group. Note that there are no BNP flags and no EDL banners; not even a Nazi swastika or a placard screaming ‘No more mosques’. No, when Channel 4 berates the Far Right, they choose to convey to the nation and inculcate in the minds of viewers that Israel = Far Right, or Far Right = Israel. No doubt you will find the odd Star of David being brandished by the EDL, but the point is that there isn’t a Cross of St George or Union Jack to be seen. It is a very particular smeary denigration. To support the Jewish people in their right to self-determination is ‘far-right’ and ‘extremist’. Such puerile prejudice comes straight out of the Jon Snow Channel 4 News handbook of popular anti-Israelism.

And thence we segue into anti-Zionism, and thence to anti-Semitism. A German court recently ruled that ‘Anti-Zionism is code for anti-Semitism‘. Judge Sastry is quoted as saying: “‘Zionist’ is the language of anti-Semites, the code for ‘Jew.’” And choosing to associate the flag of Israel alone with the Far Right is a consonant defamation: if shouting ‘Zionist’ can be an expression of hatred toward Jews, flying the Zionist flag may be a discriminatory incitement to hatred.

It is extraordinary, as Europe’s Jews are being spat on in the streets, shot in kosher delicatessens and slaughtered in their synagogues, that Channel 4 persists with its pathological antipathy toward the State of Israel. Do they not understand that it is the only democracy in the Middle East? Do they not appreciate that Israel is the only country in the entire region where women are equal; adulterers aren’t stoned; children aren’t sold into slavery; Christians aren’t beheaded; gays aren’t thrown from tall buildings; and prisoners aren’t caged like animals and burned alive?

It is not ‘far right’ to support Israel: the real fascists are those who routinely disparage its national symbols, denigrate its religion and discriminate against its people, and such discrimination includes holding them to higher standards or judging them by different criteria to the way we discern and appraise other nations. Ukip: The First 100 Days was only a crass fantasy docu-drama broadcast in a liberal democracy where the worst that might happen now is the odd swastika might be daubed on a few tombstones. But in some parts of the world, more Jews will now die, and not even Prime Minister Farage can prevent that.

Insecurity plagues European jewry as fear of next attack looms

The latest antisemitic attacks in several European countries have made fear and insecurity an integral and inseparable part of the daily lives of the Jews there, Maariv’s Nissan Tzur reported on Monday. Tzur said he detected a tangibly depressed mood among European Jews when he wanted to conduct interviews regarding their feeling of safety and security in European countries.

The attack in January on the kosher deli in France came as a huge shock, he said. Nelly Omer, 30, who lives in Paris said that, “immediately after the attack, I felt anxiety, stress and lack of confidence every time I left the house or used public transportation. For some time, I avoided eating in kosher restaurants. In the end, though, I’m not willing to give in to these acts of antisemitism. I will continue to visit these places just as I used to.”

Omer added that the fear which plagues the Jews of Europe prevents them from wearing kippot in public, or Stars of David around their necks. If they do, they are immediately met with looks of hatred. She added that the latest attacks in Paris, “are not the last. The question is only when the next one will happen.”

Lana Posner-Korosi, 58,  of Sweden is the President of the Jewish community in that country. She said that she doesn’t even consider making aliyah to Israel, despite the fact that in the last few months she and her community members have received threats and there have been attacks from Muslim immigrants in the country. She said the situation worsened after last summer’s Operation Protective Edge, when the Jews of Sweden became an easy target for Muslims who wanted to exact revenge for the IDF’s operations in Gaza.
Posner-Korsi says she received bomb threats, threats via e-mail, and has even been subjected to curses in the street. Some of the young community members were threatened and were called “murderers” on Facebook, Posner-Korsi said.

Similar sentiments of fear and insecurity were echoed by Jewish community leaders and members from Poland, Bulgaria and Greece, according to the report. Threats from extremists among Muslim immigrants and the resurgence of the right, as well as a feeling that the governments were not doing enough to combat antisemitism added to the feelings of insecurity.

Sweden: Students boycott Jewish teacher

Swedish journalist Niklas Orrenius writes that he had interviewed several Jewish teachers in Malmö  who say they have met with open hatred from their students.  Often their students would tell conspiracy stories they've heard at home.

One, Sofia, heard her students mocking Jews and spreading stories of Jewish blood-lust.  Some students told their friends not to drink Coca-Cola, because Israeli soldiers were killing Palestinian children and putting their blood in it.

When Sofia asked her students to draw pictures of Jews, they drew monsters.  Creatures with sinister eyes.

When one student said in class "we want to kill all Jews", she finally broke down and 'outed' herself.  "You can start with me."

The classroom fell silent, until finally one student asked "Are you Jewish?".

Her grandparents were Holocaust survivors who were later persecuted again in Poland.  They had always warned her to never ever tell anybody she was Jewish.  She had always thought they were traumatized from the war, but now she finally understood them.

But she did not lie to her class.  "Yes, I'm a Jew," she told them.

One student asked incredulous "but you're so kind!"  Others were ashamed and said "we didn't mean you".  Two girls started crying, and Sofia cried too.

In the following weeks, the boys who had said they hated Jews, stopped coming to her class. Others avoided her gaze.

One day a 9-year-old stopped outside her class.  "Why don't you come in?" she asked.

"Mom and Dad don't let me," he answered.

"Why not?

He fidgeted, but finally answered "You are a Jew".

France: RFI reporter denies #floodlibel against 'Jewish State' is a hoax

See here for media roundup of the antisemitic Palestinian blood-libel against Israel.

Nicolas Ropert is RFI's journalist in Ramallah.  When Al-Jazeera and AFP broke the 'story' that Israel was flooding Gaza on purpose and without warning, causing dozens of people to flee for their lives, Ropert did what every responsible reporter does.  He ate it all up.

In fact, even today, RFI's article still stands and still claims that Israel opens its dams 'several times a year'.  The original article simply stated that "Israel did not respond immediately to these accusations", but this was 'fixed'.  Now the article adds "... but later denied them."

Ropert's article also specifically calls Israel "the Jewish State", just so you don't forget who is really responsible for flooding those poor Gazans.

It sounds like Ropert and RFI are antisemites who will publish any blood-libel they can and blame the Jews for it.

On his Twitter, Ropert was asked why he published the hoax.  To which Ropert answered (here and here) "Hoax?  Wasn't there a flood?  I quoted the Palestinian authorities.  Israel denies, okay, but what do your satellite images prove?  Barely nothing. Sorry."

I'm also sorry.

I'm sorry that so-called journalists like Nicolas Ropert publish every outlandish claim by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority without once pausing to think if they make sense.

I'm sorry Ropert and RFI believe that a country like Israel would purposefully flood Gaza.

I'm sorry Ropert and RFI believe the 'Evil Jews Zionists (TM)' trope.

I'm sorry Ropert and RFI are so gullible.

I'm sorry the Israeli authorities did not take any action against all those journalists who published this story without fact-checking.  It is not the first time the Palestinians claims the Jews are trying to kill them by opening up Israel's non-existent dams.  The Palestinians keep on coming up with these blood-libels because they know that reporters like Ropert will eat it all up, and that his readers in Europe will believe it, because it said so in the paper.  And they'll hate Israel and the Jews even more.

Ropert thinks he's unbiased, because he got both sides of the story.  I'm sure that back in Medieval Europe he would have also reported both sides of the blood-libel, without any bias whatsoever.  He would have reported about the poor Christian kid who was murdered, interviewed his parents and friends and cry with them about lost youth and about those evil Jews who keep on killing innocent Christian children.  And he would have added that the Jews deny the claims.   It's not antisemitism, it's balanced reporting.

It would be funny if we won't be paying for it with Jewish blood down the road.

Al-Jazeera, meanwhile, retracted their article on the 'not hoax' and apologized for their error.  

With much thanks to Rudi for his help with this article.

France: An antifascist student behind desecration of Jewish cemetery at Sarre-Union

Le Monde revealed that the leader of the five students (aged 15 to 17) who led a frenzied assault on the Jewish cemetery at Sarre-Union, smashing at least 250 graves (50 graves each), was an Antifa - an antifascist leftist, but as many of his sort, is a Jew-hater.

Pierre B. is said to be a vocal enemy of "fascism".  So much so that he wore anti-fascist slogans on his clothes.

"We do not talk politics, but if we evoked the National Front, he would get on his hind two legs and began to growl", says Gaëtan.  "He claimed to fight against fascism and was very much against the police. He treated the police and the military fascists with an aggressiveness that made ​​me ill at ease."
 More: Tundra Tabloids and Le Figaro in French

Day 94: Counting the Days till EU Condemns PA Incitement to Kill Jews

Following the murders in Jerusalem enabled by the constant Palestinian incitement to kill Jews, this blog will wait until one European country will step forward and condemn the PA for its incitement.

It is not enough to ask the PA to stop inciting.

It is not enough to condemn the terror attacks caused by such incitement.

European leaders must make it clear to the PA that incitement to kill Jews is unacceptable. That such incitement will mean no support for Palestinian aspirations for statehood.

Until then, European leaders are encouraging Palestinians to kill Jews.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Portugal: Memorial to Jewish victims of 1506 massacre in Lisbon vandalised yet again

Other instances:
2011: "Freedom for the Palestinian People"

2014: "Ebola"

UK: Council leader blames Israel for rising antisemitism

Via the Jewish Chronicle
The leader of a council which flew the Palestinian flag during last summer’s Gaza conflict told objectors that rising antisemitism was Israel’s fault.

Preston council leader Peter Rankin told one complainant: “You need to think why this antisemitism is getting worse. It’s because of the actions of the IDF shelling schools and hospitals and killing and maiming thousands of men, women and children.”

Germany: "Jew" graffiti


"Jude" (Jew) graffiti on residential building in Bad Bertrich.

France: 371 attacks on soldiers guarding Jewish schools and synagogues

A couple of weeks ago I reported that French soldiers guarding Jewish schools were attacked 200 times.

AFP Photo/Valery Hache
In the two weeks since, the number has jumped by 170.   That's about ten a day.

Via BlazingCatFur (h/t CFCA):

Gallia Watch: 371 attacks on French soldiers guarding Jewish schools and synagogues

Since January 15 the French army’s “Opération Sentinelle” has protected 722 Jewish schools and synagogues, some 24/7 even when the establishments were empty. 
The operation came to be regarded as too dangerous for the soldiers who were regularly targets of attacks. Over time the men were worn out. 
The army has reported 371 incidents perpetrated against the soldiers standing guard in front of the protected sites. The Defense Ministry has announced that the men will become more mobile, rendering them less vulnerable.

Europeans loved scorning Israel's efforts to address terror but now war has irrevocably arrived in their cities

It's the first time I have read such a remarkable editorial in a European media.  It has to be said that, because there is so much fear of terrorists 'in our midst"  and of terrorism becoming irrevocably "part of everyday life" that lately criticism of Israel has been rather muted.  Things are indeed changing.

Terrorism in our midst
Jan Fleischhauer writes on Spiegel Online: The Terror in Our Cities 

Israel is the first democracy to have extensive experience with Islamist terrorism. Before recent attacks on our own soil, Europeans loved nothing better than scorning the Jewish state's efforts to address terror. In the future, we may need to turn to the Israelis for advice. 

The new Greek finance minister once called the West Bank security fence, built by Israel to protect its people from terrorist attacks, a "concrete monster." The barrier is always a key issue when critics of the Jewish state launch into their tirades. But the jump from outrage over the wall to sympathy for terrorism is a small one. In comments made on radio in 2005, left-wing superstar Giannis Varoufakis said we shouldn't be surprised when Palestinians strap on explosives belts. It's the kind of thing people say whose only experience with terror are occasional blowups with the spouse at home.

But perhaps we will soon be viewing things differently in Europe. Thus far, we have told ourselves that jihad is only a problem for countries that are less thoughtful or accommodating in their treatment of their Muslim minorities. Now, though, the war has irrevocably arrived in our cities.

The shots fired in Copenhagen provide sad confirmation that the attacks in Paris were only the beginning. We will soon come to recognize that there is a major difference between reading about a religious attack in the news or having to assume that you are at risk of becoming a victim yourself just because you attend the wrong event or visit the wrong café.

The Enemy Is Now in Our Midst
It has always been an open question how European democracies would defend themselves if the kind of Islamist terror Israeli society faces becomes part of everyday life.

In the two years prior to the erection of the controversial border installations, Israeli authorities counted 89 attacks, with 305 deaths and 4,942 injuries -- a significant number for a country with a population of just over 8 million. The number of casualties only began to fall after the construction of the wall. It's a success story that has never been viewed as such outside of the embattled country itself.

In Germany, we won't be able to build walls through our major cities in order to protect ourselves. The enemy we are dealing with doesn't live on the other side of the desert, it lives in our midst. We are left to rely on the acumen of people who have been trained to detect evil before it is too late.  Unfortunately, we are poorly equipped for the task. More.

Germany: Leading philosopher blamed Jews for the Holocaust

Via Jerusalem Post:

In a startling revelation in his so-called “Black Notebooks,” one of Germany’s leading philosophers of the 20th century, Martin Heidegger, blames the Jews for the Holocaust.

According to article in last week’s Italian daily Corriere della Sera by Heidegger expert Donatella Di Cesare, “The Shoah was an act of self-destruction by the Jews. This is the view that emerges from the new volume of Heidegger’s Black Notebooks.”

Heidegger wrote during the Holocaust in 1942 that the “community of Jews” is “in the age of the Christian West – the age of metaphysics – the principle of destruction.” He wrote further: “Only when what is essentially ‘Jewish,’ in the metaphysical sense, combats what is Jewish, is the peak of self-destruction in history reached.


Di Cesare wrote that the Shoah for Heidegger is “presented as playing a decisive role” in a main tenant of Heidegger’s philosophy of the history of being.

UK: Wast Ham fans chant anti-Semitic songs

clip via CFCA

Via Jewish News:
Tottenham have called for tough action against fans who were shown on a video clip chanting a “vile” anti-Semitic song.

The video, filmed by a passenger on the London Underground, appears to show West Ham supporters chanting anti-Semitic songs before Sunday’s 2-2 draw at White Hart Lane.

The latest clip shows a group of fans standing in the Tube chanting “I’ve got foreskin, how about you? F******Jew.”

It comes days after a racist incident involving Chelsea football fans on a Paris Metro train.

Day 93: Counting the Days till EU Condemns PA Incitement to Kill Jews

Following the murders in Jerusalem enabled by the constant Palestinian incitement to kill Jews, this blog will wait until one European country will step forward and condemn the PA for its incitement.

It is not enough to ask the PA to stop inciting.

It is not enough to condemn the terror attacks caused by such incitement.

European leaders must make it clear to the PA that incitement to kill Jews is unacceptable. That such incitement will mean no support for Palestinian aspirations for statehood.

Until then, European leaders are encouraging Palestinians to kill Jews.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

France: AFP 'corrects' Palestinian antisemitism, translates 'Jew' as 'Israel'

I mentioned this in the wrap-up post regarding #floodgate, but I thought it deserved a mention of its own too.  h/t Camera.

AFP interviewed Ead Zino, a resident of Al-Maghraqa who explained that the Jews flood Gaza on purpose.

In the clip Zino says in Arabic "This is all political, the Jews want to destroy us."

But AFP did not want to focus on Palestinian antisemitism or Palestinian blood-libels against Jews. Their story was all about how Evil Jews Zionists want to kill poor, innocent Palestinians who can never, ever do anything wrong.

So AFP mis-translated Zino's words.  On purpose.

In their translation, Zino says "This is all political.  All Israel wants is to destroy us."

See how easily they took care of Palestinian antisemitism?

See the clip below at about 00:20.  Zino says 'al-Yahud', AFP translates 'Israel'.   

Germany: Fortress-like security measures to protect Jews are an illusion

J Posr:
“It is a sad reality that a large part of Jewish life for years has taken place behind bulletproof glass, barbed wire and security access controls,” [Berlin Jewish community spokesman Ilan] Kiesling said.

He added that the recent attacks in Paris and Copenhagen, in which Islamic terrorists killed five Jews, have created a new situation leading to “great insecurity” among community members.

Parents registering their children for Jewish kindergartens and schools “wish to be informed of the exact details of security measures,” Kiesling said. The community is working with the police and the Berlin Senate administration to “strengthen the security of our institutions,” he added.

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday, “We are glad and thankful that there is Jewish life in Germany again. And we would like to continue living well together with the Jews who are in Germany today.”

In his Die Welt column titled “More protection for Jews means less dignity” on Thursday, Henryk M. Broder, a leading German expert on contemporary anti-Semitism, criticized the fortress-like security measures to protect Jews as an illusion.

“It will not become better. It will become worse. Toulouse was the prelude to Brussels and Brussels led to Paris. Copenhagen will not be the final station. The list of attacks will become longer,” wrote Broder.

In 2012, a French-Algerian Islamist killed four French Jews in Toulouse. Two years later, a French Islamic State fighter used an automatic weapon to kill four people, including two Israelis, at the Brussels Jewish museum.

Broder wrote, “What we are now experiencing is not a renaissance of Jewish life in Germany and Europe, rather the end of an experiment,” adding “Murderous anti-Semitism is not unique to Germany. It belongs now to Europe like the imported Islamism which enables anti-Semitism.” More.

France: Gym named after Jewish family vandalized

Issoudun- several swastikas in a gym named after Cligman. The city of Issoudun had called the building after a Jewish family, very important local manufacturers, who were protected by the population during the Second World War.  

Germany: Israel’s ambassador to Germany urges Jews to make aliya

Cologne tolerates antisemitic exhibit (2010)
Israel’s ambassador to Germany, Yakov Hadas-Handelsman, said he “does not envy any Jew living in Europe today” and invited those who feel unsafe in the wake of recent anti-Semitic attacks to “come to [Israel] at any time.”

In an interview published Sunday in the Berlin daily Tagesspiegel, Hadas-Handelsman echoed last week’s invitation by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Jews in Europe “consider Israel your home.”

Germany saw a wave of violent anti-Semitic attacks in 2014, including the torching of the Wuppertal synagogue. A court there, however, agreed with the explanation provided by three German Palestinians that the arson was merely an attempt “to draw attention to the Gaza conflict” and sentenced the men to 200 hours of community service.  Hadas-Handelsman also commended Chancellor Angela Merkel for making it clear that “it is not normal for synagogues and Jewish schools to need police protection.” [...]

Meanwhile, Ilan Kiesling, a spokesman for the 10,000 member Berlin Jewish community, told The Jerusalem Post on Friday that the community now must send its monthly magazine in unmarked envelopes to protect members from anti-Semitic attacks.

The rise of Muslim anti-Semitism in Germany prompted Bundestag member Jens Spahn, of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party (CDU), to warn on Saturday of “imported anti-Semitism.”

“Let’s not kid ourselves that immigration from Islamic countries has not changed part of the climate in our country,” he told Der Spiegel, and called on CDU leadership to clearly address the impact of reactionary Islam in Germany.

“When I walk through Berlin with my boyfriend, I have to hear dumb comments because I am gay... and on German streets we hear talk like ‘Jews in the gas’ and they come not only from neo-Nazis. We have also imported anti-Semitism,” Spahn said.

The German-Jewish author and columnist, Henryk M. Broder first coined the term “imported anti-Semitism” to describe the widespread Islamic-animated hatred of Jews and Israel in Germany.

Germany’s Jewish population is estimated at more than 200,000, consisting mostly of former Soviet Jews who have arrived since 1990. Fewer than half are members of Jewish communities, in part because they do not qualify under Jewish law, which requires having a Jewish mother or an Orthodox conversion.

Why do Europeans feel such revulsion toward Jews?

David P. Goldman (Spengler) at Pajamas Media: Election Envy: The Europeans and the Jews

Why do Europeans feel such revulsion toward Jews? At a certain level, to be sure, European leaders deeply regret the new persecution of Europe’s Jews. Many share the sentiment of European Commission Vice-Chairman Frans Timmermans, who warned yesterday that an exodus of Europe’s Jews would call into question the premises of European society.

Last September, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel told a rally in Berlin that it was the duty of every German to fight anti-Semitism. Nonetheless even the best-intentioned Europeans feel their skin crawl in the presence of the sort of Jews who represent the future of the Jewish people: those who follow Jewish tradition, raise Jewish families, and embrace the cause of Zionism. Europeans adore secular Israelis who wallow in existential doubts, for example, the novelist Zeruya Shalev, a bestseller in Germany and the winner of any number of European literary awards. I’ve never read Shalev, but then again, I don’t like fiction. Jews like Naftali Bennett, Israel’s economy minister and leader of the Jewish Home party, give them the creeps.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter much whether the assimilated, secularized Jews of Europe stay or leave, for most of their children and very few of their grandchildren will be Jewish. [...]

So when we hear expressions of sympathy from European leaders who treasure their Jewish communities, but tell Israel not to defend itself against rocket attacks from Gaza, and propose to concoct a Palestinian State without an end-of-hostilities agreement from the Arab side, our instinctive and correct response is to send them to hell. We well know wes Geistes Kind es sei. M

France: Nazi jailed for denying Holocaust

Via Iton Gadol:
 A criminal court in Normandy has sentenced French Nazi ideologue Vincent Reynouard to two years in jail for denying the Holocaust in Facebook postings.

The case stems from a complaint filed by a Caen-based association that honours Canada’s Second World War soldiers and was attacked in Mr. Reynouard’s postings for its work commemorating the D-Day landings.

“Prison sentences in freedom-of-speech issues are usually suspended sentences,” Prof. Chilstein said in a telephone interview. “But we are in a context of rampant anti-Semitism, and since the January attacks [in Paris] everyone understands the power of words.” The court wants to appear tough on anti-Semitism.”

Sweden: Popular rapper says antisemitic Denmark attack is 'false-flag' operation

Photo: DN

h/t judehatet

Shortly after the antisemitic attack in Denmark, Swedish hip-hop star Daniel "Dani M" Monserrat published his own views on who's behind it.

On his Facebook page he wrote as follows: "Smells like another false flag to drag Europe into war, rob us of our rights and increase xenophobia.  Especially the hate between Jews and Muslims. Do not be fooled that this is happening randomly.  These things happen because they're allowed to happen and/or because they're sponsored by the same elite who will benefit from it."

Who could he possibly be talking about?

As I've previously reported, Monserrat repeatedly accuses Jews of running the world.  Though after he was accused of being antisemitic, he started accusing 'them' of running the world.  We have no idea who he might be talking about.

Swedish society, btw, had accepted his apologies and justification that he's not antisemitic, he's just being critical of Israeli policies.  He's a popular guy.

Day 92: Counting the Days till EU Condemns PA Incitement to Kill Jews

Following the murders in Jerusalem enabled by the constant Palestinian incitement to kill Jews, this blog will wait until one European country will step forward and condemn the PA for its incitement.

It is not enough to ask the PA to stop inciting.

It is not enough to condemn the terror attacks caused by such incitement.

European leaders must make it clear to the PA that incitement to kill Jews is unacceptable. That such incitement will mean no support for Palestinian aspirations for statehood.

Until then, European leaders are encouraging Palestinians to kill Jews.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Europe: Media spreads conspiracy theories against Jews

Following a major winter storm that caused flooding all over, the Palestinian Authority accused Israel of 'opening up the dams' in order to flood Gaza on purpose.

The accusations are, of course, baseless.  

(article is updated with additional media reports.)

Current situation: 
* Al-Jazeera pulled their story and apologized.  
* Daily Mail updated their story and apologized.    However, the article still brings the Palestinian claims.
* AFP pulled their story, no apology.  Their clips still appears on various news-sites.
* Walla pulled their story, no apology.
* Europe Press, Addressa (NTB), RFI, L'Hebdo, 20 Minutes, RT still headlining their story with  Palestinian accusations.  RT does bring Israeli denials somewhere in the article.


Spanish media agency Europa Press reported the story as news (h/t ReVista).  "Hundreds of Palestinians flee floods caused by the opening of Israeli dams"

Europa Press did not bother getting the Israeli side, because they couldn't really care less.

Europe Press later added another article saying that Israel denies the accusations and that there's no such dam in southern Israel.  Imagine that.  The original article was not updated.

Europe Press spreading conspiracy theories against Jews


AFP posted a clip headlined: "Gaza village floods after Israel opens dam gates".  The clip was picked up by MSN.

AFP interviewed a local resident who claimed that "this is political, all the Jews want is to destroy us".  AFP 'corrected' the resident's words, so it would sound less antisemitic, and translated it as "all Israel wants is to destroy us".

No other information was offered on the topic.

AFP spreading conspiracy theories against Jews

RFI, Radio France International, qualifies its headline just a bit (h/t Rudi).  "Floods in Gaza: the Palestinian authorities accuse Israel"

RFI checked with Israel, but got no comment.

In the article, btw, RFI points out to its readers that Israel is "the Jewish State".  Just in case you didn't know.

RFI spreading conspiracy theories against Jews

20 Minutes published the AFP story as well, with the headline "village flooded by opening of dam" (h/t Rudi).

20 Minutes spreading conspiracy theories against Jews


Norwegian news agency NTB also came out with the story.  Here on Norwegian news-site Adressa: "Israel accused of causing flood in the Gaza Strip".

Sub-headline: "At least 80 Palestinian families had to evacuate their homes in the Gaza Strip after Israel opened several dams without warning."

The article quotes Al-Jazeera and Palestinian sources, but does not quote any Israeli sources.  They do however refer once to "Israel's alleged opening of the dams".  Thank you.

NTB spreading conspiracy theories against Jews

United Kingdom

The Daily Mail originally posted the story (h/t Rudi) with the headline "Hundreds of Palestinians left homeless after Israel opens river dam and floods houses… hours before Jewish state’s electric company cuts off power in West Bank cities".  The article states that Israel denies the claims.

The headline was later changed to "Hundreds of Palestinians left homeless by heavy flooding after water levels in Gaza Valley rise by up to 10 feet", but the URL still shows the original headline.  The updated article gave Israel's response that there are no dams in Southern Israel so there was nothing to open.

The Daily Mail spreading conspiracy theories against Jews


RT posted the story with the headline (h/t presspectiva): "Palestine accuses Israel of opening dams, flooding Gaza, forcing evacuations".

The article ends with this little gem:
According to media reports, this is not the first time Israeli authorities have opened the floodgates to their Gaza Valley dams to discharge massive quantities of excessive water that accumulated during heavy rains or snowfall.
The 'media reports' are of course Maan News, the Palestinian news agency that started this libel in the first place.  RT posted as-is, without wondering where those 'Gaza valley dams' are located.

RT spreading conspiracy theories against Jews


Walla! news site also posted an article spreading the libel (h/t presspectiva).  Their headline: "Dozens of houses in Gaza flooded due to opening of dams in Israel".  Notice that the headline is in quotes.  That is, they're 'only' quoting the other antisemites.

But Walla didn't think the story was good enough, and so they added a twist of their own.  According to Walla's reporters, army officials said they "had to drain the rain water" that accumulated on the border fence due to the stormy weather.

Walla! spreading conspiracy theories against Jews


L'Hebdo put up AFP's clip under the headline "village flooded by opening of dam" (h/t Rudi).  The article explains Israel did it.

L'Hebdo spreading conspiracy theories against Jews

These journalists are inciting to kill Jews!

These European journalists find it easy to accept yet another conspiracy theory against Jews, because it's couched in terms they can relate to.  Israel is evil and is flooding Gaza for no real reason.  Sounds logical, doesn't it?

Can you imagine anybody writing such an article about the claims that shape-shifting Jews committed massacres in Europe?  Neither can I.

Belgium: Student leader says revulsion towards Jews and rejection are rife

Anti-Israel demo in Brussels (2008)
Jonathan De Lathouwer, head of the Belgian Union of Jewish Students, spoke on the Belgian francophone national radio on the growing anti-Semitism which is driving Jews to leave the country.

Mr. De Lathouwer and other Belgian Jews featured on a video that questions the future of Jews in Belgium.  He explained that the video is designed to ring alarm bells, to raise awareness and call for action.  The Jewish community feels increasingly threatened.

He deplores the fact that Jews we are categorized as Zionists.  The term is not clearly defined and  allows some people to reject all dialogue. 

He pointed out that Jew are are demonized, described as Nazis, accused of carrying out South-African-type apartheid regime policies.  Consequently, revulsion for the Jewish community and rejection are widespread.
More EJP (in French)

David Goldman (Spengler) at Pajamas Media explores what the revulsion for Jews means, which after all is precisely what anti-Semitism is.  Here.

France: Synagogue/Holocaust Memorial desecrated

Via CFCA:  
Elbeuf - According to a report from its President on Wednesday, the little synagogue in the small town of Elbeuf in the Seine-Maritime district of the Haute-Normandie region was desecrated between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

The perpetrators of the crime daubed red paint on the yellow Stars of David which had been drawn by antisemites during the Winter Stadium Arrests (Vel d'Hiv) from which, with the agreement and assistance of Laval and Petain, tens of thousands of Jews (men women and children) were sent to concentration camps and to the gas chambers.  

Sweden: Journalist Jan Guillou accuses Jews of lying and exaggerating about antisemitism

Swedish journalist and author Jan Guillou asks in an op-ed in Aftonbladet why Jews are receviing protection, when the real victims of racism in Sweden today are the Muslims.

"After more than a dozen mosques in Sweden were targeted by arson and other attacks, the police decided to take exceptional measures."

"They stationed armed specialized police officers with exceptionally heavy German machine-guns outside the country's synagogues and Jewish schools."

Guillou continues to ask: why is the country debating antisemitism when the dominant form of racism is against Arabs and Muslims?

Guillou also accuses the Jews of lying about antisemitism.

"For those who want to portray Sweden as an antisemitic rather than an Islamophobic country, every lie and exaggeration is a means justified by the end."

For example, Willy Silberstein head of the Swedish Committee against Antisemitism, claimed that Jews are packing their bags.  Obviously he's lying, for a good cause.

UK: Protest against War on Want's "War On Jews"

War on Want is an anti-poverty charity.  It is also active in BDS.

Via JHRW (h/t CFCA):
At 0830hrs this morning, Holocaust survivor’s daughter Yochy Davis and a team of fellow-protesters from the newly launched Jewish Human Rights Watch (JHRW) movement stood their ground outside the War On Words HQ in London.

With ‘War On Jews’ placard in hand Yochy explained, “70 years ago My father was a victim the same sort of boycott when they were introduced by the Nazis in Germany. Here we are today 70 years later being made once again a victim of the precisely the same anti-Semitism – only this time in Britain”.

At a time of rising attacks on Jews across Europe, War On Want must understand that their actions are contributing to the incitement of hatred of the British Jewish community.  We call upon War On Want to end its discriminatory policies and dissociate itself from BDS.

Hungary: Jobbik politician boycotts Chief Rabbi's memorial

Via Times of Israel (h/t CFCA)
Jewish leaders in Hungary condemned a politician from the far-right Jobbik party who refused to honor the memory of a former chief rabbi.
The Mazsihisz federation of Hungarian Jewish communities issued its condemnation Friday against Laszlo Benke, an alderman of Budapest’s 13th district representing Jobbik — a movement which the European Jewish Congress has called both neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic, though the party rejects this description.

According to Mazsihisz, Benke on Feb. 12 remained seated in his chair despite the request by the district’s mayor, Jozef Toth, that all alderman stand up in memory of former chief rabbi Jozsef Schweitzer, who died on Feb. 5 at the age of 92. He was an honorary resident of the district.

Throughout the minute of silence in Schweitzer’s memory, Benke remained the only person in the room seated, according to Mazsihisz, which also said he later boasted about his action to people who were not present.

Belgium: Interior Minister says anti-discrimination body has lost credibility

Jan Jambon, Minister of the Interior, was interviewed by the Jewish paper Joods Actueel.

In the interview, Jambon said that the Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism (CEOOR), an anti-discrimination government agency, has lost its credibility.  According to Jambon, the CEOOR is very sensitive when it comes to Muslims, but not when it comes to Jews.

As for antisemitism, Jambon says that antisemitism in Belgium today is not native to Belgian society but is imported from the Middle East.

It's so easy to blame others, isn't it.