Monday, December 4, 2017

Germany: Israeli victim of Berlin Christmas market terror attack blasts Merkel for failed anti-terror policy

Via The Jerusalem Post (Benjamin Weinthal):
The family members of the 12 murdered victims from last December's Christmas terror attack, which included the Israeli Dalia Elyakim, published a blistering open letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Der Spiegel magazine on Friday, accusing her government of deeply flawed anti-terrorism policies, failing to prevent the Islamic State attack in Berlin and mistreatment of the survivors in the aftermath of the act of vehicular terrorism.

"Chancellor, the attack on Breitscheidplatz is a tragic consequence of the political inaction of your government," the family members wrote in their letter, adding Germany lacks "basic professionalism in its approach to terrorism."

Rami Elyakim, the husband of Dalia and who himself was wounded in the attack, was one of the authors of the letter taking Merkel to task for her government's failure to stop the Tunisian terrorist Anis Amri before he drove a truck into a crowded Christmas market on December 19, 2016. The Islamic State terrorist also injured over 70 people in the ramming attack. The 11 people at the market came from Italy, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Germany and Italy. Amri hijacked a truck from a Polish driver whom he murdered before committing the Christmas market attack.

"At a time when the threat posed by dangerous Islamists has greatly increased, you have failed to push ahead with expanding resources and reforming the confused official structures for fighting these dangers," wrote the family members of Germany's worst Islamic terrorism attack.

"Chancellor Merkel, you have in nearly one year after the attack neither personally or in writing condoled us. In our judgment you have not lived up to your office, " the family members wrote, adding that the terror attack not only affected the victims but the entire Federal Republic of Germany.
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