Thursday, February 26, 2015

Netherlands: Doctor refused to treat Jews, because he's a Feyenoord fan

Rival team Ajax (Amsterdam) is associated with Jews.  

Esquire magazine reports about some revelations in an a new book "De Thuiswedstrijd" by Feyenoord Rotterdam hooligan Yoeri Kievits.

Kievits writes of an interview he had with a doctor named Rogier, a Feyenoord fan who so hated rival Ajax that he never helped a Jew.

If a Jewish patient came in, he somehow avoided helping him, or passed the patient to a colleague.  He also boycotted anything related to Amsterdam.

During a game between FC Utrecht and Ajax, Rogier had a shift in the emergency room.  A Jewish patient was brought in who had been bitten by a police-dog.  He had a huge, deep gash down his leg.  Such a wound must be closed up so it won't fester.  According to Rogier, he deliberately did not d so, out of principle that he would not help Jews.  In fact, he thought it was funny.  He copied the address from the patient's social-security card and in the evening he and his friends went there to smash the windows.

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