Friday, August 21, 2015

Austria: Prosecution says threats to murder all Israeli Jews are not incitement

This is not the first time prosecutors prefer to ignore antisemitic Muslim incitement.  In the previous case, I think the uproar made them reconsider.  

 Via Kurier:

The organizers of 'Al Quds Day' in Vienna posted the following on their Facebook just before the big day:

Imam Khomeini: "If Muslims were united and each one had poured a bucket of water on Israel, a flood would have taken Israel away. "  (quote here)

In the picture, Muslims drown a religious Orthodox Jew with a flag of Israel.

[despite the claim of many anti-Zionists that "Zionism is not true Judaism", they insist on drawing Zionists as religious Jews.  I wonder why.]

The local prosecutor decided this is not incitement and the organizers claim it was published without their consent.

And so Austria enables antisemitic incitement to continue on unchecked, even though Austrian Muslims are the most antisemitic in Europe.   This is incitement to murder, not just 'criticism of Israeli policies'.  Maybe Austria should act BEFORE Jews get killed.

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