Sunday, May 13, 2018

UK: First year Anti-Semitic physics group chat exposed

Via The Tab:
Shocking anti-Semitic messages from a University of Manchester Physics group chat have tonight been exposed, where one student twice commented that "6 million Jews ain't enough" and another called for an invasion of Poland.

The messages were sent to a "1st Year Physics" Facebook group chat, broadcasting them to over 200 fellow students, originally reported the Mancunion.

The abhorrent conversation was initiated when a student asked the group if they would rather become an engineer or a Neo-Nazi.

Another student replied "Pfft, why you asking that? Tis an easy question. Now brb while I make some lebensraum."

Lebensraum was an ideological principle of Nazism, referring to a territorial expansion into Eastern European countries and the removal or genocide of their populations.

When another student replied "I would rather die tbh," the student that instigated the conversation told him "Don't be a Jew."

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