Friday, August 14, 2015

Europe: Schumer: Can’t trust European nations to make Iran inspections

New York Post reports:

Sen. Charles Schumer blasted the Iran nuclear deal as “fatally flawed” Tuesday, saying he doesn’t trust European nations to conduct thorough inspections of the sensitive facilities.

In his most extensive comments since announcing his opposition to the agreement last week, Schumer questioned whether the inspections could be effective, and laid out a litany of reasons why he thinks the deal won’t hold.

“There are parts to bomb making that don’t involve nuclear isotopes. Even if you find nuclear isotopes [through inspections], you don’t know exactly what they are doing,” he said.

“You know, the Europeans, once they have these economic relationships with Iran — which we know they are very eager to have — are going to be reluctant to ask for an inspection, so I was troubled by that,” Schumer said after a speech at NYU. Read More.

Sen. Schumer is right.  Benjamin Weinthal keeps writing on Twitter: Zero debate in Europe about the Iran nuclear deal.

"German diplomat in U.S. happy that everybody in Germany accepts Iran nuke deal. He captures mood in EU. 0 debate."
"Germany's number 2 diplomat in U.S boasts: No Iran debate" in parliament and not in civil society.” "

"Not one major protest on streets of Berlin, Paris, London against the IS executions. Odd. Europeans like to protest."

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