Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Denmark: Nobody cares about dead Muslims, only dead Jews

Flowers for a murderer, photo via the Gateway Pundit

Despite the fact that Omar el-Hussein's friends say that he openly spoke about how much he hated Jews, some Danish Muslims refuse to accept that he really committed terrorism.

Via the Telegraph:
“We’ve put flowers here because we must remember him,” said a young Arab man, who gave his name as Mohamed. “He was a good guy. We don’t believe he did anything wrong. It wasn’t like the police say.” A placard placed with the flowers read: “May Allah be merciful, rest in peace” in both Arabic and Danish.

The flowers were later removed by a group of Muslim youth who said it's not the Muslim way to honor people.

Danish journalist Lisbeth Davidsen spoke with the youth.  According to them, Omar el-Hussein is completely innocent, without any evidence.  Danes just hate Muslims for no reason.

Besides, Muslims are discriminated against, while the Jews are treated with utmost respect.

The body of the Jew who was killed was covered with cloth, while El-Hussein's body was left to lie in the street for all to see.  When a Muslim is killed, nobody hears about it, but when Jews are killed, it's immediately on the news.

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