Saturday, February 28, 2015

France: AFP reports that Jewish State not responsible for floods

So, AFP finally concluded that Israel couldn't have possibly flooded Gaza.  Better than nothing, I suppose.  Hopefully, next time they'll think twice before posting obvious conspiracy theories against Jews.

Their article is really careful in trying to avoid talking about the elephant in the room: Palestinian antisemitism, the Palestinian belief in conspiracy theories involving Israel and Jews:

Once again this winter, following days of very heavy rainfall across the region, the banks of a riverbed running through central Gaza were breached, flooding dozens of Palestinian homes. 
For the residents, there was no doubt: Israel was responsible after deliberately opening "a dam" to flood the enclave.

But an examination of the facts on the Israeli side tells another story, shattering a long-held Palestinian myth.

I doubt the myth is shattered and I'm sure that next year we'll once again hear about Israel flooding poor Gaza.   Those accusations might not make it to the world press, after this year's fiasco, but they will make the rounds among antisemites and anti-Zionists who believe that Jews are evil.

Note also that this article, even while whitewashing Palestinian antisemitism, specifies yet once against the Israel is "the Jewish State".  
That Israel, the invisible enemy on the other side of the fence, would flood Gaza in a bid to make life even worse is therefore accepted as fact -- as is the alleged existence of one or more dams upstream controlled by the Jewish state.
This is the same media, I'll remind you, that complains when ordinary citizens 'conflate' Jew and Israel.  The same media that washes its hands of antisemitism when it reports that Israel (AKA 'The Jewish State') is responsible for the murder of innocent children, and forgets to report about Palestinian antisemitic incitement aimed at children and Palestinian glorification of terrorism aimed at children.

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