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Ukraine: Jew attacked and told "get out of town and out of the country"

Via Yiddish News and CursorInfo:

Alexander Dukovski, a Jewish doctor, was beaten up by 3 masked men shouting antisemitic slogans at him: "Jew, get out of town and out of the country".   The attackers focused on his hands. Dukovski is a pediatric neurosurgeon and it's unclear if he'll ever be able to work again in his field.

The local media did not report the antisemitic aspects of the attack, and the police are investigating it as hooliganism.

Bosnia: Palestinians say attacks on Jews serve the Zionists

A few days ago a senior official in the Jewish community was attacked in Sarajevo. Though the motive for the attack is unclear, various organizations condemned it with the assumption that it's antisemitic.

What I found interesting was the Palestinian community's response.  Who serves to profit from an attack on Jews?  Those evil Zionists, of course.  

After condemning the attack the Palestinian community adds that this terrorist act serves the policies of Netanyahu and the Zionist propaganda, which aims to strike fear into the hearts of European Jews so they would leave Europe and go to Occupied Palestine.

Please note that the Palestinian community does not recognize the two state solution.  They believe that Israel should be wiped out and that Jews have no right to their ancestral homeland.

Russia: Holocaust memorial in Volvograd desecrated



Memorial for the Jews of Volvograd murdered by Nazis desecrated.

UK: Jews feel Labour Party, British Left is antisemitic

Via Tablet Magazine:
Most liberal Jews believe that the plight of Palestinian Arabs inside and outside Israel presents the Jewish State with an important test of its commitment to social justice—a test that Israel is failing. Many wish to be publicly critical of Netanyahu’s Israel. But all too often they hold back, because in the vehemence of left-wing Israel hatred they sense something besides concern about Israelis or Palestinians. When liberal British Jews see anti-Israel marchers holding signs saying “Jews back to the gas” and “Hitler was right” and they don’t hear loud and universal condemnation of such bile from the left, they begin to fear that there is another agenda there that is not about social justice. They sense anti-Semitism.

Yet for many British Jews, the vehemence of leftist anti-Zionism—minus the Nazi slogans—is a problem, too. When liberal British Jews hear of organizations like the PSC applauding a call to destroy Balfour’s damned legacy, that doesn’t feel like a constructive critique of Israel and its policies—the kind that could be justly leveled at both Britain and America in recent history; it feels like blind rage and deep loathing.

Because here’s the thing that is rarely said: If your anti-Zionism is such that you hate Israel’s very existence, then for most British Jews the effect of this is similar to anti-Semitism, because to a greater or lesser extent, most British Jews are Zionists, meaning that they believe that the project of collective Jewish existence is a legitimate one, or as legitimate as the existence and aspirations of any other nation, including the Palestinians. And because Israel is the Jewish state, British Jews take Israel-hatred personally. Asking them to disavow their affiliation to Israel in order to maintain their liberalism therefore presents an agonizing choice.


“For the first time in five decades,” wrote veteran British actress Maureen Lipman in November, “I shall not be voting Labour.” Her primary reason was simple: Israel. She excoriated Miliband for his demand that the British government recognize a Palestinian state without a peace deal. She also disapproved of his party’s double standards attacking Israeli aggression when it was responsible for launching a war in Iraq. “Come election day,” she wrote, “I shall give my vote to another party. Almost any other party. Until my party is once more led by mensches.”

Lipman is not alone. Last August Kate Bearman, the former head of the Labour Friends of Israel, resigned her membership to the Labour Party, citing the fact that its “leadership issues simplistic statements that are at odds with the realities Israel faces.” She felt that she was “forced to choose between my party and my support for Israel. And I’ve chosen.”

Many younger Jewish liberals also no longer feel they have a political home. Alex Tenenbaum, 27, is a comedy writer living in north London. His politics have always been liberal, but he has moved further to the left after spending much of the past two years working in disadvantaged London state schools confronting vast inequality. Despite this, he sees no place for himself in today’s Labour Party.

“I couldn’t imagine a time when I wouldn’t vote Labour and yet at the point in my life that I’m at my most fair-minded on many social issues, I don’t feel I’ve got a party to vote for,” he said.

“Some people on the left, educated people, are so quick to use the word Holocaust against Israel, almost with a grin because they think they legitimately can. Don’t get me wrong, Israel does a lot I don’t agree with, but I don’t find myself criticizing them to anyone who isn’t Jewish because I don’t want to be associated with people who freely use words like holocaust and ethnic cleansing.

Ben Bowers, a 19-year-old student, describes himself as politically liberal. “In the past I may have voted for Labour, but a few years ago I started to move away from them,” he said. “I would never say that I switched allegiance based on Israel, but it undoubtedly makes me feel uncomfortable when I see ultra-liberals joining in alliance with homophobic and sexist Islamists to denounce a democratic country under a veil of anti-Semitism.”

Is Europe, bereft of its Jews, no longer Europe?

Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld has an important editorial Arutz Sheva 7

Brussels Jewish museum massacre
by French Muslim Mehdi Nemouche
Over the last few months, a number of leading European politicians have declared how important it is that the Jews keep residing in their various countries. Government leaders also claim that they will do the utmost to protect their Jewish communities against a rising tide of anti-Semitic attacks.
The reason for these declarations derives from a number of factors. The primary one is the rise of lethal attacks on Jews by Muslim Europeans.[...]

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has been the most outspoken of the European leaders who believe that Jews should remain in Europe. Jewish filmmaker Claude Lanzmann wrote an article titled, “France without Jews would not be France,” which Valls referred to the next day in a major speech at the French National Assembly. Valls said, “Claude Lanzmann wrote a wonderful article in Le Monde, yes, say it to the face of the world, a France without Jews is not France.”  [...]

An alert observer might remark that there was a crucial admission lacking in all of these statements: “France is no longer France, since it let in, non-selectively, millions of Muslims from countries where anti-Semitism is rife.” These include immigrants from Algeria where 87% of those polled by the ADL expressed anti-Semitic views, Tunisia where 86% of respondents held anti-Semitic views, and Morocco, where 80% polled were anti-Semitic. One reaction to this mass Muslim immigration is that the extreme-right National Front is France’s leading party, according to many current polls.  In the first round of the French departmental elections in March it came however after the conservative UMP party of former president Nicolas Sarkozy.

There is a second point such an observer could raise. Hypothetically, even if the entire Jewish community were to leave France, how much of an impact would that actually make on French society? The positions of the departing lawyers, doctors, journalists, politicians, philosophers, shopkeepers, artists, and so on would be filled up quite rapidly. We have seen extreme precedents for such a phenomena in Europe during the German occupation when many Jews were initially expelled from their jobs. However, such a massive departure of Jews would have a great symbolic impact on France’s image. In January, Valls said to journalists that France is a state where there is “territorial, social, and ethnic apartheid.” The departure of many Jews would add an additional dimension to France’s character as a failing democratic republic.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also came out on the subject and said, “We are glad and thankful that there is Jewish life in Germany again, and we would like to continue living well together with the Jews who are in Germany today.” The psychological importance of the Jewish presence in Germany – comprised mainly of immigrants from Russia - is far greater in that country than in France, even though they make up a much smaller percentage of the general population. In view of Germany’s Nazi past, the presence of Jews serves as a major image-enhancer that today’s Germany is not only different in nature, but that it is a healthy democracy.  [...]

The Europe of today is far from being the Germany of the 1938 Kristallnacht. At that time, the government was behind the anti-Semitic violence. Current European governments want to prevent anti-Semitic violence, however may only be moderately capable of doing so. If these aggressions – and in particular, the killings – were to increase, the departure of Jews from Europe would still be far from reaching a full exodus, even if the number of those leaving would likely be much larger than current figures. In the meantime, the remarks of the European leaders are welcome, despite their being, for the most part, exercises in rhetoric.

UK: Gov't, media attack Israel, Netanyahu, for daring to conduct archeolgoical excavations in ancient Jerusalem

Via the Independent:
Isareli settlers are colonising Palestinian territory under the guise of moving in to areas to protect historic archaeological sites, the British government has said.

Ministers say they are concerned that the Israeli government agency in charge of preserving historic artefacts is undermining efforts for peace in the region by working with a group of “radical” settlers.

The ‘Elad’ settler group is known for aggressively colonising Palestinian areas, including evicting Palestinian residents from homes in urban areas.
Civil servants in the Foreign Office have long believed that Mr Netanyahu is an “armour-placed bullshitter”, according to revelations published in a new book by the last Labour government’s communications director Alastair Campbell. 
The new book in question is from 2011.

The article is full of accusations against Israel, but does not bring even one response from the Israeli side.

The site in question is Silwan, known in Hebrew as Ir David (City of David), the site of First Temple Jerusalem.   The Elad settlers 'evict' Arabs by buying their houses.

But let's not get confused by facts.

Meanwhile, Palestinians are destroying the Temple Mount, Judaism's most holy site, and robbing archaeological sites across the country, but that is not something that British ministers really care about.

European Jews: "The day that I'll be scared of showing who I am will be the day I leave"

I ran across two interviews with European Jews from two different sources, each repeating the same sentiment: The situation isn't so bad, and they wear their Judaism with pride.  But they say that if they can't walk around as Jews, they will leave.

Swedish Jew Micael Bindefeld writes in Aftonbladet of his pride in his Judaism.  He doesn't hide his Star of David pendant.

His article ends with these words: "I'm not afraid in Sweden now, but the day I will be, I won't hesitate.  I'll take my Star of David, pack my bags and leave."

In an interview to Deutsche Welle, a Jewish woman spoke about the importance of standing proud.

"Though I know it's less safe, but I know that the day that I'll have to be scared of showing who I am, it's the day I'll have to leave Germany".

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Greece: The Holocaust as a political tool against Germany

The Times reports: Greece sparks German fury with Holocaust comparison

Greece risked inflaming tensions with Berlin by raising the Holocaust to back demands to be treated as leniently as post-war Germany ahead of a crunch meeting between Angela Merkel and Alexis Tsipras today.

Nikos Kotzias, the foreign minister, proposed a joint German and Greek commission to work out a solution to the claim by Athens for compensation for the suffering caused by the Nazis during the Second World War. More.

This comes as no surprise.  Abravanel blog observed in January:

So what can Greek Jews expect?

[...] While wholeheartedly sympathetic to dead Jews, [Tsipra’s/Syriza] is not particularly interested in the ones alive. [...] A tangible example is how Syriza’s elder statesman Manolis Glezos handles WW2 reparations: while demanding the restitution of a forced Greek loan to Nazi Germany and additional reparations, Glezos has specifically excluded any application of his justice in his own home. This being of course because it would involve the question of Thessaloniki where Greek Christians collaborated and plundered on a scale resembling the sack of RomeMore.

Ukraine: Holocaust memorial vandalized

Via Israel News Flash:
Holocaust memorial for the victims of Mykolaiv spray-painted with a swastika, no arrests made.

From Notre Dame to Prague, Europe’s anti-Semitism is literally carved in stone

Tony L. Kamins writes in the JTA:
This carving on the facade of Martin Luther’s church in Wittenberg, Germany, shows Jews suckling at a sow’s teat.
Evora cathedral (Portugal).  A Jew and a dog wearing a pointed had. (c. 1330)
 Notre Dame Cathedral in the heart of Paris is among the most visited sites on the planet and a splendid example of Gothic architecture. Each year, millions flock to admire and photograph its flying buttresses and statuary, yet few take any real notice of two prominent female statues on either side of the main entrance.

The one on the left is dressed in fine clothing and bathed in light, while the one on the right is disheveled, with a large snake draped over her eyes like a blindfold. A snake draped around Sinagoga blindfolds her.  The statues, known as Ecclesia and Sinagoga, respectively, and generally found in juxtaposition, are a common motif in medieval art and represent the Christian theological concept known as supercessionism, whereby the Church is triumphant and the Synagogue defeated. Sinagoga is depicted here with head bowed, broken staff, the tablets of the law slipping from her hand and a fallen crown at her feet.   Ecclesia stands upright with crowned head and carries a chalice and a staff adorned with the cross.

While the issue of what constitutes free speech and what crosses into incitement to violence was brought to the fore by the deadly January attack on the satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo, images mocking Jews and Judaism and encouraging anti-Semitic violence have been displayed throughout Europe since the early Middle Ages.

In a time when literacy was uncommon, these images were the political cartoons and posters of the age, and the ridicule and carnage they promoted was both routine and government sanctioned. What’s more, most remain visible if you know where to look. More.
This plaque at the Palazzo Salvadori in Trent, Italy, illustrates the supposed martyrdom of Simon of Trent at the hands of Jews. (Wikimedia Commons)

16th-century depiction of the alleged host profanation by Jews in 1370, in the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula in Brussels. (Wikipedia Commons)
Carpentras Cathedral - the "Jews door", the sculpure represents a rat ball (la boule aux rats). (Wikipedia Commons).

Netherlands: Anti-racism day demo features antisemitic, anti-Israel speakers

On March 21st, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, various anti-racism orgs in the Netherlands united for a joint protest.  Against racism, Islmophobia, Afro-phobia, and antisemitism.

Of course, the antisemitism part was just for show.  

Among the invited speakers were rapper Appa and Abulkasim Al-Jaberi.

Appa believes in Zionist conspiracy theories.  He also previously made headlines by announcing "Fuck the Zionists, Fuck the Talmud".

Appa was quite upset to be accused of antisemitism.  He's an anti-Zionist, not an antisemite at all.  Those Jews Zionists are trying to shut him up by accusing him of being an antisemite.  To fight this he set up a page called "I am Appa".

Abulkasim Al-Jaberi is from an organization called "Back to Palestine".  What does this have to do with racism and discrimination in the Netherlands?  Absolutely nothing.  But the organizers really wanted to make Jews feel welcome.


France: Jewish children "are the victims of all sorts of attacks"

USA today reports:

Jewish children in particular "are the victims of all sorts of attacks," said Catherine Nicault, professor emeritus in contemporary history at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne in northeast France.

"Unfortunately, the children suffer from hate and anti-Semitism in public schools, and that's why, more and more, they take refuge in Jewish schools," said Shlomo Katz, who teaches at a yeshiva in Paris. "The problem is that these Jewish schools are the target of anti-Semitic attacks and must be constantly under surveillance." More.

Russia: European neo-nazi politicians to protect "Christian traditions"

Via EU Observer:
Meps from Greece’s neo-nazi Golden Dawn and Udo Voigt from the German neo-Nazi NPD were among the participants at the pro-Kremlin International Conservative Forum in Saint Petersburg. 
According to the forum’s website, some 400 people from 15 different countries gathered on Sunday (22 March) to back a resolution on scrapping EU sanctions against Russia and protecting “Christian traditions”.

Other participants included nationalist parties from Belgium (Euro-Rus), Bulgaria (Ataka), Denmark (The Danes), Italy (New Force), Spain (National Democracy), Sweden (Party of the Swedes) and the UK (British National Party).


The forum describes itself as a “scientific conference” and was organised by the “Russian National Cultural Center - People's House.”

According to Bulgarian media outlet Novinite, the event organiser includes Russia’s Rodina party.

Formed in 2003, the party lists Russia’s Deputy PM Sergey Rogozin as a member.

Ukraine: "Death to the rule of the Jews" graffiti


For the second time this week, antisemitic graffiti in Cherkassy (central Ukraine).  This time: "death to the rule of the Jews"

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Obama's antisemitism envoy warns of likelihood of "tragic incidents"in Europe

Jewish Chronicle:

Barack Obama's antisemitism envoy has warned of the likelihood of "tragic incidents" unless Europe does more to protect Jewish communities.

Ira Forman made the comments this week while visiting Sweden to assess the country's efforts to prevent attacks on Jews. In Malmö, the southern Swedish city that has acquired an international reputation for antisemitism, Mr Forman said: "I think people have good intentions, but I'm also concerned about what will happen two or three months from now. Without a commitment to increase security for Jewish communities around Europe, we're more likely to see tragic incidents."

Petra Kahn Nord, president of Sweden's Jewish Youth Association, said: "It's fantastic that the US pays so much attention to this. I get the feeling that our own politicians are not taking antisemitism as seriously."

Mr Forman said Malmö's leaders were not making excuses for Jew-hatred and had not attempted to blame the Jewish community. "That's a huge difference to the past," he added.