Monday, February 23, 2015

Sweden: Journalist Jan Guillou accuses Jews of lying and exaggerating about antisemitism

Swedish journalist and author Jan Guillou asks in an op-ed in Aftonbladet why Jews are receviing protection, when the real victims of racism in Sweden today are the Muslims.

"After more than a dozen mosques in Sweden were targeted by arson and other attacks, the police decided to take exceptional measures."

"They stationed armed specialized police officers with exceptionally heavy German machine-guns outside the country's synagogues and Jewish schools."

Guillou continues to ask: why is the country debating antisemitism when the dominant form of racism is against Arabs and Muslims?

Guillou also accuses the Jews of lying about antisemitism.

"For those who want to portray Sweden as an antisemitic rather than an Islamophobic country, every lie and exaggeration is a means justified by the end."

For example, Willy Silberstein head of the Swedish Committee against Antisemitism, claimed that Jews are packing their bags.  Obviously he's lying, for a good cause.

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