Friday, February 20, 2015

UK: Teacher who praised Hitler may continue to teach

Via Campaign Against Antisemitism UK:
Despite being found guilty on Tuesday of praising Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust on Facebook, London teacher Mahmudul Choudhury has walked free with only a £465 fine, £132 of other charges and no restriction on his ability to teach children.

Choudhury posted an image on Facebook of Hitler with the caption “Yes man, you were right” and a further caption saying “[Hitler] could have killed all the Jews but [he] left some of them to let you know why [he] was killing them. Share this picture to tell the truth a whole world [sic].” Choudhury added his own comment: “Yes now we could see why...” He claimed that he posted the image by mistake, but the fact that he edited the post to hone his message of hate shows that this cannot be true.

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