Monday, February 16, 2015

Denmark: Jews were attacked because 'Some people don’t have any nuances'

Ronjan Gron is obviously an intelligent man who can differentiate between Israelis and Jews.  Does he think an attack against the Israeli embassy is okay?  How about an attack against an Israeli tour-group in Denmark? Or against Israeli civilians in Israel?

The victim in the terror attacks against the Copenhagen synagogue is half-Israeli.  Should such people be concerned that some Danes don't see the nuances in that?

Via Haaretz (h/t Seth Frantzman):
Some local residents tried in vain to make sense of what had happened. Two anthropology students from Copenhagen University, Isabella Christensen and Ronjan Gron, laid a pot with purple flowers and Christensen said, “I don’t want to condone it any way but I think that it’s not just security that can deal with this, but also something has to be done by society about the feeling of Muslim exclusion here in Denmark.

It is connected also with the frustration that a lot of the Muslims are feeling about what happened in Gaza,” Gron continued, “not that it justifies this in any way. Some people don’t have any nuances and that’s why they mix between Israelis and Jews. I was in the demonstration against what was happening in Gaza during the summer and no one who was there would have done this.”

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