Sunday, February 25, 2018

Austria: Far-Right party dragged into fresh anti-semitic songbook row

Via Telegraph:
The Austrian government has been rocked by a new scandal after the far-Right Freedom Party (FPÖ) was linked to an anti-Semitic songbook for the second time this year.

Herwig Götschober, a senior FPÖ official, heads a student fraternity that uses a songbook containing the lyric: “Once upon a time, two Jews went to bathe in a river... One drowned, as for the other one we can hope”.

It also comes a week after the party issued a statement rejecting Nazism and anti-Semitism and pledged to hold an inquiry to root out Nazi sympathisers among its ranks.

Mr Götschober works in the office of Norbert Hofer, the current transport minister who narrowly failed to be elected president for the FPÖ in 2016.

The fresh controversy comes less than a month after another FPÖ politician was forced to resign over a separate songbook which contained lyrics glorifying the Holocaust.

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