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Croatia: Wiesenthal Centre urges end to Nazi allies pensions

Via AFP:
The Nazi-hunting Simon Wiesenthal Center on Tuesday urged Croatia to stop paying pensions to people who served in the country's World War II Nazi-allied armed forces, labelling the policy an insult to their victims.

"In view of the horrendous war crimes committed in the so-called Independent State of Croatia (NDH)... such a policy is inherently mistaken," the centre's chief Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff said in a letter to Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic.

Paying pensions to members of the WWII Ustasha armed forces is a "horrific insult to the victims, their families and all Croatians with a sense of morality and integrity," Zuroff stressed in a Wiesenthal Center statement quoting from his letter.

The Nazi-allied Ustasha authorities persecuted and killed hundreds of thousands of ethnic Serbs, Jews, Gypsies and anti-fascist Croatians.

Croatia is currently paying around 10,000 such pensions, to those still living or their spouses, which costs the European Union member around 50 million euros ($56 million) yearly, according to estimates.

Christianity survives in Judea and Samaria because Jews are willing to die for Jerusalem. How many Christians are willing to die for Jerusalem?

J.P. Goldman (Spengler) writes @ Pajamas Media:
While the government of Egypt stands siege against the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Palestine branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, namely Hamas, got a boost from the Vatican May 13 when the Vatican announced that it would recognize a Palestinian State. Although the titular president of the Palestine Authority Mahmoud Abbas sat in the Vatican garden with Pope Francis for the announcement, Hamas has a margin of support over Abbas’ feckless Fatah party of 2:1 by most estimates. Abbas is in the eleventh year of a five-year term, and cannot call elections because Hamas would win. He holds office because the Israeli Army props him up in power against the radical majority.  [...]
Judging from the opinion polls, a State of Palestine today would have a Hamas majority of about two-thirds, with substantial representation from elements of ISIS. Why would the Vatican wish this plague upon itself? If a Palestnian State rules the Old City of Jerusalem, the Christian holy sites will be razed by Muslim radicals, just as they were in Iraq. Christianity survives in Judea and Samaria because Jews are willing to die for Jerusalem. How many Christians are willing to die for Jerusalem? The Vatican should ponder this question.

There are two answers. The first is that for the most part, Arab Christians are Arabs first and Christians second, just as French and German Christians in 1914 were French and Germans first, and Christians second.  The leadership of the Arab churches in confession with Rome has always tried to prove its loyalty tot he Arab cause by taking an especially vociferous stand against Israel, for example, during the 2010 Synod of Middle East Bishops. I reviewed the sad history of Levantine Christianity in a 2009 essay for Asia Times. It is impossible to exaggerate the anguish of a Church on the verge of extinction in his historic cradle.

The second answer lies in the peculiar theology of Pope Francis himself, who has a pronounced millennarian streak, as I wrote in this space last year. [...]  Francis is a pope for people who want the warm feeling of Catholicism without its obligations, and that is what makes him so popular.

It is one thing to forgive one’s enemies, and quite another to encourage them. That is what Pope Francis has done by recognizing the fiction of a Palestinian State. When the pope visited the Holy Land last year I warned, “ear that the Church, the founding institution of the West, its pillar and mainstay, has lost its moorings. The State of Israel will do quite well without it; it was founded in 1947 against the opposition of the Church then immeasurably more influential, and does not require the blessing of the Church to flourish today. But Bergoglio’s behavior in the Holy Land bespeaks a dilution of the Church’s self-understanding and a deviation from its mission.”

Benedict XVI emphasized God’s particular love for Israel; Francis hopes that all will be saved. Except for the good offices of the Egyptian Army and the Israel Defense Force, his hope will be vain where Middle Eastern Christians are concerned.  More.

Young Europeans having great fun and taking selfies at Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Slate has the story (in French).

They are having fun.  They are taking pictures.  They are posting them on social media.  They are saying how happy they feel there.  There a blog fully dedicated to sexy/fun pictures at the Holocaust memorial:  Some of the comments: "That shy smile could light a fire in the ovens of my heart", "possibly pregnant,", "Every time I see her Miley Cyrus just gets hotter and hotter", "unbridled joy", etc

Or Alain Soral making the "quenelle":

Or this:
And this:

Thursday, May 21, 2015

France: Jewish university director target of intimidation campaign

Via Le Monde:

This story started about a year and a half ago (see here).   After the management of the IUT (Technological Institute) in Saint-Denis (Paris) reported several teachers for misconduct, Samuel Mayol, the Jewish head of the institute and his family became a target of intimidation, death threats and physical attacks.  In  one case his house was broken into.  All together, thirty incidents, and the police still don't have a clue who's responsible.

Things came to a head this week when Mayol and six staff members received threatening SMS messages with racist and antisemitic insults.  Five of the teachers announced they will not come to work until the issue is resolved.

Switzerland: Gov't, Zurich funding 'Breaking the Silence' event

Via Algemeiner:
The Swiss Foreign Ministry and Zurich municipality’s decision to sponsor a traveling exhibition by Israeli nongovernmental organization Breaking the Silence has raised eyebrows in the local Jewish community, Israeli NRG news site reported Wednesday.

The event is set to be held in June at the “Culture Helferei” events center, and will feature testimonies from former Israeli soldiers claiming that the IDF carried out unnecessary killings of Palestinians, according to NRG.

The testimonies are expected to deal mainly with military operations against Palestinians, and alleged violations of human rights by IDF soldiers during the course of their service.

Community representatives in Zurich told NRG that Breaking the Silence originally sought out a local synagogue for its exhibition, but was rejected after the group refused to organize additional soldiers to tell “the other side of the story.”

Germany: GDR leader Erich Honecker believed US was ruled by Jews

Interview with Anetta Kahane, chairwoman of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation:
Q: How did you perceive the political relationship between the GDR and Israel?

It was non-existent. The only relationship with Israel was one of absolute rejection, of hatred even. The way this was handled in the GDR was bizarre. We did an exhibition with the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, "Anti-Semitism in the GDR," and during research for that, we found out that the GDR provided shelter for terrorists. They were supported by the government and were trained there. It's egregious.

That was the relationship with Israel - they sided with people who wanted to destroy Israel. In the GDR, it was very clear whose side people were on during the 6-Day-War or the Yom-Kippur-War and how sad they were that Israel wasn't wiped off the map.

Q: When did that begin to change?

In the early or mid-80s, when the GDR was in terrible economic shape. GDR leader Erich Honecker wanted better trade conditions with the US and somebody told him: "You know, the US is ruled by Jews and that's why you need to play nice with Israel and with the Jews in the GDR and in the US, too. The Jews are the key to getting the money."

Suddenly, things worked out that never did before. Jewish congregations had property returned to them that had been taken away earlier. All of a sudden, cemeteries were kept up. And the government started to use a much friendlier tone with Israel. All of this was to get the trade conditions with the US improved. This didn't end up happening, but it was the original motivation.

Q: With anti-Semitism so prevalent, did your family ever consider moving to West Germany?

That was never an alternative for my family. My father would never have wanted to go to West Germany, where almost every higher-standing civil servant was a former Nazi. This really turned him off.

Netherlands: Pro-Palestinian protester charged with threatening Dutch Jews aquitted after he claims he only wants to kill Israeli settlers

Via De Telegraaf:

An anti-Israel protester in the Hague was recently sentenced to 150 hours of community service and 1000 euro fine for beating up a passer-by.

The protester has been standing for years in the center of town.  On August 10, somebody commented on his sign, and this led to a fight.

On July 16, he was standing at the Buitenhof square.  when a passer-by commented on his sign, he replied that "they should slit the throat of all Dutch Jews".  The prosecution charged him with threats and incitement to violence.  During the trial, the defendant claimed he had said that "the 700,000 Jews who live in the Occupied Territories should have their throat slit at night".  The man was acquitted as witnesses could not establish whether he was threatening Dutch or Israeli Jews.

He was acquitted of insulting Israeli president Shimon Peres.  When Peres came for a visit in 2013, he waited for him with a sign "Judeo Nazis not welcome".  He was arrested before Peres showed up, and therefore could not be charged with offending him.

Germany: Jewish British student's 'suicide by road accident' likely to have been a constructed set-up by far right cult

The Daily Mail reports:

A British student's apparent suicide in German road accident is likely to have been a 'constructed set-up', an inquest heard today.

Jeremiah Duggan, 22, was found dead on a motorway near Wiesbaden on March 27, 2003 after he attended a youth event organised by the LaRouche 'far-right cult'.

German police said his death was 'a suicide by means of a traffic accident', but the Jewish student's family have never accepted that ruling and in May 2010 the High Court ordered a fresh UK inquest after judges said evidence of possible foul play needed to be investigated.

Jeremiah, a student at the British institute and the prestigious Sorbonne University of Paris, went from France to Weisbaden in Germany to join what he believed was a protest against the war in Iraq.

His mother, Erica Duggan, has previously said that she believes her son began to be aware of and criticise the virulent anti-Semitic views of the group, and was tortured by the group in the days before his death. 

As the new inquest opened at Barnet Coroner's Court in north London, forensic photographic expert Paul Canning said that after examining pictures from the scene, 'the only possible conclusion is that it must have been a set-up'.  More.

Wikipedia has a detailed report on the circumstances of the death of Jeremiah Duggan and the protagonists: Here.
According to April Witt in The Washington Post, Duggan stood out because he was British and Jewish. Aglaja Beyes-Corleis told the BBC that Jewish members could be placed under particular pressure at meetings. A memo from the London Metropolitan Police submitted as evidence at Duggan's inquest said the Schiller Institute and LaRouche Youth Movement blamed the Jewish people for the Iraq war and other world problems; the memo said that "Jeremiah's lecture notes and bulletins showed the anti-Semitic nature of [the] ideology."Duggan's mother said Dr. Jonathan Tennenbaum, the Schiller Institute's scientific adviser, told her after his death that when Duggan heard the Jews being blamed for the war during a seminar, he had stood up and said, "But I'm a Jew!"One participant said the others put him "through the wringer" because of it.

Turkey: Jerusalem belongs to us, not to the Jews

Via Walid Shoebat:

Nothing in the western media covered what the Turkish Anadulu Agency released, when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave a speech this Friday with a strange message riddled with statements that were predicted in the Bible regarding Antichrist. From his desire to invade Jerusalem and to Muhammad’s claim to have ascended to heaven from there, Erdogan called on all Turks to refocus on the Ottoman goal to re-conquer Jerusalem for Islam: 

Turkish president called on citizens to “raise their hands in supplication for this blessed night towards Allah to restore the Al-Aqsa Mosque [Jerusalem] to be re-owned by Muslims, and to remove the mist from their eyes, to see Jerusalem in their hands at every moment and at every opportunity”.


Such reflections were also made by Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu recently, that “Jerusalem belongs to the Muslims, not to the Jews,” while criticizing the leader of the co-party Peoples Democratic opposition, Salahuddin Dmirattash, in which he said in opposition to the Islamist rhetoric of Davutoglu:

“It is Taqsim Square in Istanbul which to the workers means what the city of Jerusalem means to the Jews, and what the Kaaba means to Muslims “.

Salahuddin was simply saying to each his own affairs. Let Jerusalem belong to the Jews, Mecca to the Muslims and let us be concerned about our own affairs. Salahuddin believes Turkey should focus on jobs, not a mission to reconquer Jerusalem.

Davutoglu responds affirming that Jerusalem belongs to Muslims and not the Jews, saying: “Jerusalem is our home and we are all Jerusalem.”  more

UK: UN-related charity accused of 'Israel-bashing' by “unrelentingly bullying the Jewish state"

Via the Jewish Chronicle:

A Jewish member of a charity which promotes the work of the United Nations here has accused it of “Israel-bashing”

Members of the United Nations Association UK (UNA-UK) passed a motion at its policy conference at the weekend urging the British government to support a “carefully calibrated policy” of boycotting Israel unless it changed its policy and resumed negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

They also called for recognition of a Palestinian state, an end to Israel’s blockade of Gaza and pressure on Israel to respect the rights of its Bedouin citizens.

But Geoffrey Ben-Nathan complained that nearly a quarter of the event was devoted to discussion of Israel.

“Year after year, UNA-UK criticises everything Israel says and everything she does,” he said.

“No-one else gets this treatment. For example, someone inadvertently left the name ‘Turkey’ on a motion about mistreatment of women. There was an immediate and overwhelming vote for the name to be expunged.” more

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spain: Lawyer defends Nazism, says they had their good points too

Via 20Minutos:

Lawyer Teresa Bueyes, a paneslist on the TVE show "Amigas y Conocidas", defended Nazism, and said that it had its good points.

The discussion centered around a charity group which only helps ethnic Spaniards and not immigrants.  When this was compared to Nazism, Bueyes said in every ideology and religion there are people who do good and people who do evil.

She later apologized and said she of course condemns Nazism.  She just had no time to do so on the show.

Germany: Nakba Day speaker says "Anne Frank would have been today on our side"

"Nakba Day" is not a protest against Israel's politics.  It's a protest against Israel, the Jewish state.

European countries are very proud of the fact that their school curriculum includes the Holocaust, but look at the results: Denying antisemitism today, using Anne Frank in order to deny Jews the right to self-determination, and comparing Jews to Nazis.

From a speech at the Nakba Day rally in Berlin, via emo.youth@tumblr.

Date: May 15, 2015
Location: Berlin
Speaker: Ahmed from “JugendtheaterBüro Berlin” (english: “Youth Theater Office Berlin”)
Source: Redebeitrag und Poetry Ahmed JTB
Minute: 3:47 min – 4:44 min

Now I will give an example on how German circumstances are. We just made a theater play about Anne Frank. The father of Anne Frank said he wants the story of Anne Frank to be a universal story. Anne Frank counts for everybody. A group of Muslims from Kosovo, Palestine, Afghanistan have met and looked into the story of Anne Frank and have gathered courage and inspiration from this, because they say we know what it means to be a minority in today’s Germany just like the Jews were back then. Anne Frank belongs to us. We made a play about it. And you know what they wrote? “Anti-semitic! Muslims are not able to refer to Anne Frank.” We say Anne Frank would have been on the streets today on our side against racism and Israel’s politics.

UK: Galloway says New York-Tel Aviv axis of evil controls parliament and media

And all this because his Muslim Pakistani assistant reported him to the authorities.

Can we now say that he's antisemitic?

Via Jewish News:
George Galloway had been referred to the police, the parliamentary standards watchdog has revealed, after he was reported by a former parliamentary assistant Aisha Ali Khan to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.

The report, made earlier this year, claims that she spent more time running personal errands for him than on official work.


In a press release by the former MP, he claimed that “This is mendacious attempt by an embittered former employee and criminal to smear me in an attempt to damage my future political plans.. won’t succeed and at the end of it I hope and trust that there will be legal consequences for all of those involved in this plot.”

The statement continued: “Her lawyers, based in Israel, have apparently now complained to the IPSA. These Tel Aviv lawyers are clearly acting for the bankrupt Khan pro bono. IPSA, without asking me a single question or informing me of the details of the complaint so that I could could answer them, have referred it to the police, with whom I will fully co-operate.“

He later tweeted: “It’s an outrage that a New York- Tel Aviv axis of evil can have parliament and media dancing to their tune. No paper will report these facts“  more

Robert Wistrich, leading scholar of anti-Semitism, dies of heart attack

A great loss in the fight against antisemitism.

Via Jerusalem Post:
Robert Wistrich, widely considered one of the world’s leading experts on anti-Semitism, died of a sudden heart attack in Rome late Tuesday, Italian media is reporting. He was 70 years old.

According to a news bulletin posted on the website of the daily La Stampa, Wistrich was due to address the Italian Senate on the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe.

Wistrich, the Neuburger Professor of European and Jewish history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, authored dozens of books and scholarly essays on anti-Semitism during his distinguished academic career.  more

Lithuania: "Hitler wanted to destroy Jews physically, Stalin came, and he wanted to destroy the whole memory of the Jewish people"

Via The Daily Mail (h/t The Israel Project):
Giedrius Sakalauskas always thought there was something strange about the graffiti-sprayed, bunker-like structure in a leafy area outside the center of Vilnius.

Why build an electrical substation with granite blocks instead of regular bricks?

When he examined the building more carefully this month, he made a chilling discovery: Dozens of stones had inscriptions in Hebrew or Yiddish. "I touched the stones and I realized that they're really gravestones," Sakalauskas told The Associated Press.


And he had strong hunch about where they came from: Across the street there used to be a Jewish cemetery that was demolished in the 1960s when Lithuania was part of the Soviet Union. Sakalauskas posted pictures of his discovery on social media, setting off an emotional discussion about a dark chapter in Lithuania's history that didn't end when a Nazi occupation was replaced by a Soviet one in 1944.

Lithuania's once-vibrant Jewish community was nearly annihilated by the Nazis and the few who survived found little sympathy from their new communist rulers.

"Hitler wanted to destroy Jews physically," said Simonas Gurevicius, whose family escaped the Holocaust by fleeing to Russia and returned to Lithuania after the war. "Stalin came, and he wanted to destroy the whole memory of the Jewish people, making sure that nothing will stay."

The etchings on the substation are hard to spot unless you know what you are looking for. They're only visible in the gaps where the slabs overlay each other.  more