Sunday, October 16, 2016

Belgium: Portuguese man threatens to kill Jews

This story has not been picked up by the Portuguese media!

The Belgian daily DH reported that the Belgian League against Antisemitism received two emails from Marco da Torre, a Portuguese national, threatening to kill Jews.

Both emails were ill-written in French and read:  "I demand that you stop bothering me, if you persist I'll start killing Jews and will write your name with their blood, you son of a bitch".  The other stated: "From now on every time a Jew is killed it's because of animals like you [...] A world without Jews will be a clean and happy world".

Joël Rubinfeld, head of the LBCA indicated that the judicial authorities have been informed of the threats.

E-mails from the same address were sent to several members of the Jewish community.

Joël Rubinfeld first thought that the menaces were issue by someone with a mental disorder.  But Marco da Torre was contacted by phone and he stands by what he wrote.  He also said that the LBCA represents the Jewish community of Belgium. The threats are deliberate and carefully thought out.

Marco da Torre claims to have been swindled out of one million euros by a Belgian-Israeli. He added that he wants to cut him and those of his race in small pieces.  

Da Torre also accused the alleged swindler of having fled to Israel to avoid prosecution where he lives under a false identity and that he keeps taunting him by email.

What are we to make of this?   Marco da Torre says that he has a problem with a Jew and as result he blames the entire Jewish community. 

Joël Rubinfeld considers that he is the archetypal anti-Semite and that he could act on his threats.  The same situation has happened a few times in the past two years in several European countries, with individuals having stabbed Jews because they felt they had a grudge against "all Jews".

Da Torre's Facebook account also contains anti-Semitic material:

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