Friday, November 27, 2015

Belgium: BDS Gives Belgian-Jewish actress new lease on life in Tel Aviv

Obviously this is not reported in Belgium, where the BDS movement is very strong, not even by the Belgian Jewish media.

The Algemeiner reports:

In an interview with the Israeli site nrg on Wednesday, Belgian-Jewish stage actress Noemi Schlosser recounted immigrating to Israel after her career in Europe was destroyed by BDS.

Schlosser said she had enjoyed success in Belgium and international acclaim until she was targeted by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement for her pro-Israel stance during Operation Protective Edge — last summer’s war against Hamas in Gaza. She described watching the theaters where she performed go from packed to nearly empty over a short period of time.

This, she said, spurred her to pack up and move to Israel, which has taken her career on a new and unexpected path. For example, she said, her months of experiencing life in Israel as an immigrant and a single woman led her to create “Date Me in TLV,” a show which premiered yesterday (Nov. 25) in Israeli theaters.

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'There is no future for Jews in Europe', says Brussels' chief rabbi, who says many do not risk visiting Synagogues because there is a 'sense of fear on the streets'

France: Euro News claims Kerry denounced "Israeli acts of terrorism"

Via Algemeiner, Gideon Shaviv:
Leading French news channel Euro News distorted remarks made by US Secretary of State John Kerry about the recent series of Palestinian terrorist attacks in Israel on Wednesday, a media analyst pointed out.

The headline for an article dated November 25 reads, “John Kerry denounces Israeli-Palestinian violence as ‘acts of terrorism.'” The first sentence of the Euro News story says: “US Secretary of State John Kerry has denounced the recent spate of violence between Israelis and Palestinians as ‘acts of terrorism.'”

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UK: Criticism of Celtic director leads to antisemitic abuse

Via The National (h/t CFCA):
The row between Celtic’s board and some organisations representing the club’s fans took a dramatic new twist when director Ian Livingston released details of anti-Semitic abuse he suffered online.

Fans organisations had called for Lord Livingston to step down from the board after he voted for the Conservative government’s tax credit cuts in the House of Lords. When Celtic chairman Ian Bankier attacked the “criminally racist” slurs on Livingston, the organisations called for him to consider his position, too.

 Yesterday, Livingston posted on a fans’ website, revealing details of the abuse and defending his action in the Lords. He wrote: “I hope you don’t mind me posting this. As the person about whom a number of abusive comments were made, I thought you might be interested in a couple of the racist ones so you can perhaps see why the chairman was upset about them. Michael Higgins: ‘Get this Ashkenazi *** out of our club and take that other fake Jew prick Biton with him. This is typical of their sort, infiltrating and destroying every country and establishment from within’. Or someone under the name Ross Grant saying ‘He’s a Jew what do you expect’.
Livingston added: “Many others were simply abusive, not, I assume, anything to do with my religion but rather because I had a different political view.

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Belgium: Comic Dieudonne given jail sentence for anti-Semitism

From BBC News:
Controversial French comedian Dieudonne M'bala M'bala has been sentenced to two months in jail by a Belgian court for racist and anti-Semitic comments he made during a show in Belgium.

Dieudonne was also fined €9,000 ($9,500; £6,300) by the court in the city of Liege. He was not in court.

The comedian, who insists he is not anti-Semitic, made the remarks during a show in Liege in 2012.

He has several convictions for anti-Semitism and hate speech.
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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Germany: "Berlin Meschugge" page hacked

Thee Facebook page of the Jewish/Israeli party event "Berlin Meschugge" was hacked by pro-Palestinians hackers.

The page logo was replaced with the slogan "Free Palestine", and a message was posted saying "Death to Israel".

h/t Stefan Schaden

Germany: Teacher fined for painting over swastikas near a primary school

Via the Independent:
A German teacher has been fined €1,000 for painting over swastikas sprayed onto signs near the primary school where he taught.

Ralf Bender, who teaches in the small town of Limburg in Hesse, has lost a case against the local council after he painted over a number of swastikas sprayed onto signposts near the school in 2013 when authorities failed to act despite being informed of the offensive symbols. He told local newspaper he took action because he wanted to remove the offensive signs before pupils returned to the school.

On Tuesday the town upheld a decision to make Mr Bender pay cost of €1,000 cleaning costs, the Local reports.

But the teacher, who said the town’s actions were a “joke” and the symbols a mockery of the Nazi’s victims, has promised to take his case to Germany’s highest court and refused to pay the fine.

“I stand in front of children every day. It is my job to set an example to them,” he told German newspaper Süddeustche Zeitung.

While many have expressed support for this actions, the teacher also claims people have threatened him and forced him to take security measures at home.

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Germany: Spate of antisemitic graffiti in Berlin’s Alt-Miariendorf neighbourhood

Via Everyday Antisemitism, RIAS:
The Berlin district of Alt-Mariendorf is seeing repeated incidents of antisemitic graffiti, reports RIAS. Anti-Jewish slogans have been appearing in the area around Alt-Mariendorf’s underground station since 24 October, including “Who is Rothschild – inform yourselves (Internet)”, and two occurrences each of “Juden rein” [sic], a Nazi phrase referring to a place from which all Jews had been forced out, and “Jews Out”.

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Netherlands: Antisemitic chants from PSV Eindhoven fans

PSV Eindhoven fans have been caught up in an anti-semitic storm ahead of their side's Champions League clash with Manchester United on Wednesday evening.

However, led by a pair of fans standing on a wall above the square, outside the Crowd & Anchor pub, the group have been caught on camera chanting "if you don't jump you're a Jew".

The chant is a reference to bitter rivals Ajax, the 33-time Dutch champions who have a long connection with the Jewish community and who are often labelled "De Joden" - The Jews.

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Russia: Antisemitic sign at anti-Turkish protest

Via Rotter, Rianovosti:

Sign at a protest in front of the Turkish embassy in Moscow shows Erdogan controlling an Israel-ISIS puppet.

France: "Yesterday Jews, now ordinary citizens"

The foundations of French society is that everybody is an 'ordinary citizen', everybody is 'French'.  There are no 'Jews'.

But, apparently, that is only true in theory.

Via Algemeiner:
Last week, French citizens residing in America received a letter from Gérard Araud, France’s ambassador to the US, responding to the tragic event in Paris on November 13.


After expressing solidarity with the people of France and praising the United States and President Obama for “being on our side in the fight against extremism and terrorism,” Araud wrote: “These are the foundations of our model of society that the terrorists seek to destroy: Yesterday journalists and Jews; now ordinary citizens whose only crime was to enjoy life on a Friday night in Paris.”
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Europe’s leaders, often busy criticizing Israeli anti-terror techniques, should learn about those very techniques

Daniel Schwammenthal, the director of the AJC Transatlantic Institute, writes @
The now four-day long Brussels lockdown in response to fears of imminent, multiple terror attacks is both reassuring and disturbing. Reassuring because finally, after previous governments preferred denial, the authorities are taking the enemies of free society seriously. [...]

The Economist wrote recently that the Paris terror attacks are “testing the capital’s reputation for joie de vivre — and its resolution not to become Tel Aviv-sur-Seine.” Paris, Brussels and the rest of Europe should be so lucky — and not just because of the great beaches, food and culture the Big Orange has to offer.

Not even when facing the most horrendous Palestinian terror wave in the early 2000s did Tel Aviv, or any other Israeli city for that matter, shut down public life or declare a state of emergency.

Europe’s leaders, often busy criticizing Israeli anti-terror techniques, would be well-advised to quickly call their colleagues in Jerusalem to learn about those very techniques. We must also learn from Israel about public resilience, which allows the Jewish state to fight terror without canceling football matches and closing shopping centers and discos — in short without giving up that “joie de vivre.”

Much has been said about the peculiar circumstances that have turned Brussels and its particularly troubled district of Molenbeek into safe havens for Jihadists. But let’s not kid ourselves. The same misguided political correctness that allowed the creation of parallel societies and the spread of radical Islam in Belgium can be found throughout Europe. [...]

In a BBC poll after the murders at Charlie Hebdo and the kosher supermarket in January, 27 percent of Muslims polled said they had “some sympathy for the motives behind the Paris attacks.” Most other EU countries prefer not to conduct such polls.

One of the few social scientists who tries to systematically quantify the problem is Professor Ruud Koopmans, director of the research unit for migration, integration, and transnationalization at the Berlin Social Science Center, and his research makes for grim reading. [...]

According to Koopmans, Muslims also show much higher levels of “out-group hostility,” as social scientists call it, and so 57 percent reject homosexual friends, 45 percent do not trust Jews and 54 percent see “the West as an enemy out to destroy Islam.” [...]

Be it the Palestinian Authority or Egypt, we need to demand and receive an immediate end to radical religious incitement in state-controlled media, schools and mosques. Let’s begin by cutting off the satellite signals of those Middle East TV stations — and there are plenty — that spread anti-Western conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism and radical Islam into our living rooms, just as we would never allow domestic TV broadcasts to run outright racist material. Foreign hate preachers need to be speedily expelled and those schools and mosques tolerating such preaching should be closed.  Read more.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Germany: Turkish-funded group posts anti-Semitic quotes online

Via Jerusalem Post:
The Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs in Germany (DITIB), a satellite religious organization for Turkey’s religious affairs department, has removed anti-Semitic quotations from its website after bloggers and journalists exposed them last week.
A screenshot of the city of Melsungen’s DITIB webpage lists 30 anti-Jewish quotations, including from the Koran and the Prophet Muhammad.

A sampling of the webpage contained such quotes as: “The Jews are cruel and malicious,” “the Jews are stingy,” “[the Jews] lie and cheat,” “Jews violate contracts and promises,” and “they [the Jews] falsified the Torah.”

“Anti-Zionism, and thereby anti-Semitism, sentiment have clearly increased over the years among Muslims with a Turkish origin,” said Daniel Neumann, director of the Hesse State’s Jewish community, in an interview with the Die Welt newspaper.

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Ukraine: Holocaust memorial desecrated with anti-semitic conspiracy slogan


A memorial to Nazi victims in Poltave was desecrated with an image of a hanging man and the word "Valtsman".  That is a reference to the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that identifies President Poroshenko as a hidden Jew.

Turkey: Israeli basketball team attacked during singing of anthem

Via Times of Israel:
Turkish fans threw objects at members of the Israeli women’s national basketball team Saturday at the start of a game in the qualifying round for the 2017 EuroBasket tournament.

In a video, members of the Israeli team can be seen standing and singing along as Israel’s national anthem, “Hatikva,” is played in the background at the start of the game. All of a sudden, Turkish fans begin throwing objects at the Israelis, who quickly move out of the way to dodge them.

Security personnel quickly responded, and no one was hurt. Some fans also booed the Israelis, while others applauded the fans who threw the objects.

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UK: Cell of Islamist women inciting against 'filthy Jews'

Via Telegraph:
A secret British cell of Islamist women is brainwashing young female Muslims in the UK and encouraging them to join Isil, an undercover investigation has revealed.

The group holds clandestine, invite-only meetings in back rooms where members show their support for the terror group and warn Allah will “destroy” those fighting it.

Umm L is Rubana, a mother of four living in London and residing at the same address as a leading member of a banned extremist organisation. Photo: Channel 4

One of the women resides at the same address as a well known British extremist while another lives with another fanatic.

They were caught on camera, at meetings were young children were present, attacking the “filthy Jews” and telling young Muslim women that Britain is waging war against them. 

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