Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Belgium: Human Rights League upset that I called gun-toting Jew-killer wannabe an antisemite

 Yesterday I posted that the Human Rights League, Belgium's leading anti-racist organization, organized a conference with one of Belgium's leading antisemites, Dyab Abou Jahjah.

In response, I got a long comment from Alexis Deswaef, president of this distinguished group.

The short-short summary:
1. He has never seen anything to suggest that Abou Jahjah is an antisemite, and in fact he thinks it's a right-wing conspiracy to discredit Abou Jahjah.
2. His organization was founded by a Jew and fights antisemitism.  Therefore no self-respecting antisemite would want to be associated with his organization.
3. By attacking his organization, I'm shooting myself in the foot, since he's the one fighting antisemitism, and I'm preventing him from engaging in this crucial task with my frivolous complaints.

Gotta love the logic of #2.  Antisemites won't associate with me, therefore, by definition, anybody I associate with can't be an antisemite.  QED. 

Deswaef thinks he knows what antisemitism is.  And therefore, when a Jew complains about antisemitism, the correct response is to lecture them that they're wrong and that they should not complain.

 I'm not going to repeat my complaints against Abou-Jahjah. I am also not going to repeat the long list of cases in which European so-called anti-racist groups justify and honor antisemites.   I'll just say that the situation is so bad that I intend to add "Anti-Racists" to my perpetrator list.

Just keep in mind.  This is the guy that Belgium's premier anti-racist thinks is an acceptable choice to invite for a discussion:

Abou Jahjah joined the Hezbollah in 2006, to kill Jews

Abou Jahjah thinks Holocaust denial is a joke

The cartoon above, posted by Abou Jahjah as his Facebook profile a few years ago, is Abou Jahjah's attempt to show that Holocaust jokes are treated differently than Muhammad cartoons. 

Man next to skeletons: "I don't think they are Jews".   "We have to get to the 6,000,000 somehow! 

And here's another cartoon posted by Abou-Jahjah's group, the Arab European League, in their fight against the Muhammad cartoons:

But, I guess Abou Jahjah is wrong, because apparently, Deswaef  and his Human Rights League see no problem with Holocaust jokes.  Or Holocaust denial, for that matter.

The fact that Abou-Jahjah wants to commit genocide against Jews in Israel, that he has led riots against Belgian Jews and that he engages in Holocaust denial carries no social sanction in Belgium.

Deswaef is not the only Belgian who doesn't see a problem with Abou-Jahjah.  It's just that I expect a guy who supposedly fights antisemitism to fight this tendency to socially accept antisemites and not support it.

How Belgian Jews can sleep at night when they know Deswaef and his organization are the ones charged with fighting against antisemitism is really beyond me.

UK: West Ham fans 'sang anti-Semitic songs'

Via Evening Standard:
Police are looking for a group of West Ham fans who allegedly started singing “vile” anti-Semitic songs on a first class train carriage.

The men refused to stop their offensive chanting after being challenged by a fellow passenger on the service from Watford Junction to Birmingham New Street, police said.

Detectives today released CCTV images of five men they want to speak to about the incident on August 15.  more

Netherlands: Jews concerned about Syrian refugee shelter next to Jewish neighborhood

Concerns which the Dutch Left-wing seems to be pooh-poohing.   Because, really, why should the Jews be concerned about rabid antisemites more than any other Dutch citizen?

Via NL Times:
The Jewish community of Amsterdam-Zuid are concerned about the arrival of a refugee center in Amstelveen-Noord, which local residents were informed about on Monday night. The proposed shelter will house 400 refugees, mostly from Syria and Iraq.
This weekend it was announced that the municipality of Amstelveen intends to shelter refugees in the office building on Laan van Kronenberg – less than a kilometer away from Buitenveldert, home to the largest Jewish community in the Netherlands.

The Central Jewish Board is concerned that there will be incidents. “Let there be no doubt that the Jewish community is overwhelmingly for the reception of war refugees. But we have major concerns”, chairman Ron van der Wieken said to NU on Monday. “These people come from countries such as Syria and Iraq, who traditionally take an extremely harsh tone against Jews. These people are largely brainwashed to hate Jews. You should not underestimate it.

Ron Eisenmann, president of the Center for Information and Documentation Israel and faction leader of VVD Amsterdam-Zuid, also raised his concerns on Twitter. “Not a good plan, Syrian refugees in the middle of a Jewish neighborhood.”, he tweeted. This tweet was met with opposition from, among others, GroenLinks alderwoman in Waterland Laura Bromet. “Maybe you can point out a Syrian neighborhood where they can go”, she replied to his tweet.  more

UK: Jew attacked by man shouting "we need to kill all the Jews"

When British media incite against Israel, British Jews get attacked. 

Via Shomrim:
Suspect shouted "we need to kill all the Jews" at a Jewish male exiting a Synagogue & smashed car window.

Poland: Jewish cemetery dug up in quest for gold, says NGO

In case anybody wonders why stereotypes like "Jews hoard money" can actually have harmful effects.

Via Jerusalem Post:
Residents of a small Polish village that was once the home to a vibrant Jewish community have been digging up the graves of their former neighbors in a quest for buried gold, according to an Israeli Holocaust commemoration NGO.

Jonny Daniels, the executive director of From The Depths, said he had received several calls from residents of the Polish town of Głowaczów, reporting that graves had been dug up.

“As a foundation working on the ground in Eastern Europe, we often heard the stories of locals ‘digging for gold’ in the Jewish cemeteries, we even had mayors of cities ask us if the rumor that Jews were buried with their gold was true,” he said.

“After the third call received on our ‘Matzeva [headstone] Hotline’ giving us information of locals digging in the Jewish cemetery of Głowaczów, Poland, we decided to go see for ourselves, and found something that shocked me to my core, we saw the bases of tombstones overturned and even a spade left underneath.  more

France: Jews have become "protected citizens" no longer at home but rather a new kind of dhimmi

Professor Ruth Wisse writes @ Mosaic Magazine: The Society That Abandons Its Jews Abandons Itself 

Jewish victims of Mohamed Mehra
[...] The greatest value of “The Twilight of French Jewry, the Twilight of France” lies in its shift of focus from the emigrating Jews to the society that, in betraying them, has betrayed itself. Anti-Semitism points at the Jews in order to deflect attention from the problems that beset the larger society. We fall into its trap when we similarly focus our own attention on weighing appropriate Jewish reactions to anti-Semitism rather than on the perpetrators of aggression and on the government that encourages or tolerates it. Naturally, Jews ought to do whatever is in their best interest, but those concerned with the world as a whole must concentrate on how anti-Jews figure in a country’s political landscape. Looking beyond the Jewish question to “the very special relationship that obtained between Jews and the French Republic in its heyday,” El-Mouchan sees how the current failure to eradicate anti-Semitism once again threatens the political foundations of France—“once again,” because the fall of the Third Republic in 1940 was likewise triggered by an assault on only the Jews.

American readers might consider all this as foreign as paté de foie gras and, in fact, El-Mouchan mentions the United States only glancingly when he discusses French strategies of avoidance, to the point where French authorities and the French media refuse to identify openly Islamist perpetrators as Muslims or their targets as Jews:
This refusal to identify either the culprits or their victims by their proper names—a refusal typical also of the Obama administration—has perversely combined with the swift posting of police and military guards at Jewish institutions to make Jews feel that at best they have become “protected citizens” in their own country, reinforcing the idea that they are no longer at home in France but are rather a new kind of dhimmi.
Burial of Ilan Halimi in Jerusalem,
tortured and murdered by
the gang of Barbarians
led by Youssouf Fofana
Today’s “new kind of dhimmi” corresponds to the subordinate non-Aryan once cultivated by Nazism in Germany and to the maudit Juif, the accursed Jew, of the Anti-Semitic League and Vichy government in France. In each case, those who aggress against the Jews vent their insecurities by attacking people who function best in free and open competition. Today’s Arab and Muslim assault—rhetorically against Israel, bodily against Jews and Jewish institutions—cloaks a war with the democratic West behind an anti-Jewish offensive that, not so incidentally, also deflects attention from the escalating crises of Muslims and Arabs themselves. Read more.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Paris Mayor Joins Global anti-Semitism Initiative

 From Haaretz:
Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has become the first European municipal leader to join Mayors United Against Anti-Semitism, an initiative calling on municipal leaders to publicly address and take concrete actions against anti-Semitism.

The initiative was launched in July by the American Jewish Committee, an advocacy organization which announced Hidalgo's participation in a press release on Wednesday.

"The city has a responsibility to fight anti-Semitism, otherwise it will develop in the midst of it," Hidalgo was quoted as saying. "Paris, which is home to the biggest Jewish community of Europe, needs to be a pioneer in the fight against hate so that other cities can benefit from its expertise and commitment."

More than 300 mayors and municipal leaders from 47 states across the United States have so far signed the Mayors Against Anti-Semitism manifesto, which states that "in a world of global communications, where anti-Semitic ideas can and do spread quickly, the impact of the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe does not stop at Europe's borders."

According to AJC Executive Director David Harris, "anti-Semitism is a cancer that, left unchecked, will metastasize and threaten to destroy the democratic and pluralistic nature of Europe."

The initiative is based on a core set of principles, including the condemnation of anti-Jewish hatred in all forms; rejection of the notion that anti-Semitic acts may ever be justified by one's view on the actions or existence of the State of Israel; a declaration that anti-Semitism and any prejudices due to religious differences are inconsistent with core democratic values; and the belief that the promotion of mutual understanding and respect among all citizens is essential to good governance and democratic life.

Belgium: Human Rights League invites antisemitic speaker

Frankly, I'm getting tired of reporting how supposedly "anti-racism" groups collaborate with antisemites.    The government can talk all it wants about how it's going to fight antisemitism, but obviously it's just talk.

The Belgian organization "Human Rights League" invited antisemite Dyab Abou Jahjah to discuss how to conduct civil protest.

To remind everybody, in the past Abou Jahjah conducted "civil protest" by rioting in Jewish neighborhoods.  He supports genocide and ethnic cleansing of Jews in Israel.  (for more on Abou Jahjah see here and here)

Belgian activist for Human Rights.  Wants to kill Jews.

In Belgium, Jews cannot expect to be protected by "human rights" organizations.

h/t R.

Germany: "Free Palestine", "Fucking Jews" shouted at TUS Makkabi players

Note that "Free Palestine" is used as a curse against Jews.  There's a reason for that.

(Thanks Daniel)

Via Report-K:

Some players of the ESV Olympia Köln football club shouted  „Free Palestine“ and “Fucking (literal Shit) Jews” at the TUS Makkabi players. This led almost to a brawl and only through the actions of the referee and the spectators could a fight be prevented

TUS Makkabi has players from Jewish, Muslim and other backgrounds.

The statement of ESV Olympia Köln

  • The fact that we play against Makkabi shows we are open and tolerant and first and foremost interested in playing soccer also in its function as uniting peoples in peace
  • We’ll thoroughly investigate alleged racist behavior of players and spectators
  • We retain a law office to get damages from people may have damaged our good name and credit worthinesss (reputation)
  • We’ll issue a statement about the alleged events as soon as our investigations are complete

UK: British media incites against Jews

Over the past few weeks, Jewish Israelis have been targeted in an unprecendented wave of terror.   Though the media likes to emphasize (when it discusses antisemitism) that one shouldn't conflate Jews and Israel, in this case the targets are specifically Jewish.  You are most likely to be targeted if you are wearing Jewish garb or in uniform.

In 'retaliation' the British media have launched an unprecendent attack on Israel.

For example, this headline from The Independent:

As can be seen in the URL and via their twitter feed, the original headline talked of "revenge attacks".

According to the British media, Israel should respond to rocket attacks.... by doing nothing.  Anything else would be 'revenge'. 

Israel is commiting genocide!  Israel is targeting pregnant women and children!  Israel!  Israel!  (Jews! Jews!)

Let's make this clear:  Headlines like this lead to murder.  

This is not 'criticism'.   This is not 'responsible journalism'.   

Jews in Britain are under attack by the media. 

It is headlines like these that make Jews wonder if they shouldn't get a home in Israel, just in case.  You know.

British media are joining in with Muslim incitement against Jews.  And when Jews will pay the price, their blood will be on the hands of newspapers like the Independent.

France: French-Jewish academic assaulted following anti-Semitic threats

More background here.

A French-Jewish university director who has been the subject of an anti-Semitic campaign of intimidation was assaulted outside his home near Paris.

An unidentified individual attacked Samuel Mayol, the director of the Technical University Institution, or IUT, on the evening of Oct. 9 while Mayol was walking his dog in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis, the Tribune Juive weekly reported.

The assailant bashed Mayol’s head three times against a wall, causing him a concussion and multiple lacerations. The assailant fled the scene after the attack.
Breaking News

Mayol, who was speaking to a friend on his cellphone when the attack occurred, sustained minor injuries. His attacker told him: “We are going to bump you,” which in French slang also means to kill. Mayol filed a criminal complaint for assault with police, who are investigating the attack as a possible hate crime.  more

France: Jewish leader refuses to condemn boycott of Israel

Europe Israel blog reports that Patrick Klugman, elected Socialist Deputy for International Relations and the Francophonie (French-speaking communities), vice president of SOS Racism and co-opted member of the CRIF, has refused to condemn the calls for a boycott of Israel.

On 28 September at the Paris City Council, the group Republicans called on the Mayor of Paris to take a firm stand against the boycott of Israel and BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions).Patrick Klugman, who is a member of the CRIF which is supposed fight against the boycott, opposed the call.

Claude Goasguen, a member of the National Assembly of France who represents the city of Paris and is a member of the Union for a Popular Movement, roundly condemned Mr. Klugman's refusal.    Claude Goasguen is not Jewish.

Crif  is an umbrella organization of French Jewish organizations.  It is highly unlikely that it take any action in respect to Patrick Klugman.

No wonder so many Jews are leaving France.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Austria: Jailed author 'forced to prove' Jewishness

Via The Local:
A Jewish writer who is serving a year-long prison sentence in Vienna after being found guilty of defrauding the government over Nazi-looted property says he was initially denied kosher food in jail and had to prove to authorities that he is actually Jewish.

In a controversial trial, Stephan Templ was found guilty of defrauding Austria because a restitution application he filed on behalf of his mother omitted the name of his mother’s estranged sister, who would have been entitled to a share of the value of the property which was seized from his Jewish relatives in 1938.

Templ, 54, who began his sentence on Monday has said the case is “completely absurd” and borders on anti-Semitic persecution.

In the latest developments, he told the Kurier newspaper that he had been denied kosher food in prison and that he had to ask his girlfriend to contact the Jewish Community in Vienna to provide proof of his Jewishness.

The Kurier reports that under Austrian prison law you are only registered as Jewish if Austria’s Jewish Community has officially recognised you as a religious member. Templ’s main residence is in Prague.  more

Austria: Antisemitic graffiti and desecration of memorial stones

Hohenems - six inscriptions against foreigners including Nazi symbols were sprayed across the city. This was done on a number of memorial stones, such as near the center of the commercial company Prisma, near the Jewish museum, Salomon Sulzer hall, Elkangarten nursing home and near the Red Cross offices.

UK: Man arrested after shouting “kill the fucking Jews” at Jewish pedestrians

Shomrim told Jewish News: “The suspect was shouting “kill the fucking Jews” amongst other abuse. The suspect was shouting the abuse at visibly Jewish pedestrians including women and children.”  more