Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Spain: Could the "Matisyahu victory" over the BDS movement backfire?

It could indeed be a Pyrrhic victory. The BDS hatred in Europe will not abate, that's for sure.

Via Honest Reporting:

An official from the Israeli embassy in Madrid told the Jerusalem Post that while the Matisyahu was a big victory over the BDS movement, there’ a note of caution:
On the negative side of the ledger, however, she said that if very few people in Spain knew about BDS until last week, this has changed because of the front page headlines this story created. Rogel also expressed concern that the attention paid this story may scare off organizers of other music and film festivals who may not have anything against Israel, or want to boycott it, but will simply weigh whether or not it is worth the headache of inviting Israeli artists or films.

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