Sunday, August 9, 2015

Denmark: Paper accuses Israel of capitulating to Jewish extremists

Jews have an ancient tradition called self-castigating.  When something happens, we blame ourselves.  We blame ourselves for everything - from the slavery in Egypt to the Holocaust.  We blame ourselves for people hating Jews throughout the centuries and we blame ourselves for people hating Israel today.

In general, we always demand more from ourselves.

And so Israeli author Etgar Keret wrote an op-ed last week in Yediot Achronot about the anti-violence and anti-racism protests.  In this op-ed, titled "The empty town square", Keret wrote that Tel-Aviv's main square should have been filled up, and that there should have been millions in that protest. 

In reality, there are very few protests where Tel-Aviv's town square is filled up.  The days of the big protests of the 1980s are over, and even back then, it rarely held more than 200,000 people at most, not to say millions. 

But Keret is right to complain that not enough people, in his opinion, showed up and to encourage people to visibly show their disgust of the recent hate-crimes.
What is less right is when a European paper decides to translate this op-ed in order to bring it up for debate for a non-Jewish and non-Israeli public, and that is exactly what Danish paper Politiken did.

The translated op-ed is titled "We have capitulated to the bloody Jewish extremism".   It's unclear who is the "we" here, since Keret himself never says anything about capitulating or about bloody, Jewish extremism. 

Politiken's editors are using Etgar Keret's op-ed in order to advance their own antisemitic view of Israel.

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