Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Russia: College Questionnaire Asks Students If Jews Are Responsible for the ‘National Crisis’

Via Moscow Times:
Students at the small Moscow State Education College were recently handed a questionnaire with six simple, increasingly bizarre questions. The first question simply asked individuals to identify themselves as a grade schooler, a college student, or a teacher. The next question was a bit more personal: “What’s your ethnicity?” And then: “How do you feel about persons of other ethnicities?”

Things started to go off the rails a bit with the fourth question: “How do you feel about the Jews who live in Moscow?” The final two questions were even stranger: “How willing are you to talk to them [Moscow’s Jews]?” and most shockingly “Are Jews involved in the nation’s current crisis?”

When news of these questions leaked to the public, those expecting to find a vicious anti-Semite behind the quiz were soon surprised to discover that the teacher responsible is Jewish herself. According to college administrators, she designed the questionnaire as part of her class curriculum in ecological studies, where one of the research focuses is ethnography. The teacher decided to put her own ethnicity at the center of a classroom exercise, distributing the questions to a room of 16-year-olds. 

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