Wednesday, August 19, 2015

UK: Jeremy Corbyn support for yet another antisemite who wants to kill Jews

Meet another one of Jeremy Corbyn's friends:
Jeremy Corbyn was tonight accused of being a ‘cheerleader’ for a controversial fanatic who glorified the murder of British soldiers - after it emerged he twice hosted the Lebanese extremist Dyab Abou Jahjah in London.
The runaway Labour leadership favourite invited the ‘well-known thug’ to the UK in 2009 to speak against the Iraq war at two separate events.

Jahjah, who recently described the Labour MP as his ‘friend’, was invited to Parliament as Mr Corbyn’s special guest.
The pair also addressed a second public meeting hosted by the then backbench MP for the Stop the War Coalition.
Just after the meetings Jahjah was banned from entering Britain by the then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith because of his extremist views.

At the time, Mr Corbyn publicly attacked the decision to ban Jahjah from entering Britain, despite the fanatic just years earlier praising the killing of British troops.   more

Dyab Abou Jahjah is a respectable columnist in Belgium.   He also wants to kill Jews.   In Europe in this day and age, the two don't need to contradict.

Abou Jahjah joined Hezbollah to fight Jews

In 2002, Abou Jahjah led race riots in Antwerp.  When the Prime Minister considered banning his group, the AEL (Arab European League), Abou Jahjah said he was being demonized by the "Zionist lobby".

Sound familiar?

That's right.  That's Corbyn's 'go-to' excuse as well.  If he's being accused of being an antisemite, it must be the Zionist lobby's fault.  You know, that great and powerful lobby that pulls the strings of European governments.

Like Corbyn, Abou Jahjah styles himself as an anti-racist.  And like Corbyn, Abou Jahjah sees no problem with inviting antisemites and Holocaust-deniers to his events.

Here's some more of Abou-Jahjah's statements on Jews (via Unfashaionista):
People in Europe are not allowed to do a free historical examination of the Second World War and the holocaust and freely express an opinion on it that is different than the dominating dogmatic line.  Any attempt to have deviant historical examination of the holocaust will earn you the title of revisionist, anti-Semite

Europe had made of political correctness and the cult of the Holocaust and Jew-worshiping its alternative religion [sic]

About-Jahjah's response to the attacks on Corbyn?  Same old same old.  "It's the Zionist lobby" and "it's ludiscrous to claim that he's anti-Semitic".

 This is the face of Belgian media.

This is the face of the British Labour party.

This is antisemitism in Europe 2015.

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