Thursday, August 27, 2015

Vatican: Pope Frances in favour of Iran deal

writes @ Gatestone Institute: The Iran Deal: How Christians Choose Sides

[...] The ink was barely dry on the 150-page final agreement when the Vatican [...] released a statement in favor of the Iran deal, pronouncing it an "important step" and calling for a "commitment to make it bear fruit," basically affirming the Pope's wish for peace in our time. [...]

According to a statement released by the Vatican on July 14, just as the deal was made public, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi said in response to reporters' questions that

"The agreement on the Iranian nuclear program is viewed in a positive light by the Holy See. It constitutes an important outcome of the negotiations carried out so far, although continued efforts and commitment on the part of all involved will be necessary in order for it to bear fruit. It is hoped that those fruits will not be limited to the field of nuclear programme, but may indeed extend further."
Pope Francis communicated his support of initial framework of the Iran deal in his Easter message, one month after Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke out strongly against it in an attempt to convince both Houses of Congress that the deal was not only not going to provide peace but was instead a pathway to war. Read more.

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