Sunday, August 24, 2014

Belgium: Doctors petition for sanctions against Israel for "Gaza-caust"

This is from a month ago, but I didn't post immediately as I thought it would be translated elsewhere.

120 Flemish doctors call for sanctions against Israel, for its war crimes in Gaza.

Marc Van Ranst, the doctor leading the petition, said it was difficult for him not to call what's happening a 'Gaza-caust'.

Van Ranst said that Israel is bombing hospitals, schools and houses and murders and cripples people, and can't expect the rest of the world to see them as good people.  "Israel's historical credit has been used up," he says.

I assume that by this he means that Israel's only right to exist is the fact that Jews were decimated in the Holocaust, and now that Israel is conducting it's own 'Holocaust', there goes it's right to exist as well.

Van Ranst also said, since 95% of the victims are on the Palestinian side, this cannot be called a war, but rather a slaughter and an operation conducted as punishment.

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