Sunday, August 23, 2015

UK: Head of British Non-Profit Engages in Propaganda War Against Israel

For the past several years, the chief executive officer of a British non-profit has been running a propaganda war against the Jewish state. His name is Jeremy Moodey and the organization he leads is an interdenominational Christian charity called Embrace the Middle East, which was founded in 1854. Moodey, who in his previous careers worked as a banker, and before that, an official in England's diplomatic service, describes it as a “development” organization.


This laudable work is marred by the anti-Zionist activism of its CEO, Jeremy Moodey. Moodey is a propagandist who makes no effort to disguise his contempt for Israel.

His contempt for Jewish sovereignty was revealed in 2012, when he came to the defense of Rev. Dr. Stephen Sizer who had come under intense criticism from the Board of Deputies of British Jews for ugly attacks on Israel and its supporters during his visits to Iran. (In 2014, Sizer promised his bishop to stop commenting publicly on the Arab-Israeli conflict.)

During the controversy Moodey described Zionism, or the push for Jewish sovereignty and self-determination, as an “incoherent and racist theology.” (Moodey made this statement in a response to a blog entry posted at the Rosh Pina Project, an organization that had been paying close attention to the controversy surrounding Rev. Sizer's anti-Zionism.)

Moodey's ugly description of Zionism is just the tip of the iceberg. His regular commentaries in the UK-based website, Christian Today and his entries on the blog at Embrace the Middle East are filled with anti-Israel polemics. In Moodey's distorted narrative, Hamas is not really dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish state and that Israel is singularly responsible for Palestinians suffering.

In sum, Moodey's writings about the Middle East promote an obsession with Israel's efforts to defend itself while downplaying the violence and hostility of its adversaries, most notably Hamas.  more

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