Monday, January 6, 2014

Belgium: Anti-semitic Hezbollah fighter to receive weekly column in De Standaard

AEL protest in Antwerp, 2008

The Forum of Jewish Organizations (FJO) voices its concern about the fact that Dyab Abou Jahjah, formerly the head of the Arab European League, has been commissioned to write a weekly column in the Belgian daily De Standaard.  Abou Jahjah had spent the past seven years in Lebanon, fighting for Hezbollah.

In the 1990s Abou Jahjah led the AEL in violent protests against Jews and Jewish property.  In 2008, during the Gaza War, the Antwerp police just barely prevented a full scale pogrom against the Jewish residents.

In an article announcing his column, Abou Jahjah says as follows: "Starting in 2014 I will do in Belgium what I've done in Lebanon for the past seven years, stand up for the weak, the marginalized and the excluded, without concern for the consequences."

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