Friday, January 24, 2014

Poland: Nationalist group protests against Auschwitz Knesset delegation

An antisemitic Polish group calling itself "Defenders of the Cross" (Obrona Krzyza) has announced that it will demonstrate opposite a delegation of Knesset members when they visit the Auschwitz concentration camp, next week, in conjunction with the international Holocaust remembrance day, according to a Tuesday-morning report by Ma'ariv.

In a video clip posted on the Internet, members of the group said they are protesting what they called "violation of Polish sovereignty and holy Polish land", as well as attempts by the Knesset members "to rewrite history and distort reality." They claim that the Auschwitz death camp was mainly used for the murder of Polish prisoners, while the Jews were taken to nearby Birkenau.

The group also say that because of the Knesset delegation visit to Auschwitz, they had to take down a large cross they had installed there.  One of them said: "The Jews don't want a cross in Auschwitz, but when I was in Israel in the past, I was sold jewerly shaped like a a cross, covered with diamonds, in Netanya.  When they want to make money, the cross doesn't bother the Jews."


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