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Israel: Jordan desecrated Jewish graves, Ha'aretz justifies it

 Ha'aretz reports about a discovery of desecrated Jewish graves in Jerusalem:
Smashed headstones from Jewish graves dating back about a century were discovered in a salvage dig in East Jerusalem.

The gravestones were apparently taken from the Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives, and repurposed for construction, during the 1960s, when Jordan controlled east Jerusalem. postulates the archaeologist handling the salvage dig, Ya'acov Billig for the Israel Antiquities Authority. Jordan wanted to expand the road and build a gas station on the mountain, he explains – though the project ultimately fell through because of the Six-Day War.

Note that Ha'aretz rushes to justify this desecration:

Nor is it rare for ancient gravestones, and other building materials, to be repurposed over the thousands of years people have been building in the region.

Jewish graves have been 're-purposed' by the Nazis and by the Soviets as well.  These governments didn't need the building materials.  They did it in order to insult and abuse the memory of dead Jews.

Why is Ha'aretz justifying antisemitism?

Hungary: Teacher investigated for antisemitic Facebook posts

Via CFCA: news channel noted already on Tuesday wrote that the educator in question likes to post in public portal, along with information about textbooks purchases, also Nazi jokes, with illustration using Hitler’s image.  more

Austria: Vienna Jews: City ignoring Muslim anti-Semitic incitement

The Times of Israel reports:

The Jewish Community of Vienna has accused the city’s prosecutor’s office of ignoring anti-Semitic incitement by pro-Palestinian activists.

The incitement took the form of a caricature published last month on the Facebook page of organizers of the Vienna march of International Quds Day — an annual event held in cities across the world since it was initiated in Iran as an expression of solidarity with Palestinians and rejection of Zionism and Israel. 

The caricature showed men wearing Middle Eastern garb and one child pouring water into a hole, at the bottom of which stands a worried-looking, drowning Orthodox Jew holding an Israeli flag. The caricature contained a Turkish-language quote attributed to Ruhollah Khomeini, the late spiritual leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran: “If every Muslim poured a glass of water on Israel, it would drown.”

The organizers of the march on July 11 removed the caricature after the Jewish Community of Vienna complained about it in Austrian media. Politicians from across the spectrum condemned the caricature as anti-Semitic and several parties filed a criminal complaint for incitement, but the Vienna Prosecutor’s Office recently decided to close the case without charging anyone.  Read more.

France: Calls for boycott of Israel on a police van

Europe Israel posted a photo of a police van with what looks like two green T-shirts hanging on the back windows with the inscriptions "Palestine forever" and "Boycott Israel". The message on the yellow sticker reads "I refuse to buy products made by war criminals. Boycott Israel".

It looks like hatred of Israel has now permeated  all aspects of life in France.  One just cannot escape it.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Turkey: Newspaper Accuses ‘Jewish Businessman’ Murdoch of Spreading Kurdish Terrorist Propaganda

Via Algemeiner (h/t CFCA)
An Islamist newspaper in Turkey accused the Wall Street Journal and its “Jewish businessman” owner Rupert Murdoch over the weekend of spreading “propaganda” for Kurdish terrorism.

Newspaper Yeni Akit, which is closely aligned with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Islamist AKP party, based its accusation on an article in the WSJ also over the weekend that discussed a rapidly growing youth organization belonging to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK: a designated terrorist outfit by Turkey but also the U.S.


Yeni Akit has become notorious for publishing hate speech against Jews, the LGBT community, Armenians, Greeks, Yazidis and secularists, among others. While Murdoch has often expressed support for Israel, the paper’s claim that he is Jewish is false.  more

Germany: Gov't wants Facebook to clamp down on Holocaust denial

Via Jerusalem Post:
Facebook will have to abide by German laws banning racist sentiment even if it might be allowed in the United States under freedom of speech, Justice Minister Heiko Maas said in an interview with Reuters.

Maas, who has accused Facebook of doing too little to thwart racist and hate posts on its social media platform, said that Germany has zero tolerance for such expression and expects the US-based company to be more vigilant.

"One thing is clear: if Facebook wants to do business in Germany, then it must abide by German laws," Maas told Reuters. "It doesn't matter that we, because of historical reasons, have a stricter interpretation of freedom of speech than the United States does."

"Holocaust denial and inciting racial hatred are crimes in Germany and it doesn't matter if they're posted on Facebook or uttered out in the public on the market square," he added.  more

Russia: Christians attack Jewish artist's exhibition

Via Moscow Times:
Police have detained two people suspected of staging a second anti-Semitic attack in as many weeks against an art exhibition at Moscow's Manezh exhibition hall, news reports said.

The suspects, a man and a woman, ripped a work by artist Vadim Sidur from the wall, before proceeding to shout that "that the whole exhibition will now be subjected to a pogrom,” Manezh's spokeswoman Alyona Karneyeva was quoted as saying by state TASS news agency Wednesday.

Before the alleged attack, the pair had been “calmly walking around the exhibition,” she said.

Four of Sidur's works were targeted by vandals during a previous attack on Aug. 14, Karneyeva said. The attack was staged by Orthodox activists from the ultraconservative God's Will movement.

The leader of the movement, Dmitry Tsorionov, denied any involvement in the latest attack but voiced his solidarity with the vandals.

UK: British-Jewish watchdog group takes legal action against ‘antisemitic’ Council’s BDS campaign

Algemeiner reports:

A Jewish group in the U.K. has petitioned the High Court to review a local council’s decision to boycott Israeli goods, the Express reported on Tuesday.

Jewish Human Rights Watch (JHRW) was outraged after England’s Leicester City Council agreed to a motion last November to boycott items produced in Israeli settlements in the West Bank, on the grounds it was showing solidarity with the Palestinians.

JHRW director Jonathan Neumann accused the City Council of taking “steps down an antisemitic path,” and said the embargo “amounts to a get-out-of-town order” for Jewish people in Leicester, a city in the East Midlands of England.   He believes the boycott was put into effect “under the guise of helping community relations” in the city.

“Leicester City Council has started a campaign against the Jewish community that has to be stopped,” he said. “Our solicitors have tried to persuade the council at least to engage with us and they have refused. They have left us with no choice but to seek legal redress.”

A decision on whether or not the judicial review will be granted is expected in September, Neumann told the Express.

A spokesperson for the Leicester City Council said the motion is not a boycott of Israel, but rather a decision that specifically relates to the council’s “procurement policy and produce originating from illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank.”

Switzerland: Swiss ambassodor shows doves defecating on Israel PM cartoon

This will boost Ambassador Giulio Haas' and Switzerland's popularity in Iran.  That's precisely what they wanted.

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Israel hits back at Swiss envoy's 'ugly act' in showing Netanyahu bird droppings cartoon

The Swiss ambassador to Iran's display of a cartoon depicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu being defecated upon by two doves was condemned as "an ugly act" by the Foreign Ministry late Friday.  Switzerland expressed regret earlier Friday after Ambassador Giulio Haas showed the cartoon at an event promoting Iranian business opportunities.

Haas spoke to hundreds of Swiss and Iranian business people at a Zurich hotel on Thursday.

The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) said the "questionable cartoon" was used without its knowledge. "The FDFA regrets the use of this cartoon and considers it tasteless," it said in a statement.

Israel also took issue with Haas' upbeat characterization of Iran.

"What happened (in Zurich) proves that the nuclear deal ... created an unbridled incentive to pour billions of dollars into Iran without it being required to changes its policy of terror and belligerence," said Emmanuel Nahshon, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem.

"Greed begets attempts to grovel before the Iranian regime, with attendant loss of basic sense and self-respect."

Haas' address came as Europeans race back to Iran, whose markets and major reserves of oil and gas will be much easier to tap once sanctions are lifted under a global deal struck last month.

In his speech, Haas called Iran the "pole of stability in a very, very unsafe region." He urged Swiss businesses not to delay their endeavors in Iran, a potentially lucrative market with a population of 80 million.

"Ambassador Haas did not intend to insult anybody with the cartoon," the FDFA said. "If that is the case, however, he regrets it and seeks the pardon of everyone who could have felt insulted."

The cartoon, a commentary on responses to the deal Tehran struck on July 14 with world powers to limit its nuclear work in return for sanctions relief, shows a pair of doves with US and Iranian flags on their chests atop Netanyahu's head.

Netanyahu opposes the pact, saying it will be ineffective and allow Israel's enemy to expand its regional influence.

At Thursday's event, Haas displayed the image of the cartoon on an enormous screen, under the title "Iran: now or never."

"What this picture shows is, I think now is really the opportunity to assess the market," he said.

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Game is Up: How BDS is the Face of Modern Anti-Semitism

From Arutz Sheva:

To understand how BDS embodies modern-day anti-Semitism in the West (the Arab/Muslim world is another kettle of fish), we must first consider the very nature of this peculiar subspecies of bigotry. Like a virus, anti-Semitism tends to morph and evolve by tapping into the prevailing fashions and discourses in society, to remain resistant to the kind of "progress" which inevitably ejects other forms of bigotry from the mainstream discourse.

So, when Christian fundamentalism was all the rage, Jews were "Christ-killers." When theories of racial supremacy were considered mainstream, Jews were "polluting/subverting/working against the white race." In the context of communism, Jews are part of the "bourgeois/elite/global bankers" - in contrast to in fascist regimes, where we work hand-in-hand with the communists.

It can be dizzying to follow such a confusing mix of often diametrically-opposed accusations - but such is the nature of anti-Semitism.

It, like other forms of bigotry, is irrational. Like other forms of bigotry, there will always be those who subscribe to it, and even commit heinous crimes in its name. But unlike other forms of bigotry, it is resistant to "progress"; its proponents will always find a way to not only justify it for themselves but, crucially, to keep it "acceptable" and "justified" even within the mainstream discourse.
To even recognize contemporary anti-Semitism then, it is crucial to first step outside of the previous paradigms within which it once operated but has since abandoned. Operating within such outdated paradigms - looking for evidence of race- or religious-based bigotry for example - actually empowers contemporary anti-Semites to promote their new version of hatred, by noting the genuine differences between them and their predecessors as proof that they are "not like them." And yet, it's a mistake we make over and over again.
BDS and other anti-Israel groups in the west do not, as a movement, believe that all Jews should be killed or converted (though many individuals within the movement may hold such beliefs, and while the movement itself does openly support other genocidal groups such as Hamas). That is not the specific form of anti-Semitism to which they subscribe. They are, however, very open about the version of anti-Semitism they do subscribe to, though they typically deny it is such: anti-Zionism.

While it comes in many hues, Zionism in its most basic sense is simply the belief in the Jewish people's right to freedom and political independence in their ancient, historic, ancestral homeland, Eretz Israel. Anti-Zionism or being "anti-Israel", then, is the belief that - whereas every other nation has that right - we Jews do not, or should at the very least be held to a different standard once we attain it, scrutinized and hounded mercilessly, with our every flaw (whether real or imagined) placed under a microscope.

Deeper still, this belief is based on the perverse notion of the Jew as a "noble victim."
That is why so many anti-Israel types stress that they condemn the holocaust (very gracious of them, of course), or go out of their way to say that they feel great sympathy for the experience of the Jews who went through it. In most cases they genuinely do - because holocaust victims are precisely the kind of tragically beautiful, "pure," persecuted Jew they can live with. Jewish weakness is "attractive" to contemporary anti-Semites, whereas any manifestation of Jewish strength whatsoever is automatically deemed a "provocation."


Whereas other nations are free, even encouraged and supported, to struggle for their national rights, Jews are actively discouraged and maligned for doing so. Whereas in any other context, an indigenous people seeking to both physically liberate its ancestral homeland while reclaiming place-names changed by conquering imperialist powers - no matter how long after it was taken from them and colonized - would garner sympathy, Jews who do so are ridiculed and condemned, accused of "harping on about ancient history."

Astonishingly enough, we Jews are simultaneously accused of oppressing the "ancient" Palestinian nation - whose supposedly "ancient" history is inexplicably more relevant and less absurd to evoke than our own - via our modern nation-state. This bare-faced logical inconsistency serves as a graphic illustration of the slipperiness of anti-Semitism, and its ability to change its stripes even within a contemporary context - sometimes even the same breath.

That is why boycotting Matisyahu was entirely in-line with BDS's positions. It doesn't matter that he isn't Israeli, the point is he is a Jewish "troublemaker," because - while never making political statements on stage - he is clearly pro-Israel, and not ashamed of it.  more

UK: Channel 5 announces Nazi sympathiser Big Brother housemate who claims to be “Hitler reborn”

Via Everyday Antisemitism:

Channel 5 has announced the participation of Nazi sympathiser in its latest series of Big Brother. “Tila Tequila” (real name Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen) claims to be “Hitler Reborn” and is a virulent antisemite.    more

Germany unmoved by Israel's effort to prevent conductor Barenboim from playing in Iran

Daniel Barenboim, who obviously enjoys all the attention and celebrity-status,  is a hero in Europe - he is constantly being interviewed by the media, praised by the establishment and many European Jews.  There is no other conductor who receives as much attention in Europe as Barenboim.  One wonders why!

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Daniel Barenboim
Germany is supporting Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim’s efforts to bring the Berlin State Opera (Staatskapelle) to Iran for a special performance.

Responding to a query from The Jerusalem Post, the Staatskapelle released a statement indicating that talks are indeed continuing between cultural officials in Germany and their counterparts in Iran about a possible performance.

“German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has taken on the patronage of this concert and supports Daniel Barenboim’s commitment to make music accessible to people beyond any national, religious or ethnic boundaries,” the Staatskapelle said.

Culture and Sport Minister Miri Regev demanded on Wednesday that German Chancellor Angela Merkel cancel the discussions about a performance.  [...]  When word of the possible event reached the local press, Regev reacted angrily on her Facebook page.

“The conductor, Daniel Barenboim, a citizen of Israel, will perform in Iran together with the Berlin Philharmonic,” Regev wrote. “Barenboim has taken an anti-Israel stance and he slanders Israel while using culture as leverage in order to state his political opinions against the State of Israel. This is a mistake by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.”

Regev said she intends to write a letter to the German government, urging it to intervene in the matter.

“Daniel Barenboim’s concert in Iran hurts Israel’s efforts to prevent the nuclear agreement and boosts the delegitimization efforts against Israel,” Regev wrote.

“Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism,” she continued. “It supports Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and Hamas, and its leaders have blood on their hands. I believe that Germany would do the right thing if it would cancel the performance.”

Thursday, August 27, 2015

UK: 21st-century Britain’s racial sensitivities seem to fly out the window whenever Jews are involved

Brendan O’Neill, Editor, Spiked Online writes @ Jewish News:

Brendan O'Neill
[...] Yet what has been the left’s response to revelations that Corbyn rubbed shoulders with anti-Semites? In a nutshell: “Chill out. Stop making a fuss over nothing.”

All of 21st-century Britain’s racial sensitivities seem to fly out the window whenever Jews are involved. Corbyn, far from facing expulsion from the dinner-party set for having mixed with racists, is being protected from criticism by the dinner-party set. They’ve erected a moral forcefield around him.

So Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, who frequently frets about Islamophobia and the white observers who apologise for it, described the criticisms of Corbyn as “political trickery”. She even peddled a dodgy-sounding theory for why Corbyn is facing attack. An “unholy alliance” of “the right, Blairites and hard Zionists” has clearly set out to besmirch his good name, she wailed. Those bloody Zionists and their pesky alliances. All this from an observer who normally treats shoulder-rubbing with racists as a scourge.

A blood-stained Israeli flag at
a pro-Palestinian protest.
Labour MP Diane Abbott, never normally shy to call out racism, also sought to cover Corbyn’s back. MPs are too busy to check the backgrounds of everyone they share a platform with, she said, before accusing Corbyn’s critics of “plucking incidents out of a very long career”.

A writer for Electronic Intifada said the “organised supporters of Israel” – sounds sinister – are throwing mud at Corbyn because they don’t like his criticism of Israeli militarism.  It is striking that for some pro-Corbyn, anti-Israel types, the really wicked people are not the Jew-haters Corbyn has shaken hands with, but the super-organised alliances of hard Zionists who use their power to smear anyone who stands in their way.

So, not content with guarding Corbyn from questions about some of the people he’s hung out with, the Corbynites push prejudices of their own, resuscitating the ugly view that a certain section of society uses its considerable clout to hush criticism. “People who hate Israel aren’t prejudiced”, they say, before talking darkly of strange groups seeking to control the British politics. [...]

What’s behind this extraordinary double standard among those who pose as loathers of prejudice?  It springs from that phrase “anti State of Israel”. Sadly, today’s anti-Zionists are not as different from anti-Semities as they like to believe. What both sides share in common is an urge to find one thing in the world on to which they might pin the blame for every global, political and social problem.

The anti-Semite blames the Jew; the anti-Zionist blames Israel, seeing it and its Western backers as the cause of conflict, the sinister influencers of the media, and, as the Corbyn fuss makes clear, as aspiring controllers of the fate of British politics.

The left’s notable lack of genuine agitation over anti-Semitism springs from the fact that there is, however vaguely, a common link here. The modern left thinks dark forces control every aspect of our lives. So do anti-Semites.  The left can’t convincingly condemn anti-Semitism because, terrifyingly, it sees a little bit of itself in it. Read more.

Israel: Controversy erupts over German backed Holocaust-Nakba event planned at Jerusalem think-tank

Via Jerusalem Post (h/t Honestly Concerned):
The right-wing Im Tirtzu organization and the liberal think tank known as the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute have exchanged letters over a planned institute promotion of a book that commemorates together the Holocaust and the Palestinian Nakba.

The book, titled The Holocaust and the Nakba: Memory, National Identity, and Jewish- Arab Partnership, is set to be promoted at the institute on September 7. The institute is also listed as one of two publishers of the book.

“The book invites the readers to think of ways to remember and discuss the Holocaust and the Nakba together, and investigate the possibility of such combined thought – not because the events are identical or even similar, but because they are both traumatic and identity- constructing,” stated the Van Leer website.

Segev Israel Afriat, CEO of the NGO Shorashim Shel Netina (Roots of Giving), which supports Holocaust survivors in Israel, wrote a letter on Tuesday to Motzkin, urging him to think twice about holding the event.

The event would be “the first nail in the coffin of the memory of the Holocaust,” said Afriat.

He said that he would be happy to refer him to “thousands of Holocaust survivors that would tell him how such an evening is a cancellation of our history.” 

UK: 'Why does ISIS never attack Israel', media wonders

Robert Fisk in his article "Isis blinds journalists with its barbarity, but we must continue to report" brings up the old conspiracy theory.   h/t The Debate Link
Why does Isis never attack Israel – indeed, why does its hatred of Crusaders and Shias and Christians and sometimes Jews rarely if ever mention the very word “Israel”? And why do Israel’s air raids on Syria always target Syrian government or pro-Syrian Iranian forces, but never Isis?

The problem with this theory?   ISIS did threaten Israel:
The ISIS spokesperson directed several threats towards Jews and Christians, saying they faced two options: "Convert to Islam or pay the ultimate price when your armies are expelled from Muhammad's peninsula, from Jerusalem, and all Muslim lands."

Just a couple of months ago, they threatened Israel as part of their showdown with Hamas. 
"We will uproot the state of the Jews (Israel) and you and Fatah, and all of the secularists are nothing and you will be over-run by our creeping multitudes," said a masked Islamic State member in the message addressed to the "tyrants of Hamas".
And then they attacked Israel.

Of course, Robert Fisk might not be aware of this, because like most Western journalists he ignores the rockets that Palestinians fire at Israel.   They don't exist, therefore Israel is not threatened by ISIS.  QED.

 Here's what Israel's Prime Minister has to say about ISIS:
“Terrorism is knocking at our borders,” the prime minister said during a visit to Hadassah Hospital at Ein Karem, where he met with a female soldier injured when attacked by a Palestinian woman at a checkpoint earlier in the week.

ISIS is not just opposite the Golan Heights. At the moment it is also in Egypt, opposite Rafah, facing our borders, and we are joined with Egypt and with many other countries in the Middle East and the world in the struggle against the extremist Islamic terrorism that is guided by two elements – Iran and the Shiite extremists, and ISIS and the Sunni extremists — as well as other factions such as Hamas,” he said, using one of the acronyms for the Islamic State group.
 Oooh.  Obviously a Zionist-ISIS conspiracy is afoot.

According to Israel's National Security Council’s Counter- Terrorism Bureau:
One of the main threats is plots against Israeli and Jewish targets in northern and Western Europe by ISIS operatives who have returned from fighting in Iraq and Syria. That said, they see Israel as a sort of “secondary target” for these potential terrorists, who are believed to be more likely to attack targets identified with the establishment in their own countries in the West.
It is true that ISIS is not attacking Israel head-on.   But that has to do with their strategy and their options of starting a war just now, rather than some top-secret Zionist-Islamist plot to take over the Middle East.

Islamic State has attacked Jews outside of Israel, most famously at the Hyper-Cacher in Paris.  Robert Fisk wants us to think that Israel is arming ISIS so it would attack Jews.

So why isn't Israel joining the Coalition against ISIS, you might wonder.  Well, there's this thing called Arab antisemitism.
Highlighting Israel’s contributions could be problematic in terms of complicating efforts to enlist Muslim allies in this effort,” said Michael Eisenstadt, a senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. “[It] would also provide propaganda ammunition for the very jihadis that we are trying to fight.”

But Israel supports the Coalition.  "These groups must be fought, they must be rolled back, and they must ultimately be defeated. That’s why Israel fully supports President Obama’s call for united action against ISIS.”

As for why ISIS never mentions the very word "Israel"?   Maybe he should ask Iran why they never mention that word.   This must be beyond Fisk's comprehension, but not calling somebody by name does not usually show that you are lifelong friends.

Robert Fisk is engaging here in the most vile antisemitic tropes.   Jews are being terrorized by Islamic State and he's accusing them of supporting it.  Try Googling "Islamic State and Israel".  You will find mostly vile antisemitic sites pushing the same canard: Israel is partnering with ISIS, Israel is evil, Jews should be exterminated.

This is what passes for proper British media these days.

Austria: Prison for "Death to the Jews" post during Gaza War

"(N)either is thought to have connections to right wing scenes." - Austrian media showing they have no clue what they're talking about.

Via The Local:
A 28-year-old Austrian man who called for Jews to be gassed in a Facebook post was sentenced to eight months in prison on Tuesday by Wels Provincial Court.

The defendant, who was found guilty of incitement, posted a message on Facebook last September referring to the conflict in Gaza that read: “Show no photos of our dead brothers, children, women. Show only photos of their women and children...”. He is also said to have written: “Death to the Jews, I would gas them”, “Hitler showed the world that he was right, Sieg Heil!”.

A second defendant, a 26-year-old man who commented on the post with the words “Sieg Heil! Adolf Hitler”, was acquitted by the court.

Both men were born in Turkey but have Austrian citizenship and live in the city of Wels. They both held previous convictions for unrelated offences and neither is thought to have connections to right wing scenes.

Although the 28-year-old initially told police he had posted the “fun” statement, in court he claimed it had been written by his roommate, whom he said was a schizophrenic patient whose family followed Nazi ideology.

In his closing remarks, however, the defendant said: “I would like to apologise. It doesn't matter who wrote it, I am simply sorry.”  more

Vatican asks to be removed from Palestinian flag initiative at United Nations

The Vatican pretending to be neutral!  "[...] the Vatican made clear that while it did not object to the Palestinians proposing a resolution to fly their own flag, the Holy See had no plans to join the initiative - even though the Vatican formally recognized the State of Palestinian earlier this year."  All this while Christians are being persecuted in the Middle East!

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Mahmoud Abbas,
the "angel of peace".
The Vatican on Tuesday asked the Palestinian UN mission to remove all references to it from a draft resolution the Palestinians have prepared for the General Assembly calling for the flags of Palestine and the Holy See to fly at the UN

The Palestinian draft resolution, which was seen by Reuters, says that the flags of non-member observer states "shall be raised at the United Nations Headquarters and Offices following the flags of the member states of the United Nations."

The draft resolution specifically refers to both the Vatican and the State of Palestine, both of which are non-member observer states at the United Nations.  [...]

The flag-flying resolution, which diplomats said the Palestinians were expected to circulate to the full assembly as early as on Wednesday, had apparently been prepared without the explicit consent of the Vatican's mission to the United Nations.

In a note circulated to some UN members and seen by Reuters, the Vatican made clear that while it did not object to the Palestinians proposing a resolution to fly their own flag, the Holy See had no plans to join the initiative - even though the Vatican formally recognized the State of Palestinian earlier this year.

"The Holy See does not intend to co-sponsor a draft resolution that the State of Palestine may eventually present on the matter," the note said.

"The Holy See asks the Permanent Observer Mission of the State of Palestine to the United Nations kindly to remove in its draft resolution any reference to the 'Holy See' and any generic reference 'on behalf of the Observer States'," it added. Read more.

Vatican: Pope Frances in favour of Iran deal

writes @ Gatestone Institute: The Iran Deal: How Christians Choose Sides

[...] The ink was barely dry on the 150-page final agreement when the Vatican [...] released a statement in favor of the Iran deal, pronouncing it an "important step" and calling for a "commitment to make it bear fruit," basically affirming the Pope's wish for peace in our time. [...]

According to a statement released by the Vatican on July 14, just as the deal was made public, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi said in response to reporters' questions that

"The agreement on the Iranian nuclear program is viewed in a positive light by the Holy See. It constitutes an important outcome of the negotiations carried out so far, although continued efforts and commitment on the part of all involved will be necessary in order for it to bear fruit. It is hoped that those fruits will not be limited to the field of nuclear programme, but may indeed extend further."
Pope Francis communicated his support of initial framework of the Iran deal in his Easter message, one month after Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke out strongly against it in an attempt to convince both Houses of Congress that the deal was not only not going to provide peace but was instead a pathway to war. Read more.

Germany: Berlin synagogue vandalized


Berlin – Unknown delinquents smashed the glass window of the entrance to the synagogue in central Berlin.  more

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Poland: Jewish tombstones used as building materials

 Via Times of Israel:
The Jewish tombstones found in Warsaw are believed to come from the Brodno cemetery in the Polish capital’s Praga district. Once the resting place for 300,000 Jews, only 3,000 tombstones remain there today. The rest were removed during and after the war, used as building materials and to reinforce the Vistula’s banks.  more

UK: 80,000 sign petition, but Benjamin Netanyahu will not be arrested during UK visit

This is Europe today!  Are these European values?

The Jewish Chronicle reports:

The government has defended its decision to host Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in London next month and said that he will not be arrested when he arrives in this country.  Reiterating Britain’s position as a “close friend of Israel”, the government responded to a petition calling for Mr Netanyahu to be arrested “for war crimes”.

The Israeli leader is due to come to the UK next month on his way to a United Nations conference in New York.He cannot be detained here as foreign leaders and ministers have diplomatic immunity from arrest.

The petition has been signed by more than 80,000 people, making it one of the biggest on the government website and raising the prospect that the issue could be debated in Parliament. Petitions passing the 100,000 mark are automatically considered for discussion in Westminster Hall.

Damian Moran, a Manchester-based activist originally from Derry in Northern Ireland, is leading the campaign against Mr Netanyahu.In a tweet to the Israeli leader last month Mr Moran wrote: “How many kids have you killed now, you have a short sharp shock coming your way soon you vile excuse for a human being.”
The online petition and the government's reponse
The online petition and the government's reponse
The Palestine Solidarity Campaign said Mr Netanyahu’s diplomatic immunity would not stop the group “from shaming David Cameron and his government for welcoming him to the UK, and making clear to Netanyahu that he won’t have immunity for ever. We are committed to bringing him to justice, however long it takes”.  Read more.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

France: Village café owner accuses Judeo-nazism and Israel of being terrorist state

Daphne Anson reports that Reiner Hickman a German cafe owner in Eguisheim, Alsace, (a village with less than 2,000 inhabitants), promotes BDS.

Off the menu at his cafe are these products:
"The following products are no longer sold in this café because of the support their
producers extend to the terrorist state of Israel, considering the atrocities perpetrated
against the Palestinian people: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Perrier "

Not everybody is happy.

Here are the proprietor's latest posts on Facebook:

As you can see from the above, there's nothing, absolutely nothing, to link this doughty adherent of the BDS movement to antisemitism.  Linking BDS to antisemitism is all a Zionist slur, innit.

(Hat tip: Jean Vercors)

Ireland: Irish MP's expense claim leads to anti-Semitism

Via European Jewish Congress

Two millenia of racism rekindled
by a claim for €12 photographs
Anti-Semitic comments on social media and in the wider press have accompanied news that Jewish Irish MP and former justice minister Alan Shatter made an expense claim of 12 euros for passport photographs.

Reports have depicted Shatter as financially grasping and inferred that this was because he is Jewish.

Shatter has never claimed the daily allowance to which all ministers are entitled for overseas trips and is livid about the recent headlines.

He has been depicted, he says, “as a dishonest, money-grabbing politician” and has become “the object of vile anti-Semitic comment.”

“The story fitted neatly into centuries of anti-Semitic caricature,” Shatter stated on his Facebook page. “The allegation made was that, when minister for justice and defence, I made an expenses claim of €12 for photos I required for my personal passport. Of course, I did not. The true story is that in my role as minister for defence in November 2013 I undertook ministerial engagements in Lebanon, Jordan and Israel, which included visiting Irish troops engaged in a variety of UN missions and a refugee camp in Jordan accommodating many thousands.

“Arrangements for the visit required my obtaining inoculations and photos for a Lebanese visit. I was asked to furnish all relevant receipts to the Department of Defence and did so.”

Click here to read the full article in Irish Examiner

Spain: Could the "Matisyahu victory" over the BDS movement backfire?

It could indeed be a Pyrrhic victory. The BDS hatred in Europe will not abate, that's for sure.

Via Honest Reporting:

An official from the Israeli embassy in Madrid told the Jerusalem Post that while the Matisyahu was a big victory over the BDS movement, there’ a note of caution:
On the negative side of the ledger, however, she said that if very few people in Spain knew about BDS until last week, this has changed because of the front page headlines this story created. Rogel also expressed concern that the attention paid this story may scare off organizers of other music and film festivals who may not have anything against Israel, or want to boycott it, but will simply weigh whether or not it is worth the headache of inviting Israeli artists or films.

Netherlands: Movie looking for actors who are "Jewish and look Jewish"

Via Den Haag FM:

Production company Pupkin Film are advertising for Jewish actors for their new film. According to the ad they're looking for people who are 'really Jewish and look Jewish'.   There's no explanation of what "looking Jewish" means.

The movie is about Dries Riphagen, a Dutch collaborator with the Nazis.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Denmark: Jewish community concerned about terrorist movie

The Jewish community is concerned about a planned film about the terrorist who attacked the synagogue in Copenhagen.  They fear that the movie will encourage understanding for the killer's motives. 

Via the Local:
Danish film company Zentropa will make a movie about the life of Omar El-Hussein, the 22-year-old Dane of Palestinian origin who killed two men in a Copenhagen terror attack on February 14-15.


 The film, entitled ‘Lukkede øjne’ (Closed Eyes), will “tell the story of Omar El-Hussein and what happened with him before, during and after his actions” according to a press release from the company.

Zentropa said that the film will be fiction rather than a documentary on El-Hussein, but will use his life to describe how a young man born and raised in Denmark could become radicalized.

Spain: Is Spain fueling the BDS war against Israel?

Anti-Israel activists in Gijón, Spain are pictured above calling
for a boycott and sanctions against the Jewish state, in 2012.
Soeren Kern writes @ Gatestone Institute:
  • Spain's center-right government under Mariano Rajoy continues to pursue policies that are antagonistic towards Israel — policies that are virtually unchanged from the government of former Socialist Prime Minister of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero — policies that largely coincide with the objectives of the BDS movement.
  • Although Spain's Foreign Minister has repeatedly said that the government does not support a boycott against Israel, under his watch the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), the Foreign Ministry's primary aid-giving agency, has continued to subsidize organizations that work to delegitimize Israel.
  • Between 2009 and 2011, the Zapatero government funneled more than €15 million of Spanish taxpayer funds to Palestinian and Spanish non-governmental organizations that are among the leaders in campaigns aimed at delegitimizing Israel via BDS, lawfare and other forms of demonization, according to a comprehensive analysis published by the Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor.
  • The Rajoy government continues to fund NGOs that are involved in anti-Israel activities.
  • According to the Official Gazette of the Spanish State, for example, NOVA-Centre per la Innovació Social, a Barcelona-based NGO with a history of anti-Israel activism, is slated to receive more than €200,000 in 2015... AECID awarded €200,000 in 2014 to the Catalan Association for Peace, a group that has co-organized a three-year project to "raise awareness" for the BDS movement against Israel.
  • "The EU calls our ambassadors in because of the construction of a few houses? When did the EU call in the Palestinian ambassadors about incitement that calls for Israel's destruction?... They don't tell the Palestinians that they have to make their peace with a nation-state for the Jewish people. They just give the Palestinians a nation-state." — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • Meanwhile, Spanish BDS activists continue their efforts to prevent Israeli artists from performing at Spanish music festivals, and vice versa.
Read more.

Spain: BDS seen in the Spanish press as a violent organization' after Matisyahu uproar

Matisyahu Sings Jerusalem At Sunsplash Festival

The Jerusalem Post reports:

“Three thousand years with no place to be, and they want me to give up my milk and honey,” Jewish-American reggae singer Matisyahu sang of Israel early Sunday morning at a Spanish Reggae festival that first wanted to boycott him.

The concert took place after Matisyahu accepted an apology from the organizers and they re-invited him to perform at the week-long Rototom Sunsplash reggae festival after initially caving into pressure from Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) activists to drop him.

Some of those pro-Palestinian activists, the Spanish paper El Pais put the number at about 100, greeted him with catcalls when he appeared on stage, but as he began to perform the boos “gave way to applause and cheers” by others in the packed crowd at the festival at Benicassim, near Valencia in eastern Spain.

In an apparent statement to those who tried to get him blacklisted because he would not issue a statement of support for Palestinian statehood, Matisyahu sang his 2006 reggae-fusion song, “Jerusalem.”

Jerusalem, if I forget you, Let my right hand forget what it's supposed to do,” he sang paraphrasing the Book of Psalms, in an up-tempo song about the Jewish connection to Jerusalem.

“In the ancient days, we will return with no delay/ Picking up the bounty and the spoils on our way/ We've been traveling from state to state/And them don't understand what they say,” he sang.

In an allusion to the Holocaust, he continued, “Rebuild the temple and the crown of glory/ Years gone by, about sixty/ Burn in the oven in this century/ And the gas tried to choke but it couldn't choke me.” Read more.

Poland: Holocaust survivors face crippling Polish bureaucracy

After the Holocaust, Germany demanded survivors come up with documentation as well.

Via Jerusalem Post:
The aggressive run-around that Holocaust survivors in Israel face while attempting to get the state aid they are entitled to is an unfortunate yet well known blemish on Israeli society. But those that think Israeli bureaucracy is unparalleled would be wrong in that assumption. Polish bureaucracy has proven itself a far more exhausting venture, especially to Holocaust survivors.

In 1991, the Polish parliament passed a law granting stipends to Polish Holocaust survivors living in Poland exclusively.
This past April, an amendment to the law saw the government extending the stipend to Polish citizens living outside the country as well.

However, as survivors are quickly finding out, the road to receiving their stipend is full of government red tape in the form of ridiculous demands unsubstantiated by Polish law.
For example, survivors are requested  to provide evidence of their stay in ghettos or concentration camps. They are also required to fill out many forms in a level of the Polish language that is difficult, if not downright impossible for the survivors to understand.


However it doesn't come without its headaches, explains Lilly Haber, the head of the Polish Forum. "The eligible population for this stipend is survivors between the ages of 75-90 years old. The Poles require certification that these people were in concentration camps or ghettos, events that happened over 70 years ago. Where should these survivors get documentation from? Even if a victim photographs a picture of the numbers on her arm from Auschwitz and sends it in it isn't enough because it isn't an official document."   more

UK: More than a third of BBC report on ISIS destruction of Christian site is about Israel

Via BBC Watch:
BBC audiences might reasonably expect an article carrying the headline “Islamic State in Syria demolishes ancient Mar Elian monastery” to inform them about the wanton destruction of a 1,500 year-old historic religious building. However, a significant proportion of the report appearing under that title on the BBC News website’s Middle East page on August 21st actually dealt with another topic altogether; curiously described as “a separate development”.


Under the sub-heading “Golan strikes”, the latest version (which is currently illustrated using the same image twice) informs audiences:

“In a separate development, at least five people have died in an Israeli strike on a Syrian-held section of the Golan Heights.

Israel has carried out a series of raid [sic] in the area, which lies in south-western Syria, after rockets fired from Syria struck its territory on Thursday. The rockets set fire to scrubland but did not cause any casualties.”  more

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Germany: Facebook approves antisemitic comments

Via Tagesspiegel:

Tagesspiegel writes that Facebook ignores complaints about anti-Semitic comments on the site.   It should be noted that comments in German are checked by German-speaking Facebook employees.

When they complained about sexually explicit photos, Facebook was very responsive and immediately removed the photos.

Antisemitic comments inciting to violence?    Facebook wasn't as quick to respond.

A comment saying "You belong in a concentration camp.  I'd rather be a Nazi than a gay Jew. Heil!" was approved as holding to Facebook's community standards.

Tagesspiegel say they see many hate comments on their page, with the worst being posted in regard to the refugee debate.

Netherlands: Man willing to pay to have Jewish neighbors killed off

Via Telegraaf:

This isn't a straight-forward antisemitic case, but rather one in which a neighbors' quarrel takes on antisemitic tones.

Following a quarrel that has been going on for years, a man wrote on his Facebook page that he'll pay 10,000 euro per head to have his Jewish neighbor and her friend murdered.  The man used antisemitic comments as well.

Facebook friends replied to the post that they're willing to come help with the 'final solution to the conflict'.

Throughout the years, the two parties have made mutual complaints of harassment.

UK: Head of British Non-Profit Engages in Propaganda War Against Israel

For the past several years, the chief executive officer of a British non-profit has been running a propaganda war against the Jewish state. His name is Jeremy Moodey and the organization he leads is an interdenominational Christian charity called Embrace the Middle East, which was founded in 1854. Moodey, who in his previous careers worked as a banker, and before that, an official in England's diplomatic service, describes it as a “development” organization.


This laudable work is marred by the anti-Zionist activism of its CEO, Jeremy Moodey. Moodey is a propagandist who makes no effort to disguise his contempt for Israel.

His contempt for Jewish sovereignty was revealed in 2012, when he came to the defense of Rev. Dr. Stephen Sizer who had come under intense criticism from the Board of Deputies of British Jews for ugly attacks on Israel and its supporters during his visits to Iran. (In 2014, Sizer promised his bishop to stop commenting publicly on the Arab-Israeli conflict.)

During the controversy Moodey described Zionism, or the push for Jewish sovereignty and self-determination, as an “incoherent and racist theology.” (Moodey made this statement in a response to a blog entry posted at the Rosh Pina Project, an organization that had been paying close attention to the controversy surrounding Rev. Sizer's anti-Zionism.)

Moodey's ugly description of Zionism is just the tip of the iceberg. His regular commentaries in the UK-based website, Christian Today and his entries on the blog at Embrace the Middle East are filled with anti-Israel polemics. In Moodey's distorted narrative, Hamas is not really dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish state and that Israel is singularly responsible for Palestinians suffering.

In sum, Moodey's writings about the Middle East promote an obsession with Israel's efforts to defend itself while downplaying the violence and hostility of its adversaries, most notably Hamas.  more

Spain: "Fuck Nazisyahu" sign at "peace culture" music festival

via Rotter.

Here's more from the lovely welcome Spanish fans organized the Jewish singer Matisyahu.  A sign saying "Fuck Nazisyahu".  

UK: Anti-Semitic slogans found in a London Jewish quarter

via ILNewsFlash, Shomrim:

"Fuck Jews" slogan found inside apartment block in London.

Spain: Matisyahu heckled by Pro-Palestinians

Via Jerusalem Post:
An American Jewish musician who was controversially barred from a reggae festival in Spain before being invited back to play performed to catcalls from some pro-Palestinian protesters on Sunday, though the concert passed off peacefully after a tense build-up.

Matisyahu, who fuses reggae, hip-hop and rock with Jewish influences in his songs, was uninvited from the Rototom Sunsplash festival last week when he failed to reply to a demand to clarify his position on Palestinian statehood.

Organizers were forced into a U-turn after an outcry, with the Spanish government and Jewish organizations condemning the decision, and invited the artist to play on the last night of the week-long festival.

Amid a packed audience at the event in Benicassim, near Valencia in eastern Spain, dozens of people whistled in disapproval as Matisyahu took to the stage in the early hours of Sunday, with some waving Palestinian flags and chanting "out, out".  more

Matisyahu sang his song "Jerusalem (Out Of Darkness Comes Light)".  I guess this is what BDS Spain calls 'racist' lyrics.  A Jew singing about Jerusalem and rebuilding the Temple is not even Zionist.  It's Jewish.

Friday, August 21, 2015

France: Signs France moving toward recognition of Palestine

In line with de Gaulle's "politique arabe de la France". Reports of Palestinian leaders' corruption is never reported in the media.  It would make people furious to know that their money is yet again being lavished on the palestinian "leaders": EU accuses Palestinians of wasting €2 billion in aid (2013), Abbas’s son highlighted in Palestinian corruption claims and Leaked Documents Show “Rampant” Corruption in Palestinian Authority.  

The Jerusalem Post reports:

[...] Following a meeting in Paris between Fabius and PA Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki, the French Foreign Ministry issued a statement that indicated Paris was beginning to set the groundwork for future French recognition of “Palestine.”

“The meeting,” according to the statement “also provided an opportunity to prepare for the first French-Palestinian intergovernmental seminar, the first session of which will be aimed at strengthening our relations in the political, economic and cultural spheres.”

One senior Western diplomatic official told The Jerusalem Post recently that the French backtracked from their UN proposal after facing objections from both Israel, who objected to the idea of imposing a solution form the outside, and the Palestinians, because they were unhappy that the resolution did not give them everything they wanted.

Instead, he said, the French would likely offer a trade off: recognition now instead of the resolution. The French parliament, along with a number of European parliaments, recommended taking such a step last year, after the Swedish government became the first significant Western European country to do so.

Unlike the Swedish move, or the move by the European parliaments, French recognition, the official said, could very well lead other EU states to take similar action.  Read more.

UK: Jewish-funded monument in London desecrated with raw meat

The Algmeiner reports:

A Jewish-funded memorial statue in east London was found desecrated by vandals with raw meat on Thursday morning, the U.K. Independent reported.

The statue, located in the East End district of Whitechapel, was found covered in scraps of red meat and poultry.

Local Jewish residents paid for the monument to honor King Edward VII, who ruled in the early 20th century and was known for his amicable relations with Jews.

Lauren Justice, who first discovered the defacement said in a Twitter post that she was disgusted to see the memorial “treated with such disrespect.”  Read more.

Austria: Prosecution says threats to murder all Israeli Jews are not incitement

This is not the first time prosecutors prefer to ignore antisemitic Muslim incitement.  In the previous case, I think the uproar made them reconsider.  

 Via Kurier:

The organizers of 'Al Quds Day' in Vienna posted the following on their Facebook just before the big day:

Imam Khomeini: "If Muslims were united and each one had poured a bucket of water on Israel, a flood would have taken Israel away. "  (quote here)

In the picture, Muslims drown a religious Orthodox Jew with a flag of Israel.

[despite the claim of many anti-Zionists that "Zionism is not true Judaism", they insist on drawing Zionists as religious Jews.  I wonder why.]

The local prosecutor decided this is not incitement and the organizers claim it was published without their consent.

And so Austria enables antisemitic incitement to continue on unchecked, even though Austrian Muslims are the most antisemitic in Europe.   This is incitement to murder, not just 'criticism of Israeli policies'.  Maybe Austria should act BEFORE Jews get killed.

UK: Jeremy Corbyn to protest against Israel’s soccer team travel to Cardiff

Ben Cohen writes @ Algmeiner:

The first Saturday in September will see Israel’s national soccer team travel to Cardiff, the capital of Wales, for a vital qualifying game for next year’s European Championship in France. As is becoming the norm when any Israeli athletes travel abroad, the team will also face protests off the field, led by activists who believe that Israel has no right to compete internationally in the first place.

I mention this forthcoming event because one of the speakers addressing the anti-Israel rally outside the soccer stadium is Jeremy Corbyn, a far-left member of the U.K. parliament for the opposition Labour Party and, more importantly, the current front-runner in the battle for that party’s leadership. If Corbyn ends up winning the contest— triggered by the resignation of former leader Ed Miliband, following his poor showing in the U.K.’s general election earlier this year—we will have a vocal supporter of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement at the helm of one of Europe’s more august left-wing parties.

Corbyn is a patron of the U.K.’s pro-BDS Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which is well known for its anti-Semitic targeting of Israel through its constant comparisons of the Jewish state with Nazi Germany and apartheid-era South Africa. But that, arguably, is the least of it. [...]

Now, Corbyn is seemingly going to lead the charge against the U.K. presence of the Israeli soccer team—which, ironically, only plays in European competitions because the Jewish state was expelled from the Asian Football Confederation in 1974, thanks to the diktat of the Arab League boycott of Israel. Since Corbyn is an enthusiastic supporter of dictators like the now-dead Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and the still-living Vladimir Putin in Russia, it won’t bother him that the Arab boycott was pushed by some of the worst human rights abusers in history. In fact, he won’t be content until Israel is completely isolated, not just in the Middle East but in every corner of the globe.

No wonder, then, that a poll from London’s Jewish Chronicle newspaper reveals that almost 70 percent of British Jews are “concerned” by the prospect of Corbyn leading the Labour Party, with an overwhelming 83 percent expressing alarm at Corbyn’s infamous description of Hamas and Hezbollah as “our friends.”  Read more.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

UK: 90% of Jews think anti-Zionist politicians really hate Jews

Via Jewish Chronicle:
Respondents to the poll were also asked how they feel when politicians described themselves as “anti-Zionist”.

More than 44 per cent say they “always” think such a statement really means “anti-Jewish”, with a further 27 per cent saying they “often” think the claim is antisemitic in its intent.

In total, almost 90 per cent of Jews feel that “anti-Zionist” is used as shorthand for “anti-Jewish” by politicians.  more

Austria: Man sent to prison for donating to Nazi site

Via the Local:
A man from east Styria has appeared in court for a third time on charges of incitement and for neo-Nazi offences. He received a 20 month conditional sentence and must serve three months in prison.

The 38-year-old father confessed in the Graz regional court to making donations to a neo-Nazi website.

Prosecutor Johannes Winklhofer told the accused that he had previously lied in court, in 2011. “You said that you would have nothing more to do with this scene but it was not true, you made contributions to this website and were also registered on it.”

The website hosted different forums as well as selling Nazi memorabilia. The Styrian  registered with the name “NS friend” and was active on the site between April 2009 and June 2012.

He was charged with denying that the holocaust happened and inciting hate against Muslims, who he wrote, needed to be “singled out and exterminated". He signed his online postings with “Greetings 88”, or “Thanks 88” (88 stands for Heil Hitler).

He said that his role models were Rudolf Hess and Adolf Hitler. He made a donation of €120 to the site's managers and so became a “supporting member” with access to special forums.  more

UK: Government funds anti-Israel conference, dismisses Jewish concern

The British government is funding incitement against Jews.   And then it claims it tries to 'fight antisemitism'.

Via Jewish News:
Jewish leaders have lambasted the “pathetic” response from the Arts and Humanities Research Council as it dismissed concerns about a conference on Israel’s Bedouin and “settler colonialism”.

The funding body angered community leaders this week with its response to a letter from the Board of Deputies, sent last Monday, which highlighted the “intellectual dishonesty” of the University of Exeter event in October.

The conference – called ‘Gender and Settler Colonialism: Women’s Oral Histories in the Naqaq’ – deals with the sensitive issue of Bedouin land rights in Israel. Organisers say they will “challenge Israel’s alleged exceptionality”.

Last week Board Chief Executive Gillian Merron said: “We regard this project with deep concern as it appears to be a disingenuous attempt to politicise the Bedouin issue in the wider context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Prof. Rick Rylance, chief executive of the AHRC, said: “I am sorry that this matter is causing concern within your organisation and the broader Jewish community.”
However, he refuted the Board’s suggestions that the conference “fails to meet the required standards of the AHRC to benefit it with financial support”.  more

UK: 67% of Jews fear Jeremy Corbyn leadership victory

Via Jewish Chronicle:
Almost seven in 10 British Jews are concerned about the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn becoming leader of the Labour Party, an exclusive JC poll has revealed.

The frontrunner’s views on Hamas and Hizbollah, and association with Holocaust denier Paul Eisen, have also caused extreme worry — with over 80 per cent saying they are concerned about his positions.

The polling, conducted earlier this week, reveals the depth of anxiety within the Jewish community about Labour’s future direction.

Asked how they feel about Mr Corbyn becoming leader, 67 per cent say they are “concerned”, with only 13 per cent responding “unconcerned”.

Mr Corbyn was the runaway favourite as ballot papers were sent to Labour members this week.   more

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Spain: Public radio explains that Jews are Satanists

Via Ygal PalmorXavier Yearson: and Joseba Louzao:

The year is 2015: Spanish public radio broadcasts a series of lectures explaining how the Jews have propagated the cult of Lucifer. The year is 2015 and the place is Spain, European Union.


Luis García Chapinal: From Hell - The Jewish people propagate of the cult of Satan - 07/25/15
"The Jews have created the Freemasonry, are its occult leaders and have introduced  the worship of Lucifer in some Freemasonery organizations. There are revelations in the Kabbalah which open proscribed doors. Some Kabbalists observe that the Torah should be read backwards so that unfathomable mysteries are revealed. Through tree spheres, man can become "the unique one". Satanic spells are obtained by the inverstion of the seventy-two combinations of letters.  The dark side of the sefirot leads to dreadful tunnels, where darkness reigns in perpetuity."

Original text in Spanish:

Desde el infierno - El pueblo judío: propagador del culto a Satán - 25/07/15