Thursday, February 18, 2016

Catholic Church in Israel blames Jewish state for current Palestinian violence

The Pope speaks about fighting antisemitism.  Now's his chance to show he's serious.

Via Jerusalem Post:
The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, which represents the Catholic Church in the region, accused Israel on Thursday of responsibility for the recent wave of Palestinian violence, saying Israeli policy has created despair and frustration among Palestinians leading them to carry out acts of terrorism.

The Latin Patriarchate spelled out its position in a statement of the “Commission for Justice and Peace” of its Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries, a panel of the leading Catholic clerics in Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Jordan and Cyprus.

It failed however to make any mention of incitement to violence within Palestinian society, on social media, or from PA officials , although the document did say that “Israelis who need security and tranquility.”

“It is the siege of Jerusalem and the Judaization of the city, the sending away of its Palestinian inhabitants. It is the all-inclusive accusation of terrorism against all Palestinians and the collective punishment that results from it,” observed the Commission for Justice and Peace. 
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