Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bill Nye blames European Jews for antisemitism against them

Note that Nye makes fun of Jews who want to go to Israel - "They grew up in German or France".  But then expects those same Jews to wait another century till their neighbors 'get to know them"

So Europe is their 'home' when they want to move elsewhere, but it's not their 'home' yet when they want to live there.

Transcript via NewsBusters.
REINER: But this undercurrent of anti-Semitism has always been there. Just like racism, it's always there and then it just bubbles up to the surface every once in a while. And it's horrible now.

MAHER: Yeah, I mean, Netanyahu is asking European Jews to come to Israel and ...

NYE (wryly): Come home to Israel -- that's what he said, right? 

MAHER: Well, I mean, he is the ...

NYE (interrupting again): But you never, the people have never been there. They live, grew up in whatever, in Germany or France.

MAHER: It's a shame that they should have to move, uh ...

NYE: Well, they probably won't either, 'cause it's not their home, you know.

REINER: But you can understand it. There were German Jews that lived in Germany during the Second World War and that was their home. And, you know, at a certain point, you know, if your live is in danger, you want to go to someplace where you're going to be protected.

NYE: So, what do you do about it? I think you get to know your neighbors. And it's gonna take, what, does it take a century, something like that?

Clip can be viewed here.

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