Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Germany: No respect for victims at Berlin's Holocaust Memorial

Via the Washington Post:
Dave Driskell, a well-known Crossfit competitor and coach, apologized Monday night after drawing criticism for posting an Instagram photo showing him doing a handstand at Berlin’s memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe earlier in the day.
But he really can't be blamed.  How was he supposed to know it's a Holocaust Memorial, when the Germans around him don't give it any respect? 

I’d like to apologize for any offense the last picture I posted has caused. I had a quick layover in Berlin today with a good friend and we walked all around the city looking at and enjoying all the beauty it has to offer. We walked near this memorial not knowing what it was at the time. People were walking on the pillars. Kids running around. People sitting on them. It was gorgeous and looked visually stunning. As with all things like this I wanted a picture next to it, as I have been doing for years. I took a handstand picture with it as the background. I truly did not know what the structure was.  more

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