Thursday, February 26, 2015

France: An antifascist student behind desecration of Jewish cemetery at Sarre-Union

Le Monde revealed that the leader of the five students (aged 15 to 17) who led a frenzied assault on the Jewish cemetery at Sarre-Union, smashing at least 250 graves (50 graves each), was an Antifa - an antifascist leftist, but as many of his sort, is a Jew-hater.

Pierre B. is said to be a vocal enemy of "fascism".  So much so that he wore anti-fascist slogans on his clothes.

"We do not talk politics, but if we evoked the National Front, he would get on his hind two legs and began to growl", says Gaëtan.  "He claimed to fight against fascism and was very much against the police. He treated the police and the military fascists with an aggressiveness that made ​​me ill at ease."
 More: Tundra Tabloids and Le Figaro in French

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