Thursday, October 23, 2014

Austria: Man says anger at Israel was reason for "Jews should disappear" post

I posted about this story back when Kurz complained he was getting antisemitic abuse, but I think it's interesting to look at the attacker's defense: he was upset at Israel. And that is why he wrote that "Jews should disappear" and that "Hitler didn't do enough".  Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism, pure and simple.

A 25-year-old man from Lower Austria has been ordered to do community service after posting hate speech on Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz’s Facebook page.

The man, an industrial engineer, said that “in principle” he regretted posting anti-Semitic comments, but said in his defence that he had been “very upset” after Israel launched air strikes on Gaza. 
Kurz received dozens of anti-Semitic posts on his personal Facebook page after he posted an appeal for peace in the Middle East in July. He then submitted screenshots from his Facebook page to the state prosecutor. 
Lower Austrian prosecutor Thomas Ernst read out the following post in court: "Peace will exist only when the Jews completely disappear! In 1950 they did not have a place and now they are in Palestine and murdering people there to get more space! Hitler clearly didn’t do enough!" 

In his defence the man said that he only meant that “Jews should disappear from the Gaza strip”. However the judge said that his reference to Hitler would suggest that this was indeed hate speech. “It was the wrong choice of words. I wrote them out of a sense of frustration,” the accused said.

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Demark: 75% support ban on male circumcision

The Danish Parliament is set to once again debate the legality of male circumcision today, with the Red-Green Alliance and the Liberal Alliance teaming up to push for a ban on the practice. The other parliamentary parties are in internal disagreement on the matter.

A survey of 1,000 Danes polled in the last few days found that the Danish people overwhelmingly support a ban, with nearly three in four backing either a full or partial ban, whilst only ten percent supported the rights of parents to circumcise their sons. The debate will once again raise fears that anti-Semitism is gripping the region.

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France: Dieudonné to form a political party named 'National Reconciliation'

Dieudonné's previous poitical party,
Liste antisioniste - "for the
liberation of Europe"
Dieudonne has 10 convictions for inciting racial hatred against Jews, according to CRIF. He also invented the quenelle, a Nazi-like gesture that many have deemed anti-Semitic, and the term “shoananas,” a mash-up of the Hebrew word for the Holocaust and the French word for pineapple that is used to suggest that the genocide never happened without explicitly violating French laws.

Earlier this year, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls — then the interior minister — advised mayors to ban Dieudonne’s shows, leading to their cancellation. The comedian’s replacement routine featured less anti-Semitic material.

Dieudonne and the far-right Holocaust denier Alain Soral recently decided to form a political party, the news site reported Tuesday.

Last week, Dieudonne was indicted for fraud, money laundering and abuse of public funds, Le Monde reported. It is believed that Dieudonne, who declared he had no money to pay fines he received for his hate speech, transferred more than $500,000 to Cameroon while he declared himself to be insolvent.

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Switzerland: Retailer Migros apologizes over Hitler and Mussolini Hitler coffee cream pots

Swiss retailer Migros apologized on Wednesday for what it said was a string of errors which put coffee cream with the faces of Hitler and Mussolini in cafes in the Alpine country.

Migros said it "offered its excuses for this unforgivable incident" and that it was in the process of withdrawing the small pots of cream from cafes to which they had been delivered.

Labels from mini cream pots have cult following in Switzerland, with manufacturers feeding the passion of collectors by releasing regular new editions. The plastic pots were not on sale in the Migros supermarket network, but served to customers who ordered white coffee at about a hundred restaurants and cafes among retail giant's business clients.

Migros said one of its subsidiaries, milk company ELSA, had been responsible for supplying the cream and that its internal control procedures had been "insufficient". The designs were developed by Karo, a firm which specializes in cream pots, and were part of a 55-label series based on vintage cigar bands. Among them were cigar bands from the pre-World War II era which showed the faces of Nazi German dictator Adolf Hitler and his Italian Fascist counterpart Benito Mussolini.

Source: The Local

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

UK.: West Brom boss reveals why he had to sack Anelka

Nicolas Anelka’s quenelle gesture embarrassed and damaged West Bromwich Albion, the club’s chairman has said. Speaking for the first time about the affair, Jeremy Pearce said it had been a “huge issue in terms of our standing”.

West Brom terminated the player’s contract after he had made the gesture – a form of Nazi salute – during a Premier League match in December 2013. The move came after the Football Association banned Anelka for five matches and fined him £80,000. Mr Peace told the Express and Star newspaper that attempts to make the player apologise failed. He said: “We got Nicolas in here with his advisers.

Richard Garlick (Albion’s technical director at the time) was dealing with him. “I was in my office in the room next door. I said I want him to say ‘I am sorry to all these people’. “They tried to draw up a statement. There was a mealy-mouthed paragraph and I said (to Garlick): ‘He hasn’t apologised, get him to apologise.’ “It was quite clear he wasn’t going to so, bang – out. Right, sever the contract, cut it. It was gross misconduct, because of the damage he’d done. Mr Peace added that he felt “extremely strongly” that Anelka should have apologised, “because of the damage (he caused) to everyone, to the community he affected, the embarrassment he caused to the club”.

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Hungary: Holocaust survivors sue for restitution in US, say anti-Semitism prevents justice

On Tuesday, that court heard lawyers for Hungarian survivors say that increasing anti-Semitism in Hungary makes it impossible for their clients to win their Holocaust restitution case there.

“A virulent strain of anti-Semitism has been spreading at an alarming rate within Hungary … and these dangerous sentiments have found increased acceptance among mainstream Hungarian politicians and parliamentarians,” lawyers for nearly 100 Hungarian survivors said in court papers filed ahead of their arguments to the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago.

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UK: Man jailed for anti-Semitic tweet

Photo: Times of Israel

A 21-year-old man who sent a “grossly offensive” anti-Semitic message to Liverpool MP Luciana Berger has been jailed.

Ms Berger was said to be “deeply shocked” by the tweet, sent by Garron Helm of Thomson Road, Litherland, which showed a Holocaust-era star on the MP’s head with the hashtag ‘Hitler was right’.


The tweet then called the MP a “communist Jewess” and read: “You can always trust a Jew to show their true colours eventually.”

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Belgium: Physicist says Holocaust is lucrative business and global religion

Jean Bricmont is a Professor of physics at the Catholic University of Louvain and a member of the prestigious Royal Academy of Science, Letters and Fine Arts of Belgium and is well-known for his obsessive interest in Jews, Zionism, Israel, the "lobby", the "zionisation of the American mind" etc. He relentlessly posts on his Facebook page and gives lectures about these pet subjects.  His prestigious posts and high standing in Belgian society and academic world give the lie to all those who pretend that nobody is allowed to criticize Jews, Zionism, Israel, the lobby etc. without suffering dire consequences.  Such is the power of intimidation that ... he is never criticised - well nobody dares to criticize him to be precise.  On the contrary he is honoured, praised and feted.

The amount of anti-Israel/Jew/Zionist stuff he comes up with and in turn churns out is absolutely amazing.  Phenomenal.  A couple of days ago, Jean Bricmont spotted a very moving speech given by former French P.M. François Fillon in Israel in January 2014.  Bricmont immediately jumped to the conclusion that there must be something fishy behind Mr. Fillon's sympathy for Israel and quoted excerpts of the speech adding his personal comment: 'Don't tell me that this religion [the Holocaust] is not "useful'".

By way of explanation, Prof. Bricmont linked to an absolutely disgusting article by an Algerian (Chems Eddine Chitour) entitled: The Holocaust: cash pump and global religion.

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UK: Journalist compares "Zionist terrorists" to Hamas, Taliban

Michael Portillo, a BBC journalist and former Conservative politicians, compared Hamas and Taliban terrorists to the "Zionist terrorists who formed the State of Israel", on the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Moral Maze’ (via BBC Watch).  Luckily, Islamic State did 'terrible things' which sets them apart from those hateful Zionists.

“So you wouldn’t say then that the terrible things they’ve [ISIS] done – Michael Buerk listed some of them at the beginning – you wouldn’t say that that uniquely sets them apart, let’s say from Zionist terrorists…eh….who formed the State of Israel, Hamas with whom we want Israel now to speak, the Taliban with whom we have all spoken – so it doesn’t set them apart?” 
“But might it also be an interesting paradox that as we come under such pressure from Islamic State that we’ll want to settle whatever we can in the region, so actually we’ll probably be pressuring Israelis to talk to the formerly demonised Hamas?” [emphasis added]

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Belgium: University initiation asks students to pretend they're Palestinians, avoid "big bad Jew"

invitation to the event, via 7sur7
the picture shows a Jewish woman (note the kippah),
with red eyes saying "you shall not pass!"

Invitation to event couched in anti-Semitic language, reading 'your goal is to avoid the big bad Jew'

Belgian philosophy students have chosen a mock reenactment of this summer's war between Israel and Gaza as the initiation ritual for newcomers, the country's media reported.

An invitation for the party, scheduled for Tuesday, issued by the student association of Liege University's philosophy department, was couched in blatantly anti-Semitic language.

The Belgian daily La Meuse quoted the invitation as reading "You'll be walking in the shoes of a little Palestinian. The goal of your evening is to avoid the big bad Jew and reclaim your home."

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France: Fury, legal action over French street named after terror chief

MK Yoni Chetboun (Jewish Home), Chairman of the Knesset Caucus for Israel in France, sent a letter to the mayor of Paris suburb Valenton Monday morning calling for a name change to a street named after arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti.

Barghouti, who has called for an armed uprising against Israelis on multiple occasions since his imprisonment, is currently serving five life sentences in Israeli prison for his role in planning suicide terror attacks. Despite that, he is viewed as the favorite candidate to eventually replace aging Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Chetboun, who hails from France himself, called the decision to name the street after the murderer "outrageous."

"To bestow your honors upon a murderer like Barghouti is nothing short of moral bankruptcy," Chetboun wrote to mayor Françoise Baud. Chetboun stressed that "this is an unfortunate decision that contradicts the [values of] morality and justice which are the foundation of the French Republic." Chetboun also warned that the move gives a "green light" to Islamism in France, at a time when over 1,000 French nationals are estimated to have already fled their native land to go fight with Islamist extremist group ISIS.

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UK: Students reject Holocaust Memorial Day because it's 'eurocentric' and 'colonialist'

Students at a top university have unanimously rejected a request to mark Holocaust Memorial Day, claiming to do so would be “eurocentic”.

A student union motion at Goldsmiths University in south-east London, which asked “to commemorate the victims of genocide, totalitarianism and racial hatred”, was emphatically thrown out by 60 votes to just one.  The only vote for the motion came for its proposer.

It asked the Student Union “to organise commemorative events for Holocaust Memorial Day (27 January), European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism (23 August), Holodomor Genocide Memorial Day (22 November) and Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day (24 April).”


Goldsmiths’ education officer Sarah El-alfy led student opposition to the motion, branding it “eurocentric”‘ and “colonialist”,

Belgium: Interior Minister says Nazi collaborators 'had their reasons'

A representative of Flemish Jews asked a deputy prime minister of Belgium to clarify statements in which he appeared to condone the actions of Nazi collaborators. 
Jan Jambon, who is also Belgium’s interior minister, made the statements during an interview published last week in the La Libre Belgique newspaper. 
During the interview Jambon, who is a member of the New Flemish Alliance party, was asked about his participation in 2001 at a rally organized by the far-right association Sint-Maartenfonds, whose mission statement is to support Flemish Belgians who fought on Nazi Germany’s side in World War II. 
Commenting about these veterans, he said, “The people who collaborated with the Germans, they had their reasons. I did not live in those times.”

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The Netherlands: Dutch Christians boycott church over exhibit on Palestinian children

A group of Dutch Christians vowed to boycott Utrecht’s Domkerk Church for the duration of an exhibition on jailed Palestinian children, which they said encourages anti-Semitism.

The group made its decision known earlier this month in connection with the exhibition “Room No. 4,” which was brought to the Domkerk — one of the Netherlands’ best known churches and one of Utrecht’s tourist stops, by the Dutch Coalition for Palestinian Children in Israeli Detention. The exhibition, which ended on Sunday, features pictures of adult models portraying Palestinian children who are suffering in Israeli detention facilities. In one picture, the hairy hands of a hidden puppet master are gripping a marionette’s handle whose wires are connected to two people, one of whom is strung up like a crucifix. Another shows a woman emptying out her pockets to show she has no money amid 11 extended palms surrounding her. A third picture depicts seven arms hoisting up a man into a crucifer position and away from a book he is reading.

Among the people who said they would boycott the Domnkerk for the exhibition’s duration is Hebe Kohlbrugge, a writer and a member of the Domkerk Church. “Many people cannot differentiate between Israel and Jews,” Kohlbrugge told the Trouw daily newspaper. “People wearing kippot are being harassed over Israel’s actions. Thus criticism of Israel becomes anti-Semitism.” Kohlbrugge also said the church’s history of anti-Semitism makes it an unsuitable venue for criticizing Israel.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

UK: British MP lashes out against pro-Israel lobby

Sir Alan Duncan, a lifelong Arabist and a former UK government minister who retains a desk in the Foreign Office as Britain’s special envoy to Oman and Yemen, has been strongly criticized for a series of stinging attacks not only on Israel, but also on the so called “Israel lobby” both in the US and Britain.


In his address to the Royal United Services Institute, having comprehensively attacked Israeli policies – an example of which was his assertion that West Bank settlements were “a wicked cocktail” of occupation and illegality and a system akin to apartheid in South Africa, he made an unprecedented verbal assault on those who supported settlements, suggesting they should be barred from public office.


But he saved his strongest criticism for those who lobby for Israel. He stated that under UK rules, “political funding should not come from another country or from citizens of another country, or be unduly in hock to another country.”

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