Thursday, October 30, 2014

France: Man caught trying to infiltrate Jewish school


A man tried to infiltrate a Jewish school in Créteil (Paris).  The man climbed the fence and tried to remove the security camera from there.  He also photographed the school, held up a sign saying "free Palestine" and called out antisemitic insults.

Germany: Pupil representative gets insults and death threats from Muslim pupils

Max Moses Bonifer, 18, has been acting as a pupil representative for a State school in Offenbach. Max is Jewish and has become used to anti-Semitic insults being leveled at him on a daily basis. He is called "Jude", obviously not in a friendly way, and also advised that there would be a "Jewish action".

Things got worse since the Gaza events. Lately, things escalated and he started getting death threats from Muslim teenagers.

He complained that in the school there is an increasing radicalisation of Muslim youths, Salafist militancy coupled with failed integration policies.

Max Bonifer said that as head boy he had to speak for pupils who threatened to kill him.  He just can't do that.  He has resigned from his post with effect from December 1.

More: Frankfurter Rundschau (in German)

UK: Rugby players broke Jewish boy's nose during Nazi-themed drinking game

The banned London School of Economics men's rugby players were today accused of having dressed like Guantanamo Bay detainees in front of Muslim students and breaking a Jewish students' nose during a Nazi-themed drinking game.

The club was disbanded by the students union after leaflets labelling women 'slags', 'trollops' and 'mingers' were dished out at the freshers' fair for the historically liberal university, where past students include John F Kennedy and David Attenborough.

More: Daily Mail

Germany: Kids start 'Nazi club', harass Jewish kids

An entire high school class in Germany is being investigated after the teenage pupils allegedly started greeting each other with 'Heil Hitler' and communicating in Nazi slogans. 
Parents and authorities are horrified after it emerged that some of the 29 student have been swapping Nazi sayings and slogans throughout the school day on instant messaging-app WhatsApp.


Eli Gampel, 54, who has a son in the class, said: 'These discussions about the Nazi class from Landsberg are a load of rubbish. I thought it was a bad dream when I opened newspapers and read the article.'

Gampel, the former head of the local Halle Jewish Community, said his son had experienced harassment at the school.

'My son told me that someone had stuck a far-right NPD [National Democratic Party] sticker on his jacket. It was well known, it seems, that he was Jewish.'

'I have made a formal complaint with police for an investigation, but on the other hand it would definitely be the wrong thing to simply accuse the entire class and tar them with the same brush.'

He said: 'Even after I read about it, I found it difficult to get him to talk about what went on. It was only through a lengthy discussion that he admitted what was in the newspaper article was essentially true.' 

More: Daily Mail

Belgium: Bar anti-Semitic Muslim clergyman, watchdog urges

A Belgian watchdog on anti-Semitism asked the government to block a Kuwaiti preacher who called
for Jews to be eradicated from attending an Islamic conference in Brussels.

Tarek al-Swaidan, a leader of Kuwait’s branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, is expected to attend the Muslim Forum of Brussels on Nov. 7, the Belgian League Against Anti-Semitism, or LBCA, said in a statement Wednesday.

The group motioned the Belgian Foreign Ministry to block his entrance into the country.

“An open anti-Semite, he declared only last July that the State of Israel must be destroyed along with all the Jews,” the LBCA statement said.

More: JTA

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

UK: After Twitter abuser jailed, MP targeted for antisemitic abuse

The jailing of an internet troll who sent antisemitic messages to MP Luciana Berger has sparked a wave of copycat abuse targeting the Labour shadow cabinet member.

Merseysider Garron Helm was handed a four-week prison term on Monday after admitting sending an “obscene” Hitler-related tweet to Ms Berger.

It featured a photograph of the Liverpool Wavertree MP superimposed with a Holocaust yellow star and the wording: "You can always count on a Jew to show their true colours eventually".

Helm’s incarceration was widely welcomed, but Ms Berger has subsequently been targeted by similar messages on Twitter.

One sent her a message containing only the word “jude” – the German word for Jew.

Another bombarded Ms Berger with messages on Thursday evening, and also targeted fellow Jewish Labour MP Louise Ellman.

In one tweet the user wrote: “Two Jews in a shtetl. Family tree is a knot. #InbredJews #ExpelLucianaBerger #ExpeltheJews #JewOwnedBritain”

Belgium: Anti-Semitic insult on Knack magazine Facebook page

Following a piece on Israel (see below) on the Facebook page of Belgian magazine Knack, known for its anti-Israel editorial line, a reader Johan Vercarre posted a message in Flemish: "Vuule joden!", meaning "Dirty Jews!".

Mr. Vercarre had indicated that he worked for Belgocontrol, "an autonomous public company in charge of the safety of air traffic in the civil airspace for which the Belgian State is responsible". It is partly controlled by the State and its employees shouldn't be allowed to post racial slurs.

Joods Actueel, a Jewish publication based in Antwerp, contacted Belgocontrol.  But the comment was not removed.  When Joods Actueel asked for an explanation, it was told that appropriate measures had been taken. A further exchange of emails ensued in which Belgocontrol complained that it was being unfairly vilified...

An email was then sent to Mr. Renaud Lorand, Belgocontrol's chairman (with a copy to the Belgian League Against Antisemitism). Mr Lorand reacted immediately and condemned the offending comment unreservedly. The comment was removed yesterday - it had been posted on September 23.

There is a lesson to be learnt.  Anti-Semitism in its crudest forms has become acceptable and accepted in Europe.

Israel: World's oldest Jewish cemetery suffers from constant Muslim vandalism

Vandalism at the Mount of Olives cemetery is a rampant problem. In the past, Jewish visitors have filed hundreds of complaints regarding rock-throwing attacks by Arabs, and vandalism of the graves of loved ones.

"The police and security guards at the cemetery - placed there by the government - do not even deal with the terrorists", said King. "Last night, the holy Saturday night of Parshat Noach, the roads leading to the burial plots looked like the entrance to a refugee camp."

"The terrorists set fire to tires and threw Molotov cocktails at the burial cave of the Admor of Gur. Tall pillars of security cameras were set on fire and uprooted, fences were broken and had been torn out. Gravestones were smashed."

More: Artuz 7, h/t CFCA

UK: Jew stabbed in antisemitic attack

Stamford Hill, London - a yeshiva student who walked down the street on Saturday was brutally stabbed by a young man, and was saved by a miracle.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

UK: Jewish actress blames Israel for 'allowing' anti-Semitism

Actress Miriam Margolyes, best known in recent years for her role as Prof. Sprout in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", thinks people generally don't like Jews.

“I don’t think people like Jews. They never have. English literature, my great love, is full of greasy and treacherous Jews," Margolyes told the new issue of Radio Times.

“I’m lucky they like me, and one always needs a Jewish accountant. Anti-Semitism is horrible and can’t be defended, but Israel is stupid for allowing people to vent it.”

More: i24News

UK: MP says Israeli "control of MPs" should be exposed

Bradford East MP David Ward has provoked fresh anger after tweeting about “control of MPs” by supporters of Israel. 
Nearly two weeks after MPs voted overwhelmingly to urge recognition of a Palestinian state, the Liberal Democrat politician took to Twitter last night to say: “After Commons #Palestine vote what next? Need to expose Pro-#Israel control of MPs against recognition.”
More: Jewish News

Norway: Language course introduces new state of Palestine

Via SMA:

A book for teaching the Norwegian language introduces people from around the world.  Most come from existing countries, which are marked on the map: Norway, Poland, Somalia and Australia.  But one comes from a country that does not yet exist.  In fact, a country that never existed.

What about the country that currently exists in that very same place?  We don't know.
Because in Norway, even a language course is just wishful thinking.

Belgium: Local politician says gas chambers were made up

Via HLN, h/t CICAD:

Thierry Van de Plas, a councillor in Kraainem for the Christian democratic CDH party, was removed from his party and all his official positions after it was revealed that he was a Holocaust negationist.

Vand De Plas wrote on Facebook in September 2013, in a private chat, that based on his own investigation, he agreed with Olivier Mathieu (convicted negationist) and had gotten to the conclusion that the gas chambers were fake.

Germany: Israeli flag outside homeless shelter vandalized

Via Nord Kurier, h/t JFDA:

Vandals stole and vandalized an Israeli flag flying outside a homeless shelter in Eggesin (eastern Germany).  The missionaries who run the shelter say the flag was a statement against anti-Semitism, and was also put up for religious reasons.

The flag had been torn down several times.  It seems that now somebody drove a car into the flagpole in order to bring it down.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Norway: Jewish cemetery vandalized

Graves in the Jewish cemetery in Trondheim were vandalized.  Graffiti was also spray pointed on the funeral home wall saying "the Fuhrer".

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