Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sweden: Greens politician says Israel should be dismantled

Jerker Nordlund (56), a local council member in Herrljunga representing the Green Party, says Israel is a mental illness and is one of the biggest terrorist states in the world: committing war crimes, destruction, terrorism and mass murder.

Nordlund would like to see the world take action against Israel, just as it does against other countries which commit war crimes and impose trade wars and boycotts on it.

He says Israel was established on stolen land, partially for religious reasons and he would like to see it dismantled, quickly and peacefully.

Nordlund also says people have a problem criticizing Israel, because they feel bad for the Holocaust.

He thinks there's no place for nation-states in this world.  Sweden is not a nation-state and Europe has apparently moved past it.

More: Aftonbladet

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