Thursday, February 26, 2015

France: RFI reporter denies #floodlibel against 'Jewish State' is a hoax

See here for media roundup of the antisemitic Palestinian blood-libel against Israel.

Nicolas Ropert is RFI's journalist in Ramallah.  When Al-Jazeera and AFP broke the 'story' that Israel was flooding Gaza on purpose and without warning, causing dozens of people to flee for their lives, Ropert did what every responsible reporter does.  He ate it all up.

In fact, even today, RFI's article still stands and still claims that Israel opens its dams 'several times a year'.  The original article simply stated that "Israel did not respond immediately to these accusations", but this was 'fixed'.  Now the article adds "... but later denied them."

Ropert's article also specifically calls Israel "the Jewish State", just so you don't forget who is really responsible for flooding those poor Gazans.

It sounds like Ropert and RFI are antisemites who will publish any blood-libel they can and blame the Jews for it.

On his Twitter, Ropert was asked why he published the hoax.  To which Ropert answered (here and here) "Hoax?  Wasn't there a flood?  I quoted the Palestinian authorities.  Israel denies, okay, but what do your satellite images prove?  Barely nothing. Sorry."

I'm also sorry.

I'm sorry that so-called journalists like Nicolas Ropert publish every outlandish claim by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority without once pausing to think if they make sense.

I'm sorry Ropert and RFI believe that a country like Israel would purposefully flood Gaza.

I'm sorry Ropert and RFI believe the 'Evil Jews Zionists (TM)' trope.

I'm sorry Ropert and RFI are so gullible.

I'm sorry the Israeli authorities did not take any action against all those journalists who published this story without fact-checking.  It is not the first time the Palestinians claims the Jews are trying to kill them by opening up Israel's non-existent dams.  The Palestinians keep on coming up with these blood-libels because they know that reporters like Ropert will eat it all up, and that his readers in Europe will believe it, because it said so in the paper.  And they'll hate Israel and the Jews even more.

Ropert thinks he's unbiased, because he got both sides of the story.  I'm sure that back in Medieval Europe he would have also reported both sides of the blood-libel, without any bias whatsoever.  He would have reported about the poor Christian kid who was murdered, interviewed his parents and friends and cry with them about lost youth and about those evil Jews who keep on killing innocent Christian children.  And he would have added that the Jews deny the claims.   It's not antisemitism, it's balanced reporting.

It would be funny if we won't be paying for it with Jewish blood down the road.

Al-Jazeera, meanwhile, retracted their article on the 'not hoax' and apologized for their error.  

With much thanks to Rudi for his help with this article.

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