Friday, July 22, 2016

Germany: Israel’s daily experience of terror doesn’t seem so distant to Europeans anymore

Europeans have always been very critical of how Israel deals with terrorism and shown little empathy to Jewish victims. One finds the same mindset when it happens in Europe - finding excuses, explanations, justifications etc.?  But there is a change.  Israel is being presented more sympathetically recently.

The Jerusalem Post reports:
Israel’s daily experience of terror doesn’t seem so distant to Europeans anymore, several German Jewish community leaders remarked, a day after four people were severely wounded in a ax attack on a train in Würzburg.

“We are shocked and in deep grief and extend our condolences to the wounded and their families,” said president of the Jewish Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria, Charlotte Knobloch.

She notes that Israel has had to deal with constant terror attacks for almost 70 years: “It’s daily business there and it is starting here too,” she laments, though she expresses hope that it will also help to establish understanding and empathy for Israel.

“In Germany they don’t have a clue what it means to be hated and that’s why we don’t have understanding here for Israel’s actions and why the BDS movement is so strong...They have no idea what it means to be surrounded by people who want to kill you, so they don’t know how to deal with these destructive and hateful attitudes,” she adds. [...]

“This is what we know from the streets of Israel,” echoes Sacha Stawski, president of the pro-Israel organization, Honestly Concerned, referring as well to the deadly truck attack in Nice, France just several days earlier. “The question is whether people will understand that it’s the same terror as in Israel,” he says, skeptical that this will happen quite yet.

President of Maccabi Germany, Alon Meyer, expresses a similar sentiment. “From day to day it’s becoming worse here in Europe and we need to get used to the situation that Israel has already experienced for so long,” he tells the Post. “Everyday there is something in Israel and people no longer write about it because it’s normal already. But now they realize that it’s no longer so far away. It affects everyone, and we’re not so secure here either.” [...]

“When we talk about integration, we talk about integration in our values, not only in our economy and school system,” Knobloch emphasizes, highlighting that many of the refugees come from “countries in which hate against Israel and Jews is a constitutional part of the education and socialization.

Knobloch muses that there must have been signs of radicalization in the teenager who perpetrated the train attack. “He’s been living in Germany for two years now, so it is alarming that nobody saw this. That’s what we Jews are afraid of, that there is too much naivety.”
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UK: Lawyers acting on Brexit subjected to anti-Semitic abuse

Via Jewish News:
Lawyers acting for the firm challenging the prime minister’s authority to leave the European Union have been subjected to anti-Semitic abuse, a top barrister has said.


“The publicity that has accompanied notification of the legal issue has provoked a large quantity of abuse directed at my solicitors,” said Pannick. “It is racist abuse, it is anti-Semitic abuse and it is objectionable. It is contempt of court for people to make threats.”

He asked Leveson, who is also Jewish, whether the names of claimants should be redacted, given the abuse, saying: “People have been deterred from [making legal claims]… “It is a very serious criminal matter for people to make threats.”

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Europe: Terrorism - the double standard haunting Europe

Tom Wilson @ Commentary: 
As many have already noted, the spree of recent Islamist terror attacks across Europe feel reminiscent of some of the Palestinian attacks that Israeli civilians have been enduring for decades. And as Europeans confront this wave of violence, they are fast adopting the same means that Israelis have been forced take when trying to defend themselves. Yesterday, when an Afghan migrant and Islamic State devotee in Germany began attacking commuters on a busy train, he was quickly shot and killed by security. Similarly, the horrific truck attack last week in Nice was only brought to an end when the French police shot and killed Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who also appears to have been linked with ISIS.
When comparable knife attacks and car rammings have happened in Israel, security forces there acted similarly. Of course, on many occasions, Israel’s border police and army have managed to shoot and merely disable assailants. But when that has not been possible, Palestinian attackers have been shot and killed in an effort to save the lives of Israeli civilians in immediate harm’s way. It would seem morally obvious that sometimes this is what has to be done to bring a terror assault to the swiftest possible conclusion.

Yet Sweden’s Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom had an objection to Israelis defending themselves in this way. In January, when allegations were made in the Swedish parliament that Israel was perpetrating “extrajudicial executions” of Palestinian attackers, Wallstrom gave credence to these allegations. “It is vital that there is a thorough, credible investigation into these deaths in order to clarify and bring about possible accountability,” she said. By the same standard, we should now expect to hear Sweden’s foreign ministry call upon their French and German neighbors to undertake investigations into the circumstances under which the German train and Nice attackers were killed.

Wallstrom’s talk of bringing about “possible accountability” is especially galling. The notion that it is members of Israel’s security forces who should be interrogated and punished for acting to neutralize a terror threat is an unspeakable moral inversion. [...]

Nevertheless, the question is not one of whether Wallstrom’s comments about Israel were acceptable; we already knew that they were not. Rather, the question here is whether the Swedish foreign ministry is going to be consistent because a standard has now been set. As such, Margot Wallstrom has a choice on her hands. Either she can come out and call for equivalent investigations into the actions of the German and French police—and provoke popular and diplomatic fury from across Europe—or she could not hold European countries to the same standard she holds Israel to, and in doing so confirm that she operates a bigoted and discriminatory attitude toward the Jewish state.

When Wallstrom made her comments in January many will have assumed the latter to have been the case. But if she cares to, recent events have now provided her with an opportunity to prove otherwise.
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Germany: Jewish man attacked by a Palestinian


A Chareidi Jew was attacked in Berlin this past Saturday.

Two bicyclists in their twenties stopped for a red light next to the victim and asked him if he's Jewish.  When he answered in the affirmative, one of the men said he's a Palestinians, cursed the victim, threatened to harm him and his family and then spit on him.  He also took pictures of the victim with his phone.

Netherlands: Antisemitism watchdog complains about racist, antisemitic site

Via AD:

Dutch antisemitism watchdog CIDI made a formal complain against Pieter Frank van der Meer and his "Stop Race Mixing" site.

On his site, Van der Meer claims it is especially the Jews who are campaigning for integrating non-Whites into the White population, in order to destroy the white race.

Van der Meer denies his site is racist and antisemitic, and that it does not incite to hatred or genocide.  He says that if there's a sentence here or there that's offensive, he'll try to rephrase it.

Spain: City votes to boycott Israel, reportedly loses Tel Aviv flights

Via Times of Israel:
A Spanish city trying to increase tourism lost a direct flight connection with Israel over its symbolic support for boycotting the Jewish state, a Spanish newspaper reported.

The Spain branch of El Al for months had negotiated with tourist officials from the autonomous region of Galicia, in northern Spain, over opening a direct line between its capital, Santiago de Compostella, and Tel Aviv, but the talks failed following the passage in November of a non-binding city council motion in favor of boycotting Israel, La Voz de Galicica reported Wednesday.
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UK: Telegraph claims Nice terror is first such attack on kids: forgets about Antwerp (1980) and Toulouse (2012)

David Kohane (Kuhan)
The very "monstrous first" happened on 27 July 1980 in Antwerp when a Palestinia terrorist hurled two hand grenades at a group of Jewish children, leaving David Kohane, 15, dead and several wounded, the youngest being Willy and Marcel GJeiser, aged 11 and 9 (JTA):
Jewish communal institutions throughout Belgium have been granted special round the clock police protection following yesterday’s terrorist attack against a group of Jewish teenagers in Antwerp which resulted in the death of a 15-year-old boy and the wounding of 20 other persons. The attacker, a man carrying Moroccan travel documents, hurled two grenades at a group of 40 children waiting to board a bus for summer camp.

Paris-born David Kohane, whose parents had just driven him to the Antwerp Community Center and were still present when the attack took place, was killed on the spot. Close to 20 children were wounded, 17 seriously and six of them are still in critical condition. Most of the parents, members of the Agudat Israel, and generally employed in the diamond industry, saw the attack and then helped chase the assailant. [...]

A few yards away from the arrest scene, pandemonium had broken loose. Youngsters were bleeding profusely from their wounds and crying out in pain. Parents were trying to give first aid, passers-by massed in a circle and after a few minutes dozens of ambulances and police cars rushed to the site of the attack. [...]
The Belgian authorities released this morning a list of some of those wounded in yesterday’s attack: Mrs. Pollak from Antwerp; Guy Koening from Israel; and Isaac Abramovich, 17; Charles Lerner, 20; Michel Grossman, 15; Jacques Uhr, 16; Willy and Marcel GJeiser, 11 and 9; Eliag Gryn, 19; Golda Ehrenfeld, 39; Heinrich Rosenblum, 15; Arnold Freifeld, 17; and Joshua Erblich, 13, all from Belgium. read more
And this is what happed to the Palestinian terrorist (JTA):
Senior government ministers seem embarrassed in the aftermath of a prisoner-for-hostages swap over the weekend that freed a Palestinian terrorist convicted of murdering a Jewish child in Antwerp 10 years ago.

Foreign Minister Mark Eyskens passed off as a coincidence the simultaneous release of Said Nasser from Leuven Prison near Brussels and the freeing of four members of the Houtekins family, who were turned over to Belgian authorities in Cairo on Saturday, after more than three years in captivity.

Nasser, said to belong to the Abu Nidal terrorist group, was swiftly removed from Belgium and reportedly also landed in Cairo.

The Jewish community is outraged by the deal, which the news media reported months ago to be pending. read more

UK Media Watch reports:
Telegraph columnist Bryony Gordon penned an op-ed (Now they have come for families, July 16) on the Nice terror attack suggesting that the truck-ramming assault that claimed at least 84 lives represented the first time in the West that jihadists have targeted children.
In noting that at least 10 children were killed by the Tunisian-born terrorist, named Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, Gordon makes the following point:
There is nothing more innocent than a child. Nothing. That is not to say that the deaths at the Bataclan or in Brussels were any less tragic than those that occurred on Bastille Day; or that the 84 adults who were killed on Thursday night in Nice should be grieved less than the ten children who found their lives cut short just as the holidays were beginning. It is not at all. It is simply to say that the attack in Nice has shown that nothing is sacred any more. Nothing. Men, women, children… to fanatics like Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel,  we are no more than human bowling pins. 
This September, it will be 15 years since we entered the murky world of modern terrorism: suicide bombers with scant regard for their own lives let alone anybody else’s. First they came for the businessmen and women. Then eventually they came for the young, carefree concert goers.
Now they have come for the families. For the children. Perhaps this should not be a surprise given they have been doing it for years in Syria and Iraq. But in the western world, it is a monstrous first.
However, even if we were to ignore attacks on children in Israel, Nice did not represent a monstrous “first” in the West.
In 2012, three Jewish children and one adult were murdered by a jihadist named Mohammed Merah in an attack on a Jewish school in the French city of Toulouse.

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UK: Antisemitic abuse of Jewish Londoners continues

 Via CAA:
Two men were arrested in separate incidents last Sunday, as Jewish Londoners continue to be subjected to antisemitic abuse.

In one incident, a 25-year-old man was detained by Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol, after he grabbed an elderly religious Jew’s hat, then tried to grab other Jews’ hats and punched them.

In a second incident the same day, Shomrim stopped a 23-year-old man for suddenly shouting antisemitic abuse at a Jewish boy.


Police are looking for a third man in connection with yet another incident, which took place on Wednesday last week. As a man in a silver van approached a Jewish pedestrian, he opened the window to shout “F***ing Jewish c***” as he drove past. Witnesses are being sought for the incident which occurred at approximately 20:00 on Craven Walk in Hackney.
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UK: Man charged over anti-Semitic death threats sent to Jewish MP

Via Jewish News:
A man has been appeared in court over an anti-Semitic threat to MP Luciana Berger.

John Nimmo, 28, of Moreland Road, South Shields has been charged with sending a message causing anxiety or distress.

It’s understood that the message to the Liverpool Wavertree MP included an image of a knife and a reference to the murdered MP Jo Cox.

She has reportedly received a number of emails which are understood to have included an image of a kitchen knife, as well as warnings telling her: “You better watch your back Jewish scum”.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Germany: Antisemitic material distributed in Berlin

Via RIAS (h/t Watch: Antisemitism in Europe):

Antisemitic material was openly distributed in a park in Berlin (Kreuzberg district) over a few weeks, next to a children's playground.

The material included laminated cartoons and CDs with pictures, text and films.  The CDs included a lot of antisemitic material, for example: Holocaust denial, anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist conspiracy theories, as well as accusations that Jews are pedophiles and child-murderers, thereby threatening all Germans.

UK: BBC claims Hypercacher attack on Jews was less “indiscriminate” than Nice attack

Via CAA:
The BBC has published an analysis of the terrorist atrocity in Nice, claiming that the attach was somehow worse than the murder of Jews at the Hypercacher kosher supermarket last January because in Nice, “the people at large” were targeted despite doing nothing “provocative”.

    Through the last 18 months of jihadist terror in France, a simple pattern is emerging: it keeps getting worse. If the January 2015 attacks were aimed at specific groups – Jews and blasphemers – the November follow-up was more indiscriminate. At the Bataclan and at the cafes the Islamists killed young adults, out being European hedonists. This time, it’s gone a step further. In Nice, it is the people at large – families and groups of friends – doing nothing more provocative than attending a national celebration. Ten children were among the dead.

The BBC claimed that it was not as bad when terrorists just killed “Jews and blasphemers”, and then asserted that what has happened in Nice is a “step further” because the Jewish people shopping for their Shabbat meals in the Hypercacher kosher supermarket were not “people at large — families and groups of friends”. Instead, they were clearly “more provocative” by being Jewish and partaking in a Jewish shopping activity.

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Germany: German on Vienna train targets wrong victim with Nazi slurs

Via The Local:
A German man was arrested in Austria after insulting a fellow train passenger with a Nazi slur only to see him pull out his ID, indicating he was an off-duty officer with the country’s counter-terrorism unit.

The incident happened on a train travelling west from Vienna when the 65-year-old German man began dishing out racial insults to a woman travelling with her young son after the child’s foot had touched the man’s bag.

After a man sitting nearby intervened in the incident, the German shouted at him: “I gassed hundreds of tattooed pigs like you in Auschwitz.”

The tattooed man then pulled out his ID showing he is a member of Austria’s special operations unit EKO-Cobra, which happens to be responsible for carrying out counter-terrorism operations in the country.

The off-duty Cobra officer seized the man, who according to witnesses continued to shout insults at him before being taken off the train at Linz station and handed over to police to the cheers of the other passengers.

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UK: Jewish NUS official says union’s executive is 'not a safe space' for Jews

The Jewish Chronicle reports:
A senior Jewish member of the National Union of Students has said that its National Executive Council “isn't a safe space” for Jews.

Izzy Lenga [pictured], who was attending today’s NEC meeting, repeatedly wrote of her discomfort, tweeting: “I've had to excuse myself out of this room twice. Twice... I genuinely hate this space”.

She also criticised NUS president Malia Bouattia for approving an amendment which gave the Union of Jewish Students no say over who represented Jewish students on the NUS’s Anti-Racism Anti-Fascism (ARAF) committee.
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Norway: Conservative Party politician posts article blaming Israel for Nice attack

Via HRS,(h/ Morsmal)

Iftikhar Mahmood, a Conservative Party politician in Oslo, posted a link to an article blaming Zionists for the Nice attack.

In his defense, Mahmood claims he did not notice what the article was about or that it linked to an antisemitic site (whose tagline is "Intelligent 'anti-Semitism' for thinking Gentiles").

Apparently, an article that obviously blames Israel for the Nice attack is not enough of a 'red flag' for some people.

Indeed, this is not the first time that Mahmood accuses Israel of being a terrorist state.

In this post from November 2015, Mahmood shows Israel (and the US) paying ISIS to attack the world.

In July 2015, Mahmood posted an article about ISIS banning Eid prayers.  Islamic State has banned Eid prayers.  Mahmood claims that until now "The Zionist State IS Israel" was the only one that has banned Muslims from Eid prayers, and that this tells you who's the architects and strategists behind Islamic State.

Maybe it's time for the Conservative Party to stop pretending that this isn't straight-out antisemitism.

Germany: Leftwing radicals: ‘Money-grabbing’ Jews have too much influence

Breitbart reports:
A new poll shows anti-Semitism is rife among leftwing Germans, with 34% of respondents saying Jews have “too much influence” in the country, the Jerusalem Post reported.
The survey, conducted by the Research Association on the SED [Socialist Unity Party] State at the Free University of Berlin, showed that 34% of leftwing radicals agreed with the anti-Semitic belief that Jews are “money-grabbing,” and 16% of Germans defined as radically left-wing hold anti-Semitic views.  A further 13% of radical leftwingers said Jews are consumed with money.

The study included an online survey with 36,000 respondents.

According to its website, the association researches the former East German communist state and its SED party, which is no longer in existence. The association seeks “to gain more insight into the outer and inner conditions that made possible the 40 years of a second German dictatorship in the 20th century.”

The researchers who led the study, Monika Deutz-Schroeder and Klaus Schroeder, said anti-Semitic extremist leftism equates “Jew” with “capitalist” and “exploiter.”
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