Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sweden: Paper pulls cartoon deemed anti-Semitic

I'm not sure whether this is really anti-Semitic, or just showing off the utter cluelessness of the cartoonist.

The Swedish daily Aftonbladet removed a cartoon deemed anti-Semitic and vowed to tighten editorial oversight. 
Aftonbladet, one of Sweden’s leading dailies, announced the removal of the cartoon from the online edition of the paper’s humor section on Monday. 
The cartoon, which appeared on the website over the weekend, showed two characters wearing Jewish symbols. One dressed in Orthodox Jewish attire and holding a sign with the Star of David and the words “Land of Israel” is seen telling the other character, “Hitler gassed the wrong Jews.” 
The Orthodox Jewish character is replying to a statement by a character wearing a kippah and Palestinian shawl, or keffiyeh, while holding a sign with the peace sign and the words Israel and Palestine. 
The kippah wearer — ostensibly a Jewish supporter of a binational state instead of a Jewish one – is seen saying, “Leave Israel? When my parents who survived the Holocaust went to Israel to give me a life of peace and freedom?”

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