Tuesday, April 10, 2018

France: Jewish Student Group Hit With Vandalism: 'Death to Israel', 'Vive La Palestine'

Via Haaretz:
Vandals have scrawled anti-Israel graffiti and ransacked the offices of a Jewish student group at a Paris university, on the same day that marches are being held around France to protest anti-Semitism.

Sacha Ghozlan, president of the French Jewish Students Union, told Le Monde that that the damage was inflicted Wednesday at the group's facilities at the University of Paris' Pantheon-Sorbonne campus.

“A cabinet was thrown on the ground and there were inscriptions such as ‘Death to Israel,’ ‘Viva Arafat’ on the wall,” Gozlan told the French paper. A tweet from the scene also showed "Zionist local racist anti-goy" and "Palestine will win" were written as well.

He said it came as far-left student protesters were blocking parts of the campus in a protest movement, but said it is unclear who was behind the incident. 

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