Monday, February 23, 2015

Belgium: Student leader says revulsion towards Jews and rejection are rife

Anti-Israel demo in Brussels (2008)
Jonathan De Lathouwer, head of the Belgian Union of Jewish Students, spoke on the Belgian francophone national radio on the growing anti-Semitism which is driving Jews to leave the country.

Mr. De Lathouwer and other Belgian Jews featured on a video that questions the future of Jews in Belgium.  He explained that the video is designed to ring alarm bells, to raise awareness and call for action.  The Jewish community feels increasingly threatened.

He deplores the fact that Jews we are categorized as Zionists.  The term is not clearly defined and  allows some people to reject all dialogue. 

He pointed out that Jew are are demonized, described as Nazis, accused of carrying out South-African-type apartheid regime policies.  Consequently, revulsion for the Jewish community and rejection are widespread.
More EJP (in French)

David Goldman (Spengler) at Pajamas Media explores what the revulsion for Jews means, which after all is precisely what anti-Semitism is.  Here.

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