Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Turkey: Article In Radical Islamist Pro-AKP Daily: Gorillas, Chimps Are Cursed, Mutated Jews

Last year, a pro-AKP broadcaster aired the antisemitic conspiracy show "The Mastermind", which among things claimed that Darwin proposed his theory only to depict non-Jews as “animals” — an idea that is supposedly rooted in Judaism.

Via Memri:
In his January 31, 2016 column in the pro-AKP government, radical Islamist daily Vahdet, journalist Seyfi Sahin wrote that the evolutionary theory of "the Jew" Darwin contradicts Allah's word in the Koran. Claiming to be a physician, Sahin argued that humans did not evolve from monkeys, but rather that monkeys evolved from perverted Jews whom Allah cursed and punished.[1] The column was widely criticized by Turkey's independent opposition media. 
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