Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Belgium: Rabidly antisemitic poet laureate publishes rabidly antisemitic poem

Charles Ducat, Belgian's rabidly antisemitic poet laureate, published another anti-semitic poem "Ashes in their mouth".

The Jews think they're the 'Chosen People' which gives them a right to do whatever they want.  And they think they've earned the right to kill off the Palestinians because they've suffered in Dachau.

Via Joods Actueel, more at Elder of Ziyon.

You're now better. It's written
in The Book. It can be seen in your eye
when you see them approaching: in fanatical clothes,
dusty, their IDs ready in their hand
You look at them as a creator of water
in a world of sand. They live [here] by chance
without promise, can be swept away
like withered leaves. This is your land.
You have learned to keep the fear of persecution
alive without fear, arrogant as the man who chose his enemy for himself.
You knock him down. You are threatened, the outstanding debt gives every bulldozer,
every tank the right to safety
without borders. Your eyes saw the Temple
destroyed, the paving stones bleed under the hooves
of the Crusaders. You're two thousand years old
was there in Treblinka, Schirmeck and Dachau
Though you have stolen their water, shot their children, trapped
them behind barbed wire, you are simply God's people, chosen exactly on
[this ground/these grounds]. Those who still hear the old village screaming
under your woods, your roads, your cities , get ashes in their mouth.

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