Tuesday, January 14, 2014

France: Quenelle becoming new insult directed at Jews

Via Philosémitisme Blog:

Anti-Semites often do the Quenelle next to sites of Jewish character or next to unsuspecting Jews.  But it is now also becoming an insulting gesture directed at Jews.

Last week C dans l'air, broadcast on France5, interviewed two young Jewish men, David and Abraham.  The men said that they increasingly encounter people who do the Quenelle as an insult directed at them.

As for the claim that Dieudonné is anti-Zionst and not anti-Semite, they pointed out that his joke about Jewish journalist Patrick Cohen and the gas chambers was not directed at Cohen as a Zionist, but as a Jew.  His skit includes dozens of examples where Dieudonné doesn't even bother to use Zionist as a euphemism.

More: France5

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