Saturday, February 21, 2015

UK: Channel 4 News asks harassed Jew whether his report about it wasn't 'an act of provocation'

Zvika Klein, NRG's correspondent, walked across Paris wearing a tzitzit and a kippa.

He was mercilessly harassed, and his experiences made top headlines.

How did Channel 4 News treat the subject?

First, by wondering if Muslims don't suffer at least as much.

Interviewer question: "Would you accept for example, that it might also be true that a woman walking through certain parts of Paris in a hijab or a burka, for example, might experience
the same hostility?"

Let's say they would.  So what?  What does that question have to do with anything?  Would Channel 4 News ask a harassed Muslim woman whether other minorities don't suffer as much?

Asked about Netanyahu's call for Jews to 'come home', Klein admitted he was a Zionist.

Which, for the interviewer, apparently signaled that he (unlike every other person who posts such clips) has an agenda.

Interviewer question: "As you say, you are a Zionist, you have a particular standpoint, do you accept what some critics would say, that the video, the way it was done, was an act of provocation?"

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