Sunday, August 31, 2014

Italy: Arab spits at Jew in tram

An Arab immigrant attacked a Jew on the Milan tram.  The Jew was wearing a kippah which was mostly covered with a hat.

The Arab asked him "are you a Jew?", then spat at him and got off.

More: Il Giorno

Russia: Professor lectures about dangers of Zionism to Christianity


Olga Chetverikova , a professor at Moscow University, recently lectured at the Seliger International Youth Forum.

Chetverikova warned the thousands of Russian youth participating in the camp about the dangers of Zionism to Christian ethics.  She said that Zionism wants Jewish bankers to take over the world, and that Zionists fund pagans to destroy Orthodox Christianity, while the Catholic Church has already been Judified.

Spain: Head of terror bombing victim association blames Israel and US for future terror attacks

The president of the association for victims of Madrid's 2004 terrorist bombings has racially attacked US President Barack Obama and his wife on Twitter over their handling of the Gaza conflict, saying it could lead to future terrorist attacks. 
Pilar Manjón, head of Spain’s 11-M Foundation (which takes its name from the 11th March 2004 Madrid train bombings), has directed all her ire and frustration over Gaza’s bloody conflict at Barack and Michelle Obama.

In a shocking, racist tweet sent out on Thurday, Manjón writes: “I hate the black man in the White House. I love Gaza’s murdered children. His b**** wife should take the video of (Nigeria’s) kidnapped girls” 
“If one day Spain or any other European country suffers a terrorist attack like 11-M, we’ll have to look back to what’s happening now to understand it."

More: The Local

Friday, August 29, 2014

Sweden: Right-wing party candidate says "Jews can only live as parasites"

Ibb Malmgren, a candidate of right-wing Sweden Democrats party in Höör, was a member of the White Power forum 'Nordisk' in recent years, where he posted various antisemitic posts.  In 2008, for example, he explained that "Jews can only live as parasites".  Though Malmgren admitted he was a member of the forum, he says his account has been hacked in order to make the Sweden Democrats look bad, and that he did not post the antisemitic posts.

Though Expo says they have investigated the issue in 2010, his party says they did not ban him then because they have found no proof that he wrote the posts.  They will now look into the issue again.

More: Expo Idag

UK: Man covers pensioner's home with antisemitic graffiti because she 'upset' him

Bristol - Stephen Loosemore, 50, was spotted by passers-by scrawling hate in large letters after a four-year feud with frail Vera Morgan, 84.

Employed as a caretaker for a block of flats at the time, he fell out with Mrs. Morgan and her house-bound husband James, 85, who live four doors away from him.

Loosemore , who said he knew the couple were not Jewish, or German, admitted carrying out the act because he wanted to scare them after they "upset" him.
More: Daily Star, h/t CFCA

Germany: Football fan gives Hitler salute at concentration camp

Police are investigating a football fan who allegedly made the Hitler salute at the former Buchenwald concentration camp in central Germany on Saturday. 
The man arrived at the war crimes site in a minibus full of 16-30 year old football fans who had just been to see Dynamo Dresden play Rot-Weiß-Erfurt. 
A memorial worker saw a Dynamo Dresden fan making the gesture as he was getting out of the bus and immediately called the police.

More: The Local, h/t Glykosymoritis

Spain: Imam prays to Allah to "destroy the plundering Jews"

A Spanish Imam has been documented in an anti-Semitic rant in which he called the Jewish people treacherous, war-mongering killers and prayed for God to “destroy the plundering Jews… do not spare a single one of them.” 
In a Friday sermon posted to the internet this week and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, Sheik Saleheoldine al-Moussaoui of the municipality of Azuqueca De Henares, near Madrid, says: “What is being done to the Muslims in Palestine, in Gaza, as well as in the other Muslim countries — we would have been surprised if it were done by anyone other than the Jews.” 
“The Jews are by nature treacherous and war-mongering,” he tells followers. “The Jews and the Zionists have treachery and killing as their way of life. They are a people of enmity and jealousy, the masters of treachery and betrayal.”
More: Times of Israel

France: Muslim teens arrested for plot to blow up synagogue

Via JSS News:

Two Muslim teenage girls (ages 15 and 17) were arrested last week for planning to commit a suicide bombing at a synagogue in Lyon.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Portugal: Israeli chamber of commerce vandalized

Via Philosémitisme Blog:

The Luso-Israel chamber of commerce in Porto was vandalized by a group calling itself 'some poets'.  A bottle of red paint was thrown through a window.  In a statement to the press, the group said that any institution that supports relations with Israel is complicit in the occupation of Palestine and the genocide of its people.

Luso-Israel helps encourage trade between Portugal and Israel.

This is not the first time the building has been vandalized.

Sweden: Jewish woman gets death threats - "Sweden is so small, we'll find you all".

Cecilia, a young Jewish woman from Gothenburg, an article about the war in Gaza on her Facebook profile.  for that, she got death threats - a bunch of people called her up in the middle of the night.  "You f**king Jewish whore, you're going to die", "we won't stop until it's done", "Sweden is so small, we'll find you all".

Cecilia says she's been getting threats since she was young. She's been taunted at school, they've been getting harassing phone calls since she was ten.  Friends of the family had their fence torn down.  But, now, she says, it's getting worse.

More: GT

Germany: Cemetery vandalized with antisemitic graffiti

The Jewish cemetery in Gröbzig (central Germany) was desecrated recently. The perpetrators broke the entrance door and left anti-Semitic graffiti and swastikas.

More: Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

Netherlands: Pro-Gaza protest leader - "F**k the Zionists, F**k the Talmud"

A pro-Gaza demonstration in Amsterdam became (as usual) an anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hate-fest.  So much so that Socialists, who intended to participate - pulled out at the last minute because the speakers were too extremist for them. Minister of Foreign Affairs Timmermans (Labour), also dropped out.

Rapper Appa spoke from the podium: "I'm done with these Zionist dogs who are out for our money and blood!" and "F**k the Zionists, F**k the Talmud".

Flemish activist (respected op-ed writer and Hezbollah fighter) agreed: "I'm proud to stand on the same podium as Appa, he's said everything."

According to the organizers "Back To Palestine", the Netherlands is complicit in the Israeli crimes in Gaza and they condemn the position of the Dutch politicians.

The city of Amsterdam allowed the protest, because they do not want to ban freedom of speech. The police required the participants not to say anything discriminating or antisemitic, not to burn flags and not to carry flags of terrorist organizations like Hamas and IS.  

UK: "Jews aren't safe – we’re coming to get you"

A Jewish man has been arrested in Bushey Heath after a fight involving socialists who produced Palestinian flags as they marched past a kosher deli. 
Witnesses to the fracas, which occurred at about 5.20pm on Tuesday evening, say a group of up to 15 men taking part in a ‘March for Jobs’ produced Palestinian flags outside Flax’s Kosher Deli (pictured, right). 
“That flag, in this area, with all that’s going on in the world in Gaza, it was bound to cause trouble. It escalated as they made their way down to Bushey village. From what I understand these guys were being quite anti-Semitic.” 
Other witnesses alleged that one of the marchers shouted: “Jews aren’t safe – we’re coming to get you.” 

However, on the march itself, Hertfordshire Police issued a statement saying: “Officers conducted inquiries… No evidence was found that any race or religious hate crimes had occurred.”

More: Jewish News

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Czech Republic: The "unfinished work of slaughtering the Jews"

Mikulov - Antisemitic text about "unfinished work of slaughtering the Jews" was found on a door of an old house in Moravian the city of Mikulov. It says this time Golem will not help them.

Germany: Antisemitic stickers urge throwing Star of David to the trash

Antisemitic stickers in Erkelenz.  The stickesrs were posted next to and resembled older anti-Nazi stickers, and so were probably posted by left-wingers.

The stickers include: Star of David thrown in the trash and equating Israel and Nazi Germany

More: Antifa Heinsberg

Sweden: Jewish comedian says paper was looking for 'somebody to play the insulted Jew' for article on antisemitism

Jewish Swedish comedian Aron Flam says he was insulted by an employee of newspaper Aftonbladet.

Flam says he got a call from Aftonbladet. Before they realized he had answered the phone he heard somebody continue a discussion and saying : "come on, we need somebody to play the insulted Jew!"

When they realized he had heard them, the call became more tense, and then they stated the reason they called, to ask whether he would write something about antisemitism in Sweden.

Flam got upset at them.  Aftonbladet often uses double standards when reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and about antisemitism in Sweden.  He told them he'd heard what they said and that he refuses to be their Jewish alibi.

Flam analyses various cases of Aftonbladet antisemitism, including their 2009 article claiming that Israeli troops harvested organs from Palestinians.  The article was titled "Our sons are being plundered for their organs".  The paper and the journalist who wrote the article, Donald Boström, later admitted they had no evidence for those claims, but that such claims, regardless of whether they were true or not, required an investigation.

Aftonbladet, by the way, denies any employee said any such thing to Flam.  According to Aftonbladet, there's no way he could have heard anybody speaking in the background, and furthermore, he had told them he needed to think about it and only later told them he couldn't write the article.

As Aftonbladet itself said in the past: I do not know what really happened, but I think any such claim deserves a thorough investigation, regardless.

More: Nyheter 24

Belgium: Doctors petition for sanctions against Israel for "Gaza-caust"

This is from a month ago, but I didn't post immediately as I thought it would be translated elsewhere.

120 Flemish doctors call for sanctions against Israel, for its war crimes in Gaza.

Marc Van Ranst, the doctor leading the petition, said it was difficult for him not to call what's happening a 'Gaza-caust'.

Van Ranst said that Israel is bombing hospitals, schools and houses and murders and cripples people, and can't expect the rest of the world to see them as good people.  "Israel's historical credit has been used up," he says.

I assume that by this he means that Israel's only right to exist is the fact that Jews were decimated in the Holocaust, and now that Israel is conducting it's own 'Holocaust', there goes it's right to exist as well.

Van Ranst also said, since 95% of the victims are on the Palestinian side, this cannot be called a war, but rather a slaughter and an operation conducted as punishment.

More: VRT

Turkey: Jewish couple stabbed to death

A prominent Turkish Jewish businessman and his wife were stabbed to death Friday at their apartment in Istanbul’s upscale Ortakoy neighborhood. 
The caretaker of the two victims — who were named as Jak Karako, 77, and Georgia Karako, 69 — was said to be the prime suspect in the killings. Police launched a manhunt for him. 
An unnamed source in Turkey told The Algemeiner website that there is so much mistrust between members of the Turkish Jewish community and the Turkish government that the truth about the couple’s murder may never be revealed. “It will be some manipulated version of what had happened,” said the source. 
There have been several reported murders of Turkish Jewish businessmen throughout the past several years, but these incidents were either never solved or were blamed on some small local disputes which the community always looked at with suspicion,” the source added.

France: Antisemitic graffiti compares Israel to Nazis

Antisemitic graffiti in Givet, northern France.

More: L'Union, h/t LDJ

Friday, August 22, 2014

Belgium: Elderly Jewish woman assaulted


A 75 year old Jewish woman was attacked in Ixelles, near Brussels.

The woman was standing in line at the municipal office.  When the young man behind her heard her Jewish man, he insulted her and pushed her to the ground.

Denmark: Jewish school vandalized "no peace in Gaza, no peace for you Zionist pigs"

Copenhagen - The Carolineskolen in Copenhagen was vandalized during the night of Thursday to Friday. Danish media report that windows were smashed and anti-Semitic graffiti written on the school walls. 

Ireland: Gaelic footballer urges followers to "punch a Jew"

A GAA star is facing a criminal investigation after sending a Tweet urging people to "punch a Jew". 
Former Tyrone player Tommy McGuigan has apologised for the Tweet, but the PSNI has confirmed it is investigating the comment as a potential hate crime. 
The All-Ireland winner had tweeted: "If you are lucky enough to know or work with a Jew, punch him right on the nose tomorrow." 
"I apologise for any offence caused," said the 29-year-old. He said he had been watching news coverage of the death and destruction in Gaza when he sent the Tweet.

More: The Independent

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UK: Antisemitic texts from Cardiff City heads

Malky Mackay and Iain Moody have been reported to the FA and accused of being racist, sexist and homophobic in a shocking series of text messages dating back to their time together at Cardiff City. 
Mackay, the former Cardiff manager, and Moody, the club’s former head of recruitment and now Crystal Palace’s director of football, appeared to be on the verge of being reunited at Selhurst Park on Wednesday, with Mackay thought to be replacing Tony Pulis. 

In reference to the prominent football agent, Phil Smith, a text states: ‘Go on, fat Phil. Nothing like a Jew that sees money slipping through his fingers’. The Israeli club, Maccabi Tel Aviv, are also referred to simply as ‘the Jews’.

More: The Daily Mail

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Switzerland: Pro-Palestinian protest outside synagogue "every synagogue is an Israeli embassy"

A Swiss watchdog group said the weekend protests in front of the Beth Yaakov, or Grande, Synagogue were the first public displays of hostility in Switzerland toward Israel since the conflict with Gaza began in early July. 
A veiled woman carried a sign reading “Every synagogue is an Israeli embassy” and waved a Palestinian flag on Saturday morning, according to the Intercommunity Coordination Against Anti-Semitism and Defamation watchdog organization, or CICAD. The same protester returned that night accompanied by three men, the group said. 
A second woman wearing a Palestinian flag around her neck tried unsuccessfully to enter the synagogue, according to the watchdog. The protesters told police that they have a right to protest and threatened to return the following Saturday.
More: Times of Israel

Sweden: Pro-Israel activists getting death threats

Death threats, daily anti-Semitic attacks, and harassment are causing many young Swedish Jews of the shrinking 20,000-member community to say “enough,” and seek to establish their futures elsewhere, according to a report by  Zvika Klein of Israel’s NRG News.

“I and my friends decided to leave,” 22-year-old Victor Borsolov, told NRG, after getting his 11th death threat after posting pro-Israeli views on his Facebook page.

We have always known that there are those who hate us in Sweden, but this time it was expressed more powerfully, because there were so many anti-Semitic remarks and attacks by anti-Semites that it was impossible to follow. Even among celebrities, politicians and journalists – it was not a criticism of the operation in Gaza, but really hate against Jews,” he said.

“It used to be unacceptable to talk about it so openly,” he said, but added that “today, talk of anti-Semitism has become commonplace.”

More: Algemeiner

Bosnia: Fans in EuroBasket game hold up Israeli flag with swastika

Erez Gurion, an Israeli judge in a EuroBasket game (Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Island) was greeted by fans holding an Israeli flag with a swastika.

The fans also demanded that a Palestinian flag be hung next to the Israeli one, but later agreed to hold it separately. (clip here)

More: YNet

Germany: Synagogue memorial vandalized with "F**k Israel" graffiti

Antisemitic graffiti in Witten (western German): "F**k USA", "F**k Zion" and "Free Palestine".  Next to a memorial for the synagogue destroyed by the Nazis: "F**k Israel".

The graffiti was not cleaned up for a whole week, until finally somebody decided to add their own opinion. They crossed out the "F**k Israel" one and jotted under it "F**k you!".

More: ruhrbarone

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

France: Home vandalized with antisemitic graffiti

A home in Bordeaux was vandalized with antisemitic graffiti.  The one above says "hiding Jew"

More: Francetv info, h/t CICAD

Sweden: Greens politician says Israel should be dismantled

Jerker Nordlund (56), a local council member in Herrljunga representing the Green Party, says Israel is a mental illness and is one of the biggest terrorist states in the world: committing war crimes, destruction, terrorism and mass murder.

Nordlund would like to see the world take action against Israel, just as it does against other countries which commit war crimes and impose trade wars and boycotts on it.

He says Israel was established on stolen land, partially for religious reasons and he would like to see it dismantled, quickly and peacefully.

Nordlund also says people have a problem criticizing Israel, because they feel bad for the Holocaust.

He thinks there's no place for nation-states in this world.  Sweden is not a nation-state and Europe has apparently moved past it.

More: Aftonbladet

Turkey: Paper tells dual-citizenship Jews to "go home killer"

The pro-government Milat daily targeted Turkish nationals from the Jewish community who also hold Israeli passports in its Thursday issue by arguing that since Israeli citizens are required to serve in the national army, they have blood on their hands and are responsible for the killings of civilians in Gaza during an Israeli offensive that has led to over 2,000 deaths since July of this year. 
Milat, a staunch pro-government paper that uses political Islamist rhetoric, used English in its headline, stating “Go home killer” in reference to Turkish Jews who allegedly serve in the Israeli army. The article stated that after Israel announced its recent military campaign, Turkish Jews who hold dual citizenship rushed to “massacre” Palestinians. The paper also commented that Jewish Turkish citizens involved in fighting against innocent Palestinians come back to Turkey and “resume their lives as if nothing happened.”

More: Today's Zaman, h/t CFCA

Germany: Muslims accuse Jews of using antisemitism to "to divert attention from the war crimes of the Israeli government"

Frankfurt's Jewish community has quit a state interfaith council over allegedly antisemitic and anti-Israel statements by local Muslim leaders, some of whom are members of the inter-religious panel. 
Among other offending statements, a press release from the Islamic Religious Association of Hessen accused the Central Council of Jews in Germany of using the issue of antisemitism in Europe "to divert attention from the war crimes of the Israeli government".
More: Jewish Chronicle

UK: Synagogue window smashed, "death to Jews" posted nearby

North London witnessed more sick anti-Semitism last week after a brick was thrown through the window of Cockfosters & N Southgate Synagogue and an anti-Semitic sign was posted to the window of a Norwood shop nearby. 
A member of staff at the shul on Old Farm Avenue in Southgate confirmed the reports, adding: “We’re just pleased no one was hurt.”


Elsewhere, an anti-Semitic sign believed to read: ‘Death to Jews’ was posted to the exterior of the Norwood shop in Southgate (pictured).

More: Jewish News

Monday, August 18, 2014

UK: "You and your entire family, your children, you should all die and burn in hell along with the rest of Israel"

Via Nana10, h/t EveryDayAntisemitism:

Isabelle Hanan lives not far from the BBC offices in London. Recently a large group of Muslim protested against the network's 'pro-Israel' bias.

Hanan says:
Jonathan decided to go out on a new scooter that he'd received for his Bar Mitzvah, and he goes around the roads around here. And all of a sudden, a few minutes after he left the house, I heard screaming and a lot of noise, and it sounded really, really bad. And I went to the door, I opened the door, and I saw hundreds and hundreds of protesters coming down my road. There were helicopters overhead, and it was quite crazy.  
All of a sudden, I think one of them spotted the mezuzah on my door, and with that they started to scream "She's one of them! She's one of them! You and your entire family, your children, you should all die and burn in hell along with the rest of Israel".  
And I had at this point my three other children, the twins are eight and Zack is ten, they were standing in the doorway. The young ones, they got upset by it, and they started to get quite tearful and cry and they were saying "they're going to kill Jonathan", my eldest son, because he was out in the street.  And so with that I realized it was getting really nasty, it was awful, and I ran in and I shut the door." 
The hatred that came across was horrendous, it was awful.

Clip available here.

UK: Boycotter claims he "loves Hitler" #AntiZionismIsAntiSemitism

UK: Plaque honoring Chaim Herzog removed after repeated attacks

A marker commemorating the Belfast birthplace of the late Israeli president Chaim Herzog was removed following several anti-Semitic attacks.

The blue plaque honoring Herzog, Israel’s president from 1983 to 1993, was taken down in the Irish capital out of concern for the safety of those living nearby, the Belfast Telegraph reported.

“Attacks have included the scrawling of anti-Israeli graffiti on the building and items being thrown at the plaque and the house,” Brian Kingston, a local official, told the Telegraph. “Recently some youths were stopped in the process of trying to remove the plaque with a crowbar.”
More: JTA, h/t CFCA

Sweden: Jewish woman attacked for wearing Star of David pendant

A Swedish Jew, Anna Sjögren, says she was attacked for wearing a Star of David pendant.

Anna says she was walking in the Gottsunda district of Uppsala, which has many Muslim immigrants.  A Muslim girl who saw her pendant cursed and spit in her face.  Anna shoved her back.

Then somebody threw a sharp object at her face.  All the witnesses claim Anna slipped and fell.  Anna says that one of the attackers told her that she should shut up or they'll kill her.  A local security man, also Muslim, took her to the hospital.

She did not yet file a complaint, as she does not know who attacked her.

More: NRG

UK: Supermarket strips kosher food from its shelves, staffer explains "we support Free Gaza"

A Sainsbury's branch emptied its kosher food shelf after the manager feared anti-Israeli protesters outside would attack it.
The goods were removed from a Sainsbury's Local branch in Holborn, central London, as it was picketed by protesters who were calling on it to boycott Israeli goods.

The incident yesterday afternoon happened on the same day as anti-Israeli protesters 'wreaked havoc' at a Birmingham branch of Tesco.

Theatre actor Colin Appleby took a photo of the empty shelf, prompting uproar online as he claimed a staff member defended the decision by saying simply: 'We support Free Gaza'. 
Several internet users pointed out that many of the products were not from Israel and instead came from Britain and Poland. 
Mr Appleby wrote that when he then pointed out the distinction between Israeli and kosher goods staff 'walked away'.
Sainsbury's insisted the decision was taken in case protesters threw food from the shelves which would then have to be thrown away. 

Norway: Pro-Israel MP receives death threats

A top Norwegian politician from the FrP (Progressive Party) and his family, have received death threats and messages of hate because of his support for Israel, it was announced on Wednesday. 
Foreign affairs spokesman Kristian Norheim is open in his support of israel and recently attended a pro-Israel rally in Oslo at the weekend, organized by "Med Israel for Fred" (MIFF). The MP revealed he and his family received targeted threats and that he passed these threats on to PST (the Norwegian police security service). 
“The threats are about someone who will come to get me and that I will go through the same as the civilians in Gaza,” Norheim said to the newspaper “Varden”.
The politician also told the media he personally got in touch with one person threatening him and his family. It was discovered the threats were not genuine

More: The Local

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Germany: Iranian politician attacked by fellow Iranian "why don't we bomb Israel?"

Agdas Ahmed, head of the Schaumburg branch of the Young Greens, was attacked last Thursday.

The attacker, a young man, called him a "f**king Jew". When Ahmed fought back, the attacker swore at him and told him "Why do you suck up to the Israelis? I'm an Iranian - let's get bombing!"

More: Schaumburger Zeitung, h/t JFDA

Update: Better translation for that last part: "we'll obliterate you".

Hungary: "Children never start a war... But f**king Jews do"

Budapest – UNICEF campaign poster vandalized with antsiemitic graffiti.

UNICEF placard reads: "Children never start a war". Someone add: "But fucking Jews do".

UK: Pro-Palestinians shout "Oh Jew, you will die" during demo

A previously unreported video filmed last month in heart of London and posted to YouTube illustrates the anti-Semitic rage enveloping Europe since the start of the latest Gaza war. 
Chants of “Heil Hitler” and “Oh Jew, you will die” could be heard from the Algerian crowd amid pro-Palestinian signs saying “End the Siege on Gaza,” “Free Palestine” and “Freedom for Palestine.” Others carried the Algerian and Palestinian flags.

More: Algemeiner

France: "Dirty Jew, this isn’t Gaza, I’m going to kill you and your family"

A man in his 60s was lightly wounded in an apparent anti-Semitic assault in Marseille. 
The assault Tuesday began after the victim drove up to his own garage to discover it had been blocked by a parked car, the local branch of the CRIF umbrella organization of French Jewish communities wrote in its report of the incident. 
The attacker showed up after the victim, who wears a kipah, sounded the horn. The attacker began chasing the victim while shouting: “Dirty Jew, this isn’t Gaza, I’m going to kill you and your family.”
Catching up to the victim as he was heading for the stairs of his apartment building, the attacker, who was much younger than the victim, began hitting the victim in his face. The attacker was joined by several other people who are believed to be relatives. He continued to attack the victim, also using headbutts. 

More: Times of Israel

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Spain: Israeli tourists targeted with 'Israel is a murderer' graffiti

A group of Israeli tourists discovered their tires slashed and their cars vandalized with "Israel is a murderer" graffiti.

More: Rotter

Germany: Online comments celebrate 'Jewish' Robin Williams' suicide

An article on the Die Zeit site about Robin Williams' death resulted in many antisemitic comments.  These included: "You virtual Jew you. Now I'm in a festive mood, because this pro-Jewish, American cockroach died", "it's horrible what's happening in Hollywood. Everybody's Jewish, everybody's a pedophile. Why do you think this suicidal loser succeeded, because they're child-killer pedophiles."

Another suggested bombing the funeral, to kill off as many Jews as possible.

Tuvia Tenenbom, a columnist in Die Zeit, said that the newspaper is intellectual, liberal and leftist-leaning and that comments such as these show the hidden antisemitism within this public.

 Williams, who was not Jewish, played several Jewish roles and is considered 'pro-Jewish'.

More: Arutz 7

Netherlands: Senior Justice Ministry employee says ISIS a Zionist conspiracy

The employee was suspended.

A senior employee of the Dutch Justice Ministry said the jihadist group ISIS was created by Zionists seeking to give Islam a bad reputation. 
Yasmina Haifi, a project leader at the ministry’s National Cyber Security Center, made the assertion Wednesday on Twitter, the De Telegraaf daily reported. 
“ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It’s part of a plan by Zionists who are deliberately trying to blacken Islam’s name,” wrote Haifi, who described herself on the social network LinkedIn as an activist for the Dutch Labor Party, or PvdA. 
Haifi later removed her original message, explaining, “I realize the political sensitivity in connection with my work. That was not my intention.”
More: JTA

Sweden: Paper pulls cartoon deemed anti-Semitic

I'm not sure whether this is really anti-Semitic, or just showing off the utter cluelessness of the cartoonist.

The Swedish daily Aftonbladet removed a cartoon deemed anti-Semitic and vowed to tighten editorial oversight. 
Aftonbladet, one of Sweden’s leading dailies, announced the removal of the cartoon from the online edition of the paper’s humor section on Monday. 
The cartoon, which appeared on the website over the weekend, showed two characters wearing Jewish symbols. One dressed in Orthodox Jewish attire and holding a sign with the Star of David and the words “Land of Israel” is seen telling the other character, “Hitler gassed the wrong Jews.” 
The Orthodox Jewish character is replying to a statement by a character wearing a kippah and Palestinian shawl, or keffiyeh, while holding a sign with the peace sign and the words Israel and Palestine. 
The kippah wearer — ostensibly a Jewish supporter of a binational state instead of a Jewish one – is seen saying, “Leave Israel? When my parents who survived the Holocaust went to Israel to give me a life of peace and freedom?”

More: JTA

Germany: Jewish cemetery vandalized

The Jewish cemetery in Haaren (Aachen), eastern Germany, was vandalized. A grave stone was incised with swastika-like incisions (police described it as a diamond) and a plaque was chipped.

More: Aachener Nachrichten

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Germany: Right-wing campaign calls to destroy Israel for peace in the Middle East

A new pro-Palestine campaign by the German far-right titled "Israel Murders" (Israel Mordet) calls to finish off the "Israeli aggressor".   

The campaign's website explains that Jews are not the greatest problem in the Middle East.  The US and Germany help out by financing the Zionist regime's thirst for conquest.

Sweden: "I can’t raise my kids to hide who they are"

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein in the Jerusalem Post (via Legal Insurrection)
 I just can’t live like this any longer. I can’t accept that life consists of long periods of fear and despair, interrupted by the short bursts of happiness I get when I come back to Israel. I can’t raise my kids to hide who they are, I can’t usher them into a society that teaches them they are the other and that being less of who they are is the key to survival. 
I just can’t, not anymore. 
I called this my home for 33 years. Yet, I realize now that it isn’t, and it never really was.

UK: Guardian reporter whitewashes British Muslim antisemitism

Directly related to my previous report, but I thought it deserved its own post.

The Guardian's reporter and photographer were harassed by Muslim youth who accused them of being Jewish (or possibly used 'Jew' as a curse word for anybody they didn't like), and made it quite clear they did not want Jews around.

This is how Ted Jeory of the Daily Express reports the incident:
A few more youths, all of them mid-late teens, a couple a little older, joined the group. Then one stared at me.  “Are you a Jew?” he asked.  
I’m not. I have a large nose; I fitted his stereotype. 
I glared back at him. “What if I were? Would that be a problem for you?” I asked.
“Yeah,” he said. “F*** off Jew, you’re not welcome here.”
Then another (white) man appeared. He had a professional camera and took a few photos of the flag.  The youths surrounded him; they demanded his camera.  They wanted to delete his photos. The photographer was from The Guardian. Their reporter, Rajeev Syal, appeared next to me.  We know each other. 
The youths asked who he was. He told them he was a journalist.  “Ah,” they said, pointing at me. “So you are a journalist.”  
Then one voice, then several: “F*** off Jews. We don’t want Jews here, f***k off Jews.” 
The three of us then headed for the photographer’s car, parked just down the road. They followed us.  More abuse, more demands for the camera, then warnings of violence unless we left. We left.

This is how Rajeev Syal of the Guardian reports that same incident:
When a passerby tried to take a picture of the flag on a phone, one of the gang asked him if he was Jewish. The passerby replied: "Would it make a difference?" The youth said: "Yes, it fucking would." Asked if the flag was an Isis flag, one local man said: "It is just the flag of Allah." But another man asked: "So what if it is?"
Notice the difference between "making a fucking difference" and a clear demand that "we don't want Jews here".  

UK: Journalists told "F*** off Jews. We don’t want Jews here, f***k off Jews"

I WAS told this morning by a community activist in east London to be kind in this article to the Bengali Muslim youths who threatened violence last night…and who told me to “F*** off Jew, you’re not welcome here.” 
So let me state her well-meaning view that they’re “good boys” and that they’ve been raising much money for the victims of the terrible violence in Gaza. 
My wife, a Bengali Muslim herself, disagrees.  
She thinks they’re a “disgrace”, both to their families and to their shared community.
My wife is always right.


It may well be that yesterday’s incident was just local hooligans looking for a cause and identity, and acting territorially on their estate. 
But I think there’s probably more to it than that. They seemed to want a Jew-free zone. 

More: Daily Express

Italy: "Judey pigs, we will kill you a lot!!"

Gorizia – An antisemitic offensive expression along with threats was written on the wall of the Gorizia synagogue compound. The phrase was written on the night between Monday and Tuesday. In broken English it said: “Judey pigs, we will kill you a lot.”

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Italy: Jew called 'murderer'

A Jewish man cycling near the synagogue in Florence was accosted by an Arab boy shouting "Murderer! You're a murderer!".  The episode was later repeated a second time, this time with a group of people.  The Jew, who wears a kippah, was visibly Jewish.

The harassed Jew says this is the first time something similar has happened to him in Florence.

 More: La Nazione

UK: eBay UK suggests "f**k Jews" as related term to Star of David T-shirts

From E-Commerce Bytes h/t Elder of Ziyon:
eBay UK is suggesting shoppers searching for Star of David t shirts might be interested in items featuring an anti-Semitic term. A reader alerted me to the fact that when you search eBay UK for Star of David T shirt, it comes back with the related term "fuck jews." I was able to replicate the search myself - and not just once. Each time I tried the search on Sunday evening, it came back with the same hateful suggestion. 
eBay rolled out its next-generation search engine Cassini in the U.S. in 2013 and has since rolled it out internationally. I emailed eBay PR in the U.S. and UK asking for an explanation of how the anti-Semitic term came to appear in that particular search.

France:"Death to the Jews" on synagogue

The synagogue in Reims (northern France) was sprayed with graffiti saying "Death to the Jews".

More: Le Monde Juif h/t CICAD

Sweden: "Zionists control the media, created ISIS"

Also Thursday, well-known Swedish hip-hop music artist Jacques Mattar wrote on the picture-sharing social network Instagram that Zionists created the ISIS jihadist group. 
Posting a picture of dead bodies, he wrote: “The media aren’t there. Why? The same people who created ISIS control the media: Senior Zionists.” 
Mattar, who is known by his stage name Jacco and is a member of the popular band Labyrint, removed the remark about Zionists from his Instagram account shortly after posting it, the Dagens Nyheter daily reported.

More: JTA

Switzerland: Jew attacked in supermarket (UPDATED DETAILS)


Jewish news site Tachles reports that the Jewish man, A. Wachsstock, a Belgian tourist, was not stabbed. Wachsstock was accosted by a man shouting "Jews out!" and other antisemitic statements.  The man then attacked, injuring Wachsstock's hand, and it was bleeding profusely.  When he got to the synagogue, somebody assumed it was a stabbing, leading to the incorrect information.

By the time Wachsstock called the police, the office had already closed, but a policeman was sent out to take his statement.  However, Wachsstock says that the police refused to act without a formal complaint.


A Hassidic Jew was attacked in Davos by a 60-year old local.  The Jew reported that when he entered a local supermarket, a man stabbed him and shouted antisemitic things at him.  The Jew escaped to his car, where his wife and kids were waiting, but the man chased him and smashed his windows.

Other shoppers did not respond.

The Jew got to the local synagogue where the police was called, but they said they have no available manpower to deal with the attacker.  The Jew was told the police will come to take a statement, but that hasn't happened yet.

More: BHOL

Monday, August 11, 2014

Belgium: Jews hiding their Jewish identity online


Belgian Jews are hiding their Jewish identity on Facebook. Some shortened their names to hide their Jewish roots.

Joël Rubinfeld, head of LBCA, the Belgian League Against Antisemitism, says that several of his friends have changed their online names.

Simon Bretholz, one of the pro-Israel rally organizers, says that Jews are hiding their Jewish identity both online and offline in order to avoid harassment.

UK: Synagogue vandalized, "Palestine Solidarity" blames it on Jews

Tensions in the Middle East have threatened to spill over here after graffiti supporting Gaza was sprayed onto a synagogue. 
Police were called after the words ‘Free Gaza’ were found sprayed in black onto the door of the Hove Hebrew Congregation in Hove. 
A spokesman for the Brighton and Hove Palestine Solidarity campaign said: “The real issue here is that there needs to be a political solution to the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank. 
“We would like the members of the Brighton Jewish community who do not agree with Israel’s policies to stand up – as 150 in Brooklyn did the other day, and many others have done - to show that there is not a divide between Jews and non-Jews.”

More: The Argus, h/t  Harry's Place:

Austria: Pro-Palestinans stage protest showing Israelis murdering Palestinian children in cold blood

Pro-Palestinian protesters who staged a 'flash-mob' style theatrical protest over the weekend in Vienna are under investigation for hate speech. 
A total of 35 performers, many clearly representing Israelis, staged mock murders of children dressed as Palestinians. The 'perpetrators' wore armbands with the Jewish Star of David.  
Media reports were mixed, with some condemning the 'theatre piece' as excessive, while others thought the actions were a reasonable criticism of Israel.
More: The Local

Germany: "There's not much to be done if they just think all Jews are evil"

Forty-nine-year-old Uwe Dziuballa has devoted the last 20 years to breathing fun back into Jewish life in his home town of Chemnitz, in the eastern German state of Saxony.  
At times like this, when emotions over the Middle East conflict are running high, the well-known Jewish entrepreneur finds he has to be particularly thick-skinned. 
"The insults on the streets have got a bit more frequent in recent weeks," says Dziuballa matter-of-factly. "I've been spat at a couple of times too. But nothing bad has happened at the restaurant." 
"I walk around with a kippah on all the time, I've never seen any reason to take it off," he explains.  
Dziuballa himself often gives talks on Jewish life in local schools - and receives a mixed reaction. 
Many older children are "astounded about the diversity of Jewish culture," he says. Sometimes he must face a class of 14-year-olds "many of whom come from far-right backgrounds. There's not much to be done if they just think all Jews are evil."

"We know not everyone likes us being here. Sometimes they show it," he says. 
Dziuballa still gets the anonymous phone calls. They call him "Jew pig" down the phone or to ask him why he doesn't just leave. The abuse is just a small part of life in Chemnitz, he says, shrugging it off. 

Harder to ignore were the attacks. For many years Schalom restaurant was badly vandalized - on average once every couple of months. Outside lamps were repeatedly smashed, the plants ripped out of the soil, insulting graffiti scrawled on the walls. At first Dziuballa was confused. 
"I couldn't understand that someone would put so much energy into actually doing that. I was completely baffled," he says.

More: The Local

Sweden: Jews afraid to show up to rally against anti-Semitism

The two organizers of a demonstration in Sweden against anti-Semitism canceled the event amid fears of violence and disturbances to public order.

Elin Schwartz  and Kaino Nordgren said they scrapped the Aug. 14 rally in Gothenburg because would-be participants said they were too afraid to show up, the Göteborgs-Posten daily reported Thursday. At least 100 demonstrators were expected to take part in the protest.

At the last minute we learned that many Jews are afraid to come, and that there were rumors that people will come and try to destroy the demonstration and crash it to spread political messages,” organizers Schwartz  and Nordgren wrote on Facebook to announce the cancellation.
More: JTA

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Germany: Jewish cemetery vandalized

The Jewish cemetery in Sondershausen (central Germany) was vandalized.  A section of the fence was knocked down, as well as one of the grave stones.

Italy: Notices on Jewish shops call to "boycott Jewish merchants and their products"

The notices show a picture of a Palestinian boy gagged
with the word "antisemitism" and list 47 Jewish shops (il giornale)

Residents of the Italian capital, Rome were surprised Saturday to see posters that were pinned during the night to the facades of shops owned by Jewish merchants calling for a boycott of the traders as well as of Israeli products in protest of the Israeli war on Gaza Strip, the Andolu news agency reported. 
The posters read several phrases in Italian including "Boycott Israel", "stop the massacre of the Palestinian people" and "boycott Jewish merchants and their products". 
The Italian state media said the posters were distributed in several neighbourhoods and areas in the capital, especially where Jewish merchants are concentrated such as, Viale Libia and Bologna square and Corso Trieste. It pointed out that the cleaning teams in Rome have immediately removed the posters in coordination with the Emergency department.
More: Middle East Monitor

UK: "Why I’m terrified by the anti-Semitism suddenly sweeping my country"

Hillary Freeman writes in the Daily Mail:
Last week, one of my oldest friends was walking with her young daughter in a north London suburb when she was approached by four Asian youths
Guessing that she was Jewish — they saw her leave a bagel bakery and, like me, she has a mop of dark, curly hair — they began to make Hitler salutes at her
When she crossed the road to get away, they followed her up the street, shouting the Nazi salute ‘Sieg Heil’ and mimicking the sound of hissing gas canisters, like those used in concentration camps. She was, not surprisingly, petrified.
During recent discussions on Facebook, I have been called a ‘tribal b*****d’, told that ‘the problem with you Jews is that you believe you are the chosen people and you should learn to act like everyone else’, and ‘the Jews in Israel should all go back to where they came from’. 
These comments came not from members of far-Right organisations but from friends of friends: supposedly educated, rational people who pride themselves on being politically correct and claim to fight against ‘injustice’. 
They have left me reeling: shocked, angry, sad and afraid. I have found myself doubting several friends, questioning their attitudes and beliefs, wondering if they are secretly judging me for being a Jew. 
More: Daily Mail

Belgium: Politician understands why Hitler wanted to exterminate Jews (but apologizes later)

The Belgian League Against Anti-Semitism, or LBCA, and the Flemish Forum of Jewish Organizations announced their intention to file a complaint for incitement to hatred against Assan Aarab of the Christian Democratic and Flemish party, or CD&V, on Thursday. 
Aarab, a baker from the Antwerp suburb of Deurne who ran on the party’s ticket during the May municipal elections, wrote on Facebook earlier this week: “I think the Germans deliberately didn’t kill all the Jews so that we will be able to understand now why [Adolf Hitler] was destroying them.” 
Initially, Aarab defended his statement, saying it was “provocative” and intended as an expression of anger of Israel’s actions in Gaza, not as incitement to hate. But he apologized after the leader of the Antwerp chapter of his party, Ariane Van Dooren, condemned him.
More: JTA

Sweden: Jewish Pride Parade participants asked why they're killing Palestinian children

The Pride Parade in Stockholm showed its support for Gaza, and its hatred for Jews.

The "Queers for Palestine" float shouted out "Boycott Israel, free Palestine" and were cheered by others.  But when the Jewish community float passed by, the cheers died down.

Miriam Sedwall said that the atmosphere wasn't good.  Some people asked the Jewish participants why they were killing Palestinian children.

More: DN

UK: MP declares Bradford an "Israel-free zone"

Two complaints were lodged against controversial British politician George Galloway, after he called for Bradford to be declared an “Israel-free zone,” the BBC reported Thursday. Galloway’s calls were being investigated by in order to determine whether they qualified as hate speech. 
Speaking during a meeting with activists on Saturday, the Respect MP urged the public to boycott Israel in response to its ongoing military campaign in the Gaza Strip. 
“We don’t want any Israeli goods; we don’t want any Israeli services; we don’t want any Israeli academics coming to the university or the college,” Galloway said. 
“We don’t even want any Israeli tourists to come to Bradford even if any of them had thought of doing so. We reject this illegal, barbarous, savage state that calls itself Israel – and you have to do the same,” he told the audience.
More: Times of Israel

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Netherlands: Hotelier cancels reservation of Israeli family over Gaza war (and then apologizes)

A Dutch hotelier apologized for canceling the reservation of an Israeli family over Israel’s actions in Gaza. 
Mart Muis, who last week canceled the reservation of the Natzitz family from Kiryat Ono, Israel, at his bed & breakfast in Waterland, near Amsterdam, said he had “a moment of insanity” when he sent the email canceling the reservation, the Nieuw Israëlietisch Weekblad weekly reported. 
Muis wrote he canceled the reservation, which was booked through the Israeli tour operator Sababa, “primarily because every day I get angrier and angrier when I see and read how much suffering and death and loss Israel is causing in Gaza. As long as this disproportionate violence of Israel continues, I will not accept guests from Israel.”
More: Times of Israel

Denmark: Jewish school forbids religious symbols, for security concerns

A Jewish school in Denmark informed parents that its pupils are no longer allowed to wear religious symbols near school grounds.
The private Caroline School in Copenhagen informed parents of the policy in a recent letter, the Jyllands-Posten daily reported Friday.  The letter said it was not permissible for students of the 7th, 8th and 9th grades to leave school premises if they are wearing visible Jewish symbols. 
“If a boy wears a kippah, we will ask him to put in a cap so it is no longer visible,” principal Jan Hansen said. 
Hansen said the measures were part of his schools “level of security, which is higher than in normal schools.”  
He added: “Unfortunately, it is the consequence of being a Jewish institution, but it something that we and the students are used to.” 

More: JTA

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Netherlands: Holocaust monument defaced, 'Free Gaza' graffiti

A memorial to the Jews of Gorinchem who were murdered in the Holocaust was defaced and a "Free Gaza" graffiti sprayed next to it.


Germany: Window of Jewish woman smashed

A beer bottle was thrown through the window of a Jewish woman in Frankfurt. When she stepped outside, she was called a "Jewish pig" and other insults.

The woman is an activist against antisemitism.

More: CFCA, Frankfurter Rundschau

UK: Tricycle Theatre refuses to host Jewish Film Festival over Israeli sponsorship

A major London theatre has refused to host the UK Jewish Film Festival because it is sponsored by the Israeli embassy. 
The Tricycle Theatre was scheduled to be the main venue for the UKJFF in November, with 26 films due to be screened there as well as six gala events. 
But in a statement issued on Tuesday, UKJFF executive director Judy Ironside said: “The Tricycle told us that they cannot be associated with a festival which in turn is associated with the UK’s Israel embassy”.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sweden: Suitcase ripped up because of Israeli flag

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein – Swedish writer, political commentator, and activist in support of Israel – decided to put an Israeli flag on her suitcase as she made her way to Israel Wednesday. When she got off the flight from Stockholm's Arlanda Airport for a stopover in Schiphol, Amsterdam, she was shocked to find that the bag had been vandalized. 
“I opened my bag and someone has poured soda on my things, the bag is obviously cut with some kind of sharp instrument, and the flag once stitched to it is now half-gone. Worst of all, to me, is that my siddur is wet and damaged. I have kept that from when I first started going to shul, it is a fond memory of my journey back to observant life. When I found it I cried like a baby.
More: Arutz 7

Germany: Israeli karate trainer told he's from a 'nation of murderers'

It's not antisemitism, it's just 'criticizing Israel'.

Israeli karate trainer Shai Hai was attacked by a group of Iranians and Germans in Frankfurt, Germany, at an international karate seminar last week. 
Hai was the headline speaker at the seminar, which was attended by about 90 people and supposedly dedicated to advancing world peace and unity. He was the only Israeli at the international event.  
When he got up to speak, members of the Iranian delegation and about 15 Germans began shouting at him, he told IDF Radio Monday. “They called me a murderer, said I had blood on my hands, that I came from a nation of murderers, that I had gained his position in the karate world by stepping on the bodies of Palestinians, that it is unthinkable to learn martial arts from a person who hails from a nation of murderers, ugly things like that,” he recalled. 
A female attacker tried unsuccessfully to spill red paint on his clothes, Hai added. Another man tried to approach him physically. He responded with the self defense techniques he is trained in: “In a matter of seconds, he had flown halfway across the auditorium,” he said.
More: Arutz 7

Netherlands: Chief rabbi says he'd leave if not for job

After the latest attack, Jacobs shocked many Dutchmen when he told local media that if not for his obligations to the communities he serves, he would leave, in part because of the anti-Semitism problem. His statement grabbed headlines and generated a passionate response from other religious leaders. 
“No one will tell us when to leave Holland,” Jacobs said. “I’m staying here because it’s my shlichut, or mission. But would we stay here if we were private people? I don’t think so.”

Germany: "There is a startling indifference in the German public to the current display of anti-Semitism"

Prominent newspapers, politicians and popular stars in Austria and Germany have responded to the anti-Jewish outburst with a campaign called “Raise Your Voice,” in support of their countries’ Jewish communities. But Samuel Salzborn, a professor of political science at Göttingen University, does not believe that the effort has shifted public opinion. 
“The official line of the German government is happily, clearly against anti-Semitism, but that is resulting in far too little,” Mr. Salzborn said. “There is a startling indifference in the German public to the current display of anti-Semitism.” 

To many of the more than 100,000 Jews in Germany, the outburst of anti-Semitism since the conflict flared in Gaza has a troubling undertone and has stirred especially painful memories. The Central Council of Jews in Germany has received hundreds of calls from members asking whether they should pack their suitcases and leave the country. 

“I have not heard that for many years,” said Dieter Graumann, the council president. “When calls for Jews to be gassed, burned and murdered are bawled on the streets of Germany, that no longer has anything to do with Israel’s politics and Gaza. It is the most abhorrent form of anti-Semitism.”

More: New York Times

Poland: Israeli team attacked by skinheads

The skinheads are simply racist sports fans.  What the Europeans call 'hooligans'.
Two days following an attack on Macabbi Haifa soccer players by pro-Palestinian rioters during a friendly match in Lille, France, a second anti-Semitic has taken place in Poland. On Friday, the F.C. Ashdod soccer team, which has been training in a town near Warsaw, Poland, was attacked by at least 30 skinheads during a local practice game. 
According to reports, the skinheads sat in the stands and started chanting anti-Semitic epithets at the Israeli players. They tried to rush the field, but were stopped by security. The skinheads then returned with reinforcements, and succeeded in bursting onto the playing field, pepper-spraying team owner Jacky Ben-Zaken, coach Nir Klinger, and several other staff members.

Team management said that some of the attackers had been armed with knives, and that it was quite fortuitous that the situation did not have graver results. 

More: Artuz 7

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sweden: Politician says Palestinians are being 'slaughtered by the Jewish pigs'

Apparently, he forgot to say "Zionists", the proper Swedish term for Jewish pigs.  That will teach him.  Notice how his local party spokeswoman puts it: He meant to judge Israel "as a state".

He also supports Hamas, a terror group intent on killing Jews.

Omar Omeirat, Social Democrat candidate for the town council of Filipstad, central Sweden, gave a speech in the town on Friday evening advocating diversity and openness.  
On Saturday he sang a very different tune. 
"The entire Muslim world is sitting and watching while our brothers and sisters in Palestine are slaughtered by the Jewish pigs," Omeritat wrote on his Facebook page. 
"May Allah strengthen those who defend Palestine, and be merciful towards the dead Muslims. Amen."
Omeirat quickly regretted the post, and updated his Facebook status to an apology. 
"He never meant to judge people who are Jews, Christians, or anything else," Feldt explained. "He just meant to judge Israel as a state." 

More: The Local

Belgium: Rabidly antisemitic poet laureate publishes rabidly antisemitic poem

Charles Ducat, Belgian's rabidly antisemitic poet laureate, published another anti-semitic poem "Ashes in their mouth".

The Jews think they're the 'Chosen People' which gives them a right to do whatever they want.  And they think they've earned the right to kill off the Palestinians because they've suffered in Dachau.

Via Joods Actueel, more at Elder of Ziyon.

You're now better. It's written
in The Book. It can be seen in your eye
when you see them approaching: in fanatical clothes,
dusty, their IDs ready in their hand
You look at them as a creator of water
in a world of sand. They live [here] by chance
without promise, can be swept away
like withered leaves. This is your land.
You have learned to keep the fear of persecution
alive without fear, arrogant as the man who chose his enemy for himself.
You knock him down. You are threatened, the outstanding debt gives every bulldozer,
every tank the right to safety
without borders. Your eyes saw the Temple
destroyed, the paving stones bleed under the hooves
of the Crusaders. You're two thousand years old
was there in Treblinka, Schirmeck and Dachau
Though you have stolen their water, shot their children, trapped
them behind barbed wire, you are simply God's people, chosen exactly on
[this ground/these grounds]. Those who still hear the old village screaming
under your woods, your roads, your cities , get ashes in their mouth.

UK: 80% of Jews feel blamed for Israeli actions

The ADL poll of global antisemitism showed that just 8% of Britons are openly antisemitic, making it one the least antisemitic country in the EU.  But the poll only checked for 'traditional' antisemitic attitudes, those usually held by racist right-wingers.  In fact, most Jews in the UK feel attacked and threatened.  And mostly by Muslims and leftists.

As reported by Ha’aretz, a new study analyzing anti-Semitism in England has revealed that approximately 80 percent of British Jews express the belief that non-Jews blame them for the actions taken by the Israeli government. 
According to the study, conducted by Dr. Laura Staetsky and Dr. Jonathan Boyd for the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, anti-Semitism is regularly connected to particular developments in Israel, as Jews feel they are held responsible for military and political decisions of the Israeli government. 
While they do not perceive basic criticism of Israel as a manifestation of anti-Semitism, Jews living in the United Kingdom say that hostile criticism of the Jewish state is experienced as anti-Semitism, especially when it involves calls for boycotts, divestment and sanctions, or accusations that Israel has committed ethnic cleansing.
When asked who the perpetrators of anti-Semitic acts are, the two most common groups identified were individuals who have a Muslim extremist view and teenagers, the report discloses, noting that victims of anti-Semitism “more commonly identified their assailant as someone holding left-wing views than right-wing views.” 
More: JP Updates

Italy: Imam calls on Allah to kill all Jews

Via Memri (full clip here):

In a Friday sermon in northern Italy, Sheik Abd Al-Barr Al-Rawdhi prayed to Allah to "count [the Jews] one by one and kill them to the very last one." Al-Rawdhi, leading the prayers at Al-Rahma Mosque in San Donà di Piave, the Province of Venice, called upon Allah to "turn their food to poison and make the air they breathe blazing hot." The sermon was posted on the Internet on July 29, 2014.  

Oh Allah, bring upon them that which will make us happy. Oh Allah, count them one by one, and kill them to the very last one. Do not spare a single one of them. Turn their food to poison, make the air they breathe blazing hot, make their slumber full of grief, and make their days black. Oh Allah, plant fear in their hearts.