Sunday, August 10, 2014

UK: "Why I’m terrified by the anti-Semitism suddenly sweeping my country"

Hillary Freeman writes in the Daily Mail:
Last week, one of my oldest friends was walking with her young daughter in a north London suburb when she was approached by four Asian youths
Guessing that she was Jewish — they saw her leave a bagel bakery and, like me, she has a mop of dark, curly hair — they began to make Hitler salutes at her
When she crossed the road to get away, they followed her up the street, shouting the Nazi salute ‘Sieg Heil’ and mimicking the sound of hissing gas canisters, like those used in concentration camps. She was, not surprisingly, petrified.
During recent discussions on Facebook, I have been called a ‘tribal b*****d’, told that ‘the problem with you Jews is that you believe you are the chosen people and you should learn to act like everyone else’, and ‘the Jews in Israel should all go back to where they came from’. 
These comments came not from members of far-Right organisations but from friends of friends: supposedly educated, rational people who pride themselves on being politically correct and claim to fight against ‘injustice’. 
They have left me reeling: shocked, angry, sad and afraid. I have found myself doubting several friends, questioning their attitudes and beliefs, wondering if they are secretly judging me for being a Jew. 
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