Tuesday, February 24, 2015

France: AFP 'corrects' Palestinian antisemitism, translates 'Jew' as 'Israel'

I mentioned this in the wrap-up post regarding #floodgate, but I thought it deserved a mention of its own too.  h/t Camera.

AFP interviewed Ead Zino, a resident of Al-Maghraqa who explained that the Jews flood Gaza on purpose.

In the clip Zino says in Arabic "This is all political, the Jews want to destroy us."

But AFP did not want to focus on Palestinian antisemitism or Palestinian blood-libels against Jews. Their story was all about how Evil Jews Zionists want to kill poor, innocent Palestinians who can never, ever do anything wrong.

So AFP mis-translated Zino's words.  On purpose.

In their translation, Zino says "This is all political.  All Israel wants is to destroy us."

See how easily they took care of Palestinian antisemitism?

See the clip below at about 00:20.  Zino says 'al-Yahud', AFP translates 'Israel'.   

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