Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Switzerland: Jew attacked in supermarket (UPDATED DETAILS)


Jewish news site Tachles reports that the Jewish man, A. Wachsstock, a Belgian tourist, was not stabbed. Wachsstock was accosted by a man shouting "Jews out!" and other antisemitic statements.  The man then attacked, injuring Wachsstock's hand, and it was bleeding profusely.  When he got to the synagogue, somebody assumed it was a stabbing, leading to the incorrect information.

By the time Wachsstock called the police, the office had already closed, but a policeman was sent out to take his statement.  However, Wachsstock says that the police refused to act without a formal complaint.


A Hassidic Jew was attacked in Davos by a 60-year old local.  The Jew reported that when he entered a local supermarket, a man stabbed him and shouted antisemitic things at him.  The Jew escaped to his car, where his wife and kids were waiting, but the man chased him and smashed his windows.

Other shoppers did not respond.

The Jew got to the local synagogue where the police was called, but they said they have no available manpower to deal with the attacker.  The Jew was told the police will come to take a statement, but that hasn't happened yet.

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