Friday, August 14, 2015

UK: Anti-Zionist conference hosts conspiracy theorists

The Daily Mail came out with another expose about Jeremy Corbyn, this time accusing him of letting an antisemitic conspiracy theorist speak at one of his conferences.

Corbyn claims that the speaker spoke of his accord, and that might well be so.

But that's exactly the point, the "anti-Zionist" movement suffers from endemic anti-Semitism, and nobody thinks there's a problem with that. 

If an anti-immigration conference would have a KKK member stand up to speak, they wouldn't hear the end of it.  The media would pounce on it and demand explanations.

But anti-Semitism in the anti-Zionist movement?  There's a curious lack of concern.

Anti-Zionists love to say that by focusing on them, Jews don't deal with the 'real' anti-Semitism.  But in this case, Corbyn is just saying "it's not me".  Is he going to be taking any steps to ensure such things don't happen again?  Is he going to denounce whoever sat and listened?  Is he going to do any type of soul-searching?   Very unlikely.

Because anti-Zionists use anti-Semitism as a tool to attack Jews.  They don't really care about it and do nothing to prevent it in their midst.

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