Sunday, February 16, 2020

Spain: Trivialising the Holocaust to advance a completely unrelated political agenda

Trivialising the Holocaust in Europe to make an unrelated political point…

Via AJC Transatlantic Institute:
Dear Clara Ponsatí, amid a debate on antisemitism in the European Parliament, you chose to trivialize the Holocaust and instrumentalize the genocide of six million Jews to advance a completely unrelated political agenda. Please retract this unacceptable remark.
Spanish Member of the European Parliament Clara Ponsatí in her first speech at the European Parliament argued that Spanish "intolerance" against the Jews inspired Adolf Hitler to perpetrate the Holocaust. Ponsati added that Spain has now replaced the Jews with the Catalans with its intolerance. Ponsatí's intervention took place during a debate against anti-Semitism, racism and hate in Europe.

More detail @ e-notícies (in Spanish)

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