Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Spain: Matisyahu is victim of BDS antisemitism, say Spanish Jews

From Jessica Weinstein of the Jewish Chronicle:
Spanish Reggae festival Rototom has dropped Jewish musician Matisyahu from its line-up after he refused a request to publicly back a Palestinian state.


The Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain said that the cancellation was "cowardly, unfair and discriminatory".

It added: “As Spaniards, we are ashamed of the organisers. In this case, the BDS Movement employed all its antisemitic arsenal against the participation of Matthew Paul Miller [Matisyahu’s offstage name].”

In a statement on Rototom’s official Facebook page, festival organisers said that the event had a “sensitivity to Palestine, its people and the occupation of its land by Israel”.

Five other artists due to appear at the festival have backed out because of the BDS campaign, according to El Pais.  more

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