Monday, August 18, 2014

UK: Supermarket strips kosher food from its shelves, staffer explains "we support Free Gaza"

A Sainsbury's branch emptied its kosher food shelf after the manager feared anti-Israeli protesters outside would attack it.
The goods were removed from a Sainsbury's Local branch in Holborn, central London, as it was picketed by protesters who were calling on it to boycott Israeli goods.

The incident yesterday afternoon happened on the same day as anti-Israeli protesters 'wreaked havoc' at a Birmingham branch of Tesco.

Theatre actor Colin Appleby took a photo of the empty shelf, prompting uproar online as he claimed a staff member defended the decision by saying simply: 'We support Free Gaza'. 
Several internet users pointed out that many of the products were not from Israel and instead came from Britain and Poland. 
Mr Appleby wrote that when he then pointed out the distinction between Israeli and kosher goods staff 'walked away'.
Sainsbury's insisted the decision was taken in case protesters threw food from the shelves which would then have to be thrown away. 

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