Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sweden: City picks antisemitic rapper for youth festival

The city of Linköping (southern Sweden) booked rapper Dani M Monserrat for a youth concert.

Dani M repeatedly voices antisemitic opinions.  Two years ago he said the Rothoschilds control all of the world's banks and the State of Israel, through which they control all of the world's media.  But don't accuse him of being an antisemite, he said, he's just being critical of Israel.  Besides, he has Jewish friends. and he's just a victim of a smear campaign.  He'll continue to be staunchly anti-Israel.

A year later he released a song called "Agenda", which says "they" are "behind every war", "own the media", "do everything for money" and "control the earth".

Clip from "Agenda"

His Instagram messages contain more of the same.  For example in this one, where Dani M. says the antisemitism activist site "Judehatet" and the anti-racism paper Expo are run by the Jewish embassy. "which explains a bit".

This is the rapper that the Swedish city of Linköping thinks should be an example to their youth.

More: Corren, SKMA

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